BOSTON (CBS) — Two hugely important pieces of Super Bowl history remain missing, but they could have been right under the Patriots’ nose all along.

TMZ Sports reported on Wednesday that they spoke with law enforcement officials who are close to the search for Tom Brady’s missing game-worn jersey from Super Bowl LI who said that the jersey may be on the Patriots’ equipment truck. The officials are “hopeful” that the jersey ended up on the truck before it left NRG Stadium in Houston to drive back to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

The truck in question was “never thoroughly searched” before it left Houston and will be checked when it is unpacked sometime on Thursday – weather permitting.

TMZ reported that the 18-wheeler may also contain the football that James White carried into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown in the Patriots’ comeback win in the Super Bowl over the Atlanta Falcons. White said he didn’t hold onto the ball after the game and isn’t sure what happened to it.

The Texas Rangers were also among the organizations who assisted law enforcement in the search for Brady’s missing jersey. Houston police offered a reward on Tuesday for the jersey to be returned.

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  1. Sounds kind of fishy to me. Brady said he put it in his bag and it was gone when he looked again. Why would the equipment guys go into Brady’s bag to retrieve the shirt?

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