Boy In Maine Mystery Identified As Camden Pierce Hughes

CONCORD (CBS) – A boy found dead in Maine Saturday has been identified as 6-year-old Camden Pierce Hughes of Texas. WBZ-TV was first to break the news Wednesday afternoon.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports.

His mother, Juli McCrery of Irving, Texas, is in Massachusetts State Police custody in Concord and has confessed to giving her son an overdose of cough syrup that resulted in his death, sources tell WBZ-TV.

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“We were together for two years, but I’ve known (the boy) since the day he was born,” said Robert Miller, McCrery’s ex-boyfriend who also lives in Irving, Texas. “He was a very nice boy. He was an innocent boy.”

Web Extra: Juli McCrery Leaves State Police Barracks

Camden Pierce Hughes’s body was discovered in South Berwick, Maine over the weekend, wrapped in a blanket next to a dirt road. During a news conference at the Massachusetts State Police barracks in Concord, a state police spokesperson said that the case has been referred to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports from Hampton, N.H.

hamptonhotel Boy In Maine Mystery Identified As Camden Pierce Hughes

A New Hampshire state police crime truck is parked outside a hotel in Hampton, N.H. (credit: Karen Anderson/CBS)

Wednesday evening investigators from New Hampshire State Police were at a hotel on Route One in Hampton. Motel clerks say police spent much of the day going door to door interviewing clerks.

The owner of Summer Wind, along the popular Hampton Beach strip says police asked her if she had seen a woman fitting McCrery’s description. “They said she was going around saying she only had $25 and she was looking for a motel trying to barter.”

She says the woman did not stop at her place, but several miles up Route One, police converged on the Stone Gable Inn, where some guests remember her.

“She wasn’t a very nice person. She was introverted, kept to herself. She was asking for cigarettes; asking for everything for free,” says Larry Regan, who’s staying in a room above the one police are scouring.

He says he never saw the boy, but that when he walked by the room, he heard her yelling at someone he assumed was a child. “Typical screaming of a parent that was irate.”

He and several motel clerks say they wish they had seen the boy, thinking they may have been able to help.

The break in the case came late Wednesday morning, when a Massachusetts state trooper spotted a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck at a Chelmsford rest area off I-495.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports.

The truck matched the description of a vehicle witnesses spotted at the Maine crime scene on Saturday.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jim Smith reports.

Sources told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that the driver of that truck, a woman in her 40’s, was taken into protective custody after making statements regarding the death of her son. That woman has since been identified as McCrery.

pickup truck Boy In Maine Mystery Identified As Camden Pierce Hughes

The truck was taken from the rest stop on I-495 in Chelmsford this morning. (Photo courtesy:

The truck, which had Navy insignia on the license plate, was taken to the State Police barracks in Danvers for processing. Around 4:30 p.m. she was taken from the barracks to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.

For days police have been seeking the public’s help to identify the boy. They released a computer generated photo of a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy wearing a gray camouflage hoodie.

Autopsy results on Camden’s body have not been released.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager contributed to this report.

  • Michael


    “reading his teeth” would only work if they suspected they knew who he was AND could verify that he’s seen a dentist (who took XRays). While perhaps finding out if the woman in question’s child ever saw a dentist who took XRays of her deceased son’s teeth might be useful, it’s still quite a long shot.

  • mls

    What I understand from what the Maine State Police were sharing is that it’s one thing (as Michael indicated above) to match him if they thought he was a particular child and they used that child’s DNA from say a toothbrush to compare to him. It’s a whole different set of legalities to take his DNA and compare it to some of the national databases to try to find a familial link. And they don’t want to compromise a case by using the DNA that way. They need have all of the necessary permissions for that kind of a DNA match.

    • Robin

      It is a horrible thing that happened to this boy, but… we are all children of God, He can forgive her even if some of us can’t.. All things happen for a reason even if we can’t comprehend the reason. I would give my right arm to have a child. I do not have any and it pains me so. Camden is an angel now and will be there to greet all children who leave this world to soon.
      God bless you Camden I know you are in a better place now. Hopefully your mom will get the help she needs. from the way your description was it sounded like your were taken care of, it sounds like a tragic mistake from a very confused mother. You will forever be in our hearts little one. I will see you some day and give you a hug, I promise…

      • Jessica Potila Nadeau

        So…. even when someone commits the most terrible of crimes against others, even their own children, it is all good because God forgives? Weird way of thinking.

