CONCORD (CBS) – A boy found dead in Maine Saturday has been identified as 6-year-old Camden Pierce Hughes of Texas. WBZ-TV was first to break the news Wednesday afternoon.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports.

His mother, Juli McCrery of Irving, Texas, is in Massachusetts State Police custody in Concord and has confessed to giving her son an overdose of cough syrup that resulted in his death, sources tell WBZ-TV.

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“We were together for two years, but I’ve known (the boy) since the day he was born,” said Robert Miller, McCrery’s ex-boyfriend who also lives in Irving, Texas. “He was a very nice boy. He was an innocent boy.”

Web Extra: Juli McCrery Leaves State Police Barracks

Camden Pierce Hughes’s body was discovered in South Berwick, Maine over the weekend, wrapped in a blanket next to a dirt road. During a news conference at the Massachusetts State Police barracks in Concord, a state police spokesperson said that the case has been referred to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports from Hampton, N.H.

hamptonhotel Boy In Maine Mystery Identified As Camden Pierce Hughes

A New Hampshire state police crime truck is parked outside a hotel in Hampton, N.H. (credit: Karen Anderson/CBS)

Wednesday evening investigators from New Hampshire State Police were at a hotel on Route One in Hampton. Motel clerks say police spent much of the day going door to door interviewing clerks.

The owner of Summer Wind, along the popular Hampton Beach strip says police asked her if she had seen a woman fitting McCrery’s description. “They said she was going around saying she only had $25 and she was looking for a motel trying to barter.”

She says the woman did not stop at her place, but several miles up Route One, police converged on the Stone Gable Inn, where some guests remember her.

“She wasn’t a very nice person. She was introverted, kept to herself. She was asking for cigarettes; asking for everything for free,” says Larry Regan, who’s staying in a room above the one police are scouring.

He says he never saw the boy, but that when he walked by the room, he heard her yelling at someone he assumed was a child. “Typical screaming of a parent that was irate.”

He and several motel clerks say they wish they had seen the boy, thinking they may have been able to help.

The break in the case came late Wednesday morning, when a Massachusetts state trooper spotted a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck at a Chelmsford rest area off I-495.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports.

The truck matched the description of a vehicle witnesses spotted at the Maine crime scene on Saturday.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jim Smith reports.

Sources told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that the driver of that truck, a woman in her 40’s, was taken into protective custody after making statements regarding the death of her son. That woman has since been identified as McCrery.

pickup truck Boy In Maine Mystery Identified As Camden Pierce Hughes

The truck was taken from the rest stop on I-495 in Chelmsford this morning. (Photo courtesy:

The truck, which had Navy insignia on the license plate, was taken to the State Police barracks in Danvers for processing. Around 4:30 p.m. she was taken from the barracks to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.

For days police have been seeking the public’s help to identify the boy. They released a computer generated photo of a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy wearing a gray camouflage hoodie.

Autopsy results on Camden’s body have not been released.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager contributed to this report.

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  1. Michael says:


    “reading his teeth” would only work if they suspected they knew who he was AND could verify that he’s seen a dentist (who took XRays). While perhaps finding out if the woman in question’s child ever saw a dentist who took XRays of her deceased son’s teeth might be useful, it’s still quite a long shot.

  2. mls says:

    What I understand from what the Maine State Police were sharing is that it’s one thing (as Michael indicated above) to match him if they thought he was a particular child and they used that child’s DNA from say a toothbrush to compare to him. It’s a whole different set of legalities to take his DNA and compare it to some of the national databases to try to find a familial link. And they don’t want to compromise a case by using the DNA that way. They need have all of the necessary permissions for that kind of a DNA match.

    1. Robin says:

      It is a horrible thing that happened to this boy, but… we are all children of God, He can forgive her even if some of us can’t.. All things happen for a reason even if we can’t comprehend the reason. I would give my right arm to have a child. I do not have any and it pains me so. Camden is an angel now and will be there to greet all children who leave this world to soon.
      God bless you Camden I know you are in a better place now. Hopefully your mom will get the help she needs. from the way your description was it sounded like your were taken care of, it sounds like a tragic mistake from a very confused mother. You will forever be in our hearts little one. I will see you some day and give you a hug, I promise…

      1. Jessica Potila Nadeau says:

        So…. even when someone commits the most terrible of crimes against others, even their own children, it is all good because God forgives? Weird way of thinking.

