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The Italian entrepreneur had climbed the building on four previous occasions
The out-of-control motorist injured 11 people at a time when tensions are heightened over Islamist threats
U.S.-led coalition launches 13 total airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, as fight to rescue Yazidi hometown heats up
Anger is growing as Chinese-led $50 billion project readies to displace thousands, wipe out villages, and shake up international trade
In addition to several public hangings of Taliban members, the Pakistani government moves to quell public outcry over massacre response

The story of modern Cuba

At a dawn of a new era in U.S.-Cuba relations, discover the history of the island nation, from Cuban independence from Spain, to Fidel Castro's reign, to President Obama's recent diplomatic restoration. Adriana Diaz reports.
The legend of a Yuletide football match between British and German troops on the frontlines of battle is so good, it's still being told, embellished and re-lived 100 years later. Mark Phillips reports.
Nigerian extremists seen in video with so many corpses gunmen have trouble reaching bodies still twitching with life
Pope Francis played a big role behind the scenes bringing the U.S. and Cuba together. This may well signal a revival of a more active brand of papal diplomacy. Allen Pizzey reports.
4 Afghans from detention facility returned to home country as end of U.S. combat operations nears

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