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World -

Thailand's military ruler's comments triggered uproar after two tourists found bludgeoned on popular beach
AP: Senior U.S. official says Washington won't give into attempts to "extort" political gain from the detentions

What is Khorasan?

Syrian jihadist groups largely focused on fighting each other, but part of al Qaeda's franchise has its eyes on American skies
Thousands flock to the polls for a national referendum which could undo 300 years of history in the United Kindgom
Bin Laden's old network still hell-bent on blowing up American planes, and Syrian chaos is bringing it new opportunities
Militants sought to bring one of group's highly publicized actions to major Aussie city, officials say
Toronto mayor has been hospitalized for a week after dramatically ending campaign he had doggedly pursued despite stint in rehab
Doctor describes "shouting and screaming" as children showed signs of "severe allergic shock"
A full 97 percent of eligible voters are registered to do so in an election that is 307 years in the making
U.S. officials say they can track Westerners who travel to and from Syria - but inside Syria, there are intelligence gaps

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