      2. robin says:

        I never said anywhere that is was good, Obviously this women is sick, know one in thier right mind would do such a thing. Everyone wants to wish the worst for this women she has already experience that. She is sick, what if it was your sister or daughter who did this, you mean all you people would have no mercy on her. All the believers in God miss the point of God and his love for all of us. God would never wish the things for this women that some of you have. I understand your pain, yes my heart bleeds too. This women is mentally sick, does that make it ok? NO… of course not, she needs help and will never be that healthy person she once was or never was isn’t that sad. Thank God you are all healthy so no one would ever want to stone you to death. My God teaches forgiveness for th e sick and lame.
        Camden you are loved and now you rest in Yesuha’s hand and God’s loving light forever.

      3. Kristen says:

        It is a very horrible thing that she did and God should not forgive her why take your sons life if it was that bad take your own life or get help why make that innocent boy pay for you problems…..she can go to hell with all the other killers..

      4. Christy B says:

        I understand Robin’s comment. For those that are saying that God shouldn’t forgive Camden’s mom, He forgives everyone. The bible tells us that God forgives Murderers, drunkards, prostitutes, abusive men and women. We shouldn’t labelize anyone, because were all not perfect. What this mom done was horrifying and wrong but I don’t wish anything bad on her or even the death penalty. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I believe she needs to get help and deal with the mistakes she made by doing time in prison. Camden didn’t deserve do be murdered, no one does. But this world is made up of so much evil that I’m sure Our Father is very disappointed. If your not a believer in Christ I don’t think you could even comment on Robin’s comment. He forgives no matter what the circustances are.

  3. JT says:

    No matter what, it is just heart breaking.
    I am glad that they have possibly found out who this child was and what happened.
    Rest in Peace little one.

    1. Holley Kimball says:

      Little boy with eyes so blue, without a name or someone to claim you. Who left you along the road? Who took your life and left you cold? Give us an answer will someone please? So that this angel shall rest in peace. Everyone who is anyone please send this along. This shall be this angels song

      1. gmlynch Lynch says:

        That was a beautiful poem. poignant, and beautiful. Lets hope Mum gets some justice in jail. She says that she gave her boy an overdose of cough medicine? Did she give the whole freaking bottle? I heard he was choked too. I wonder if that is what she tried to do before or after the cough medicine didn’t work? This woman should have been on some strong psych meds and birth control, not street drugs.

  4. John says:

    the death of that precious little boy has left me with an aching heart. He deserves to have a name, a family and a proper burial. God Bless the observant witness who gave such an incredible description of the vehicle, right down to the Navy insignia on the plate holder. I’m not sure what happened to that child but I wish I could’ve taken him in my arms to hug him and let him know all the world is not evil. The angels have him now and he is finally safe. Rest now little man.

      1. Kelly Elliott Giaquinto says:


    1. Patti says:

      John- I couldn’t agree with you more, we all need to give our own children hugs & thank God we have them!

  5. David Francis says:

    give this woman the spike. Seriously.

    1. Jessica Potila Nadeau says:


  6. Kim Deleon says:

    They confirm that it is her son in this article in the first sentence!!! GOD rest his soul! So sad……….

    1. Kim Deleon says:

      Sorry…………second sentence.

  7. Melissa Libby says:

    Rest in Piece Camdem

    1. Kelly Hall says:

      I agree Melissa, may he R.I.P and I really believe little people like Camden are GOD’S ANGELS….they never lived long enough to be anything else! My prayers and thoughts go to the little boy (Camden), whom nobody ever knew! Now the whole U.S.A. knows who he is….Sleep baby sleep, no more misery! As for mom…I really believe in stoning!

