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"We should not be deceived by the U.S.," warns the head of the elite Revolutionary Guard
Spanish officials release photos of one man wedged under car hood and another almost sown into car seat as Europe's migrant crisis worsens
As a part of the upcoming "Jubilee of Mercy", Pope Francis has enabled priests to forgive the faithful who have had abortions
Garbage has been piling up for weeks since the government closed the city's main landfill without finding a replacement
Court charges reporter, cameraman with "aiding a terrorist organization," but lawyer calls it effort to keep lid on turmoil with Kurds
One-time hurricane heading west from Cape Verde Islands; Hurricane Jimena in the Pacific, nearing Hawaii, remains a powerful Category 4 storm
For one year, it will be much easier for Catholic women who've had the procedure to get back in the church's good graces
There's a gold rush in Poland after a German and a Pole claimed they found a Nazi train loaded with treasure and hidden since World War II, but no one has actually seen it yet
China is carrying out a broad crackdown on people accused of spreading so-called "rumors" online
Government steps up effort to silence all criticism ahead of major military parade, saying 197 face consequences for rumors about stocks, explosions