BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots’ considerable punishments for their alleged transgressions in DeflateGate continued to adversely affect the team to this day. But now, the book is officially closed on their penalties.

The 2017 NFL Draft passed over the Patriots’ forfeited fourth-round pick in the early hours of Day 3 on Saturday, officially putting the team’s DeflateGate punishments in the rearview mirror. Per the parameters of their punishment, the Patriots had to forfeit the highest selection they had in the fourth round of the 2017 draft.

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As a result of the penalty, the Patriots forfeited the 118th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, which they acquired from the New Orleans Saints as part of the Brandin Cooks trade in March.

As of Saturday, the Patriots held the 130th overall pick in the fourth round, which they acquired from the Seattle Seahawks in an exchange of multiple picks during the 2016 NFL Draft. The Patriots traded their own fourth-round pick to the Colts for tight end Dwayne Allen in March.

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  1. Leon R Field says:

    Craft either has no spine or the Pat’s were guilty. I’m believing it’s Craft, as all the other owners have no guts OR brains.

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