      1. Ian Hutchins says:

        The single largest reason this happened in the northeast. Texas has an express lane on DEATH ROW

      2. B Mc Gregor says:

        i agree kelly you hit the nail on the head stoning works for people like this god take good care of this baby boy

      3. GAIL says:

        To Ian,
        When you think about it. She wanted to kill her child so bad, that she drove all the way up here for the reason of “ridding her problem” cute child and avoid the death penalty in the process. Somewhere in between I would have though that she came to conclusion that handing Camden over to Child Protective Services in any state along the way, and he would have not been killed. Her main intent was to kill her child. MISTAKE, MY ASS! BIRTH CONTROL, HONEY. BIRTH CONTROL!

  8. Eric says:

    Unfortunately the state of maine does not have a death penalty. I say we should improvise and allow for this one instance. This was a young boy left on the side of the road. It wasnt like she tried to find medical attention. Her actions deserve the most severe punishment possible.

    1. g2bhncpa says:

      You can only hope the crime happened in Texas and Maine is where the body was found. Texas is not shy about the death penalty.

    2. Robin says:

      If she killed him and drove him across state lines it is federal, and federal has a death penalty. One can only hope in that instance. Still very sad, innocent child- we should not have to pay for her to rot in prison.

      1. Taryn Cooper says:

        Id does not say where she killed him, therefore he could have died in Maine… Only the mother knows what really happened….

      2. Ann Marie Day says:

        I wont mind my taxes going for this if they put her in with the men

      3. KK says:

        She had to have killed him in the Maine area because don’t forget earlier reports that the boy was only dead for a few hours before they found hi.

    3. Heather Helstrom says:

      agree w/ ya eric..

    4. jen says:

      i believe NH has the death penalty for extreme cases and they believe he died or was killed in NH so i think she would be charged in NH

      1. Diana Manuel says:

        Nh only uses the death penalty for police officer killings, they are thinking of making home invasion a Capital Crime as well in NH….CHILD KILLERS should take notice too!!!!!

  9. ed says:

    if she is the one who killed the poor boy, she should be extradited back to texas . . . she deserves the death penalty

    1. steven says:

      no they should leave her here.. to suffer

      1. Trisha Lynch says:

        Torture this sick woman. Who could do this to a child, let alone your own. Sick world we live in. She should suffer a SLOW, PAINFUL death. Really slow, painful death. And I say when shes about to die, revive her and torture her again!!!!!

      2. Samantha says:

        Why should we keep her and use our taxes to support her. She has done an evil crime, and no one should have to support her for who knows how long. She took a life, hers should be taken. Send her back to Tx. and let her feel the electricity.

    2. Sirena Campbell says:

      they have the death penalty in New Hampshire to and that is who is prosecuting the case they don’t extradite back to your home town they extradite back to where the crime was committed and New Hampshire is taking over prosecution so there must have been evidence that the crime happened in New Hampshire first.

  10. Mamie says:

    But the question remains WHY? WHY would you drive all the way from Texas? Or was her significant other being station somewhere on the East Coast? Poor little thing…throw her away for LIFE and let her ROT!

    1. Boris Yeltsin says:

      She didn’t drive from Texas to do it, she or her husband or whatever worked for the shipyard. The shipyard has cars from every state parked there.

      1. Holly says:

        Actually I read another article where she confessed to driving all way there to do it. And it’s her older son who is in the Navy Stationed in Norfolk.

      2. Amy says:

        they had stated she drover her truck here and she admitted to killing him, plus the truck was registered to HER not the navy – she had a frame on her plate saying ‘Navy Mom’ her older son Ian is in the Navy, not her

  11. Kathleen Craig says:

    “His mother is in Massachusetts State Police custody in Concord and has confessed, sources tell WBZ-TV.”

    1. Mike says:

      confessed to what?
      Other then leaving the boy in the field, is she responsible for the untimely death??

    2. Chris Cassidy says:

      Says right at the beginning of the article that she confessed to giving him an overdose of drugs

    3. debsge says:

      @Mike… Comfesses to giving him an overdose that killed him…. Yeah, I’d say that makes her responsible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. melissa77 says:

    this makes me sick…how do u dump your child like a piece of trash.!! He was a beautiful child…God Rest his Sweet Soul….