      • Christy B

        I understand Robin’s comment. For those that are saying that God shouldn’t forgive Camden’s mom, He forgives everyone. The bible tells us that God forgives Murderers, drunkards, prostitutes, abusive men and women. We shouldn’t labelize anyone, because were all not perfect. What this mom done was horrifying and wrong but I don’t wish anything bad on her or even the death penalty. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I believe she needs to get help and deal with the mistakes she made by doing time in prison. Camden didn’t deserve do be murdered, no one does. But this world is made up of so much evil that I’m sure Our Father is very disappointed. If your not a believer in Christ I don’t think you could even comment on Robin’s comment. He forgives no matter what the circustances are.

      • robin

        I never said anywhere that is was good, Obviously this women is sick, know one in thier right mind would do such a thing. Everyone wants to wish the worst for this women she has already experience that. She is sick, what if it was your sister or daughter who did this, you mean all you people would have no mercy on her. All the believers in God miss the point of God and his love for all of us. God would never wish the things for this women that some of you have. I understand your pain, yes my heart bleeds too. This women is mentally sick, does that make it ok? NO… of course not, she needs help and will never be that healthy person she once was or never was isn’t that sad. Thank God you are all healthy so no one would ever want to stone you to death. My God teaches forgiveness for th e sick and lame.
        Camden you are loved and now you rest in Yesuha’s hand and God’s loving light forever.

      • Kristen

        It is a very horrible thing that she did and God should not forgive her why take your sons life if it was that bad take your own life or get help why make that innocent boy pay for you problems…..she can go to hell with all the other killers..

  • JT

    No matter what, it is just heart breaking.
    I am glad that they have possibly found out who this child was and what happened.
    Rest in Peace little one.

    • Holley Kimball

      Little boy with eyes so blue, without a name or someone to claim you. Who left you along the road? Who took your life and left you cold? Give us an answer will someone please? So that this angel shall rest in peace. Everyone who is anyone please send this along. This shall be this angels song

      • gmlynch Lynch

        That was a beautiful poem. poignant, and beautiful. Lets hope Mum gets some justice in jail. She says that she gave her boy an overdose of cough medicine? Did she give the whole freaking bottle? I heard he was choked too. I wonder if that is what she tried to do before or after the cough medicine didn’t work? This woman should have been on some strong psych meds and birth control, not street drugs.

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  • John

    the death of that precious little boy has left me with an aching heart. He deserves to have a name, a family and a proper burial. God Bless the observant witness who gave such an incredible description of the vehicle, right down to the Navy insignia on the plate holder. I’m not sure what happened to that child but I wish I could’ve taken him in my arms to hug him and let him know all the world is not evil. The angels have him now and he is finally safe. Rest now little man.

    • Patti

      John- I couldn’t agree with you more, we all need to give our own children hugs & thank God we have them!

    • Jennifer

      Amen John

      • Kelly Elliott Giaquinto


    • Gail

      Blessed Be!

  • David Francis

    give this woman the spike. Seriously.

    • Jessica Potila Nadeau


  • Kim Deleon

    They confirm that it is her son in this article in the first sentence!!! GOD rest his soul! So sad……….

    • Kim Deleon

      Sorry…………second sentence.

  • Melissa Libby

    Rest in Piece Camdem

    • Kelly Hall

      I agree Melissa, may he R.I.P and I really believe little people like Camden are GOD’S ANGELS….they never lived long enough to be anything else! My prayers and thoughts go to the little boy (Camden), whom nobody ever knew! Now the whole U.S.A. knows who he is….Sleep baby sleep, no more misery! As for mom…I really believe in stoning!

      • B Mc Gregor

        i agree kelly you hit the nail on the head stoning works for people like this god take good care of this baby boy

      • Ian Hutchins

        The single largest reason this happened in the northeast. Texas has an express lane on DEATH ROW

      • GAIL

        To Ian,
        When you think about it. She wanted to kill her child so bad, that she drove all the way up here for the reason of “ridding her problem” cute child and avoid the death penalty in the process. Somewhere in between I would have though that she came to conclusion that handing Camden over to Child Protective Services in any state along the way, and he would have not been killed. Her main intent was to kill her child. MISTAKE, MY ASS! BIRTH CONTROL, HONEY. BIRTH CONTROL!

