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Police say latest deadly wave includes stabbings, gunfire on bus and attack at bus stop
Arms maker disputes investigation's conclusions before they're even announced; Malaysian airliner crashed in rebel-held area of Ukraine in July 2014
Police say attackers also kidnapped a 4-year-old child from the American missionary's car after shooting her at close range
Two suicide bombers killed at least 97 marchers at a peace rally in Turkey
A former investigator for the House Select Committee on Benghazi, who was fired from that post, claims the panel was formed for the sole purpose of tarnishing Hillary Clinton
Egyptian anchor said on air that footage was of Russian airstrikes against ISIS, but the footage actually appears to be from a video game
The large, powerful Mideast ally for the U.S. has not in modern times faced this much violence and political instability, and risks spiraling out of control
Official says airdrop to rebel groups vetted by U.S. is part of revamped approach to fighting ISIS in Syria
Arrest of group allegedly trained by ISIS in Syria plays into Putin's hands politically, showing the urgency of fighting terrorism abroad
James Walter Palmer can now safely return to country as a "tourist" because he broke no hunting laws, official says