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Carrier reorganizing, trying to rebuild its brand in wake of disappearance of Flight 370 and shoot-down of Flight 17
Police in Israel say they have found the body of a yeshiva student from New Jersey who disappeared last week. Aharon Sofer, 23, had been hiking with a friend in a hilly, forested area on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Authorities have yet to announce the cause of death. CBS' Jericka Duncan reports.
The president said voices in Congress "will be heard" once there are plans to defeat Islamic militants
Fighting escalates as Ukraine and NATO claim Russians troops are in eastern Ukriane
NATO releases satellite imagery showing Russian combat troops inside Ukraine as Western powers fume
Russia has a colorful comeback after Canadians create map delineating "Russia" and "Not Russia" to help Russian troops who keep "accidentally" entering Ukraine
Aharon Sofer, a 23-year-old ultra-Orthodox student at a yeshiva, disappeared during a hike with a friend
Another 81 peacekeepers from the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force are trapped in Golan Heights
Defense Ministry rejects American accusations that Chinese pilot acted dangerously when intercepting U.S. Navy plane last week
Actual number of cases in hard-hit areas of West Africa may be two to four times higher than currently reported

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