  • Eric

    Unfortunately the state of maine does not have a death penalty. I say we should improvise and allow for this one instance. This was a young boy left on the side of the road. It wasnt like she tried to find medical attention. Her actions deserve the most severe punishment possible.

    • g2bhncpa

      You can only hope the crime happened in Texas and Maine is where the body was found. Texas is not shy about the death penalty.

    • Robin

      If she killed him and drove him across state lines it is federal, and federal has a death penalty. One can only hope in that instance. Still very sad, innocent child- we should not have to pay for her to rot in prison.

      • KK

        She had to have killed him in the Maine area because don’t forget earlier reports that the boy was only dead for a few hours before they found hi.

      • Taryn Cooper

        Id does not say where she killed him, therefore he could have died in Maine… Only the mother knows what really happened….

      • Ann Marie Day

        I wont mind my taxes going for this if they put her in with the men

    • Heather Helstrom

      agree w/ ya eric..

    • jen

      i believe NH has the death penalty for extreme cases and they believe he died or was killed in NH so i think she would be charged in NH

      • Diana Manuel

        Nh only uses the death penalty for police officer killings, they are thinking of making home invasion a Capital Crime as well in NH….CHILD KILLERS should take notice too!!!!!

  • ed

    if she is the one who killed the poor boy, she should be extradited back to texas . . . she deserves the death penalty

    • Sirena Campbell

      they have the death penalty in New Hampshire to and that is who is prosecuting the case they don’t extradite back to your home town they extradite back to where the crime was committed and New Hampshire is taking over prosecution so there must have been evidence that the crime happened in New Hampshire first.

    • steven

      no they should leave her here.. to suffer

      • Samantha

        Why should we keep her and use our taxes to support her. She has done an evil crime, and no one should have to support her for who knows how long. She took a life, hers should be taken. Send her back to Tx. and let her feel the electricity.

      • Trisha Lynch

        Torture this sick woman. Who could do this to a child, let alone your own. Sick world we live in. She should suffer a SLOW, PAINFUL death. Really slow, painful death. And I say when shes about to die, revive her and torture her again!!!!!

  • Mamie

    But the question remains WHY? WHY would you drive all the way from Texas? Or was her significant other being station somewhere on the East Coast? Poor little thing…throw her away for LIFE and let her ROT!

    • Boris Yeltsin

      She didn’t drive from Texas to do it, she or her husband or whatever worked for the shipyard. The shipyard has cars from every state parked there.

      • Holly

        Actually I read another article where she confessed to driving all way there to do it. And it’s her older son who is in the Navy Stationed in Norfolk.

      • Amy

        they had stated she drover her truck here and she admitted to killing him, plus the truck was registered to HER not the navy – she had a frame on her plate saying ‘Navy Mom’ her older son Ian is in the Navy, not her

  • Kathleen Craig

    “His mother is in Massachusetts State Police custody in Concord and has confessed, sources tell WBZ-TV.”

    • Mike

      confessed to what?
      Other then leaving the boy in the field, is she responsible for the untimely death??

    • Chris Cassidy

      Says right at the beginning of the article that she confessed to giving him an overdose of drugs

    • debsge

      @Mike… Comfesses to giving him an overdose that killed him…. Yeah, I’d say that makes her responsible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melissa77

    this makes me sick…how do u dump your child like a piece of trash.!! He was a beautiful child…God Rest his Sweet Soul….

  • Brooke

    thank you to all who put their efforts in .. ncis, maine, mass and NH police :)

  • Katie

    Kim, the original article from this morning was added on to after the fact. When they first posted it, all the article said was that a woman of interest was in protective custody and being questioned. It’s not a case where Dawn read the article and skipped over the first few sentences because she read it too fast….She simply read the article before info was added about Camden.

  • Ashley Hall

    Yes it is she has a facebook page with pics. of him all over it :(

    • cara

      i saw that facebook page.. she is a sick sick woman, i wish i could write that all over her wall

      • Renee

        Funny how different we all are. When I read her page I just cried and said “I wonder what went wrong?”. She obviously loved him, just like any of us loves our children! I don’t think this is a moster we’re looking at. I think she is a sick woman who did an awful, unfathomable thing. I can’t imagine living with the knowledge that you killed your own child. That would be a waking nightmare!

      • Becky Warren

        May God Bless ^Camden^ and give him Eternal Peace. He is an innocent child who deserves SO much better,,, Rest In Peace, ^Camden^. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
        God Bless,
        Becky Warren

      • rob

        “what went wrong?”
        she has a criminal record (prostitution, drugs), according to some tv reports

        “She obviously loved him, just like any of us loves our children!”
        yes, but the difference is we do not love our children one day, then go and kill them … we do not dispose our dead pet’s body the way she did with her own beloved son.

  • A

    Necn is waiting for mass state police to address the public. Tune in they should be comming on any minute


    sad sad sad , I was convinced this had to be an out of state body dumping, because that is such a small town, as witnessed by a town person ,who noticed a strange vehicle in the area……good for his sharp attention to detail ….

  • Dianne

    If this boy was murdered and she has confessed, then she deserves the maximum punishment. But lets wait for more info…

  • Alisha

    Unfortunately Maine does not have the death penalty, but they said that the woman is from Texas…and Texas has the death penalty and uses it! Rest in Peace Camden, give your kids an extra hug for this helpless little boy tonight.

    • Jackie B

      Possibly the death did not happen in Maine though. It seems that she wanted the body found, took care to wrap him in a blanket. This makes me think that either she did this by accident or possibly someone she knew did it and she got scared. No excuse for sure but makes you wonder about their story.


    I am so saddened everytime another child has been found like this.I pray to God each day to keep my loved ones safe.It is hearttbreaking when a child can not trust the very people who brought them into this world.It makes me angry that they have been given such precious gifts and then they throw them away just like trash.RIP LITTLE ONE YOU ARE IN HIS HANDS NOW.

  • Renee Holman

    You can tell reading her Facebook profile that she loved her little boy, just like any other mom. How do you go from a doting mother, to this?? I am so filled with sorrow after reading her page and looking at that little boy in life! What a beautiful, joyful looking little boy.
    So sorry for this family and friends who must be hurting beyond words.

    • Pamela Lewan

      I had so many tears that filled my eyes earlier today when I had read that no one knew he was…..and then to find out his own Mom took his life….and left hiim on the side of the road….how sad….I am glad though that he is an angel and he is at peace…..Just hope he did not have too suffer….

    • Patty

      I absolutely agree. He is with the One who loves him most now.

    • VICKEY


    • steven

      i think maybe he was slow and she got fed up or she had postpartum deppresion.. it can drive anyone crazy.. there for she needs to accep what sh has done and feel some remores. then suffer for it

      • anon

        l read on TMZ that Mom gave Camden an overdosage or cough medicine. That they both had colds. I think she gave him to much medicine either accidentally or purposely? Either way, the whole story is sad. How did it happen, is what I want to know? Poor Baby.

      • Navywife23yrsproud&4girls

        how can you even say she might have postpartum deppresion???? The Boy is 6 years old……..I had four girls two sets 18 months apart then four years then 18 months apart. I had a 4 month premmie, only weighing in a 2#’s 9 oz….I didn’t want to leave her side when they sent me home. Her Daddy, (NAVY MAN) had his whole section covering his stations to make sure he could be there for his family. My Post break down didn’t happen til my kids were 12 and higher, only cause they were all girl and very moody and wanting the world….

      • Jessica L. Veltstra-Collins

        PPD should not even be a factor, 6 years after the birth.

      • Taryn Cooper

        Postpardum Depression is only for the first 6 months to a year after the childs birth…..

  • Kelly Elliott Giaquinto

    God rest his little soul.
    How did he die? Anyone heard that?

    • Lee

      She apparently deliberately overdosed him on cough syrup.

      I say, make HER drink a quart of Drano.

  • Shae

    If she confessed then she is no longer a person of interest, she is the killer. Why do LE use such ridiculous statements?

    • Susan

      Because she is Innocent until proven guilty – in today’s world, all it takes is one slip of the tongue for a defense attorney to get the entire case thrown out on a technicality. I’ve known too many guilty people go free for this reason.

      • Mary Jenson

        and thousands of innocent people confess every year,…..due to poor/ abusive interview techniques… just as many of innocent people go to jail than guilty go free.

  • mike


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