  13. Brooke says:

    thank you to all who put their efforts in .. ncis, maine, mass and NH police :)

  14. Katie says:

    Kim, the original article from this morning was added on to after the fact. When they first posted it, all the article said was that a woman of interest was in protective custody and being questioned. It’s not a case where Dawn read the article and skipped over the first few sentences because she read it too fast….She simply read the article before info was added about Camden.

  15. Ashley Hall says:

    Yes it is she has a facebook page with pics. of him all over it :(

    1. cara says:

      i saw that facebook page.. she is a sick sick woman, i wish i could write that all over her wall

      1. Renee says:

        Funny how different we all are. When I read her page I just cried and said “I wonder what went wrong?”. She obviously loved him, just like any of us loves our children! I don’t think this is a moster we’re looking at. I think she is a sick woman who did an awful, unfathomable thing. I can’t imagine living with the knowledge that you killed your own child. That would be a waking nightmare!

      2. rob says:

        “what went wrong?”
        she has a criminal record (prostitution, drugs), according to some tv reports

        “She obviously loved him, just like any of us loves our children!”
        yes, but the difference is we do not love our children one day, then go and kill them … we do not dispose our dead pet’s body the way she did with her own beloved son.

      3. Becky Warren says:

        May God Bless ^Camden^ and give him Eternal Peace. He is an innocent child who deserves SO much better,,, Rest In Peace, ^Camden^. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
        God Bless,
        Becky Warren

  16. A says:

    Necn is waiting for mass state police to address the public. Tune in they should be comming on any minute

  17. says:

    sad sad sad , I was convinced this had to be an out of state body dumping, because that is such a small town, as witnessed by a town person ,who noticed a strange vehicle in the area……good for his sharp attention to detail ….

  18. Dianne says:

    If this boy was murdered and she has confessed, then she deserves the maximum punishment. But lets wait for more info…

  19. Alisha says:

    Unfortunately Maine does not have the death penalty, but they said that the woman is from Texas…and Texas has the death penalty and uses it! Rest in Peace Camden, give your kids an extra hug for this helpless little boy tonight.

    1. Jackie B says:

      Possibly the death did not happen in Maine though. It seems that she wanted the body found, took care to wrap him in a blanket. This makes me think that either she did this by accident or possibly someone she knew did it and she got scared. No excuse for sure but makes you wonder about their story.

  20. KAREN MINSER says:

    I am so saddened everytime another child has been found like this.I pray to God each day to keep my loved ones safe.It is hearttbreaking when a child can not trust the very people who brought them into this world.It makes me angry that they have been given such precious gifts and then they throw them away just like trash.RIP LITTLE ONE YOU ARE IN HIS HANDS NOW.

  21. Renee Holman says:

    You can tell reading her Facebook profile that she loved her little boy, just like any other mom. How do you go from a doting mother, to this?? I am so filled with sorrow after reading her page and looking at that little boy in life! What a beautiful, joyful looking little boy.
    So sorry for this family and friends who must be hurting beyond words.

    1. VICKEY says:


    2. steven says:

      i think maybe he was slow and she got fed up or she had postpartum deppresion.. it can drive anyone crazy.. there for she needs to accep what sh has done and feel some remores. then suffer for it

      1. Jessica L. Veltstra-Collins says:

        PPD should not even be a factor, 6 years after the birth.

      2. Taryn Cooper says:

        Postpardum Depression is only for the first 6 months to a year after the childs birth…..

      3. Navywife23yrsproud&4girls says:

        how can you even say she might have postpartum deppresion???? The Boy is 6 years old……..I had four girls two sets 18 months apart then four years then 18 months apart. I had a 4 month premmie, only weighing in a 2#’s 9 oz….I didn’t want to leave her side when they sent me home. Her Daddy, (NAVY MAN) had his whole section covering his stations to make sure he could be there for his family. My Post break down didn’t happen til my kids were 12 and higher, only cause they were all girl and very moody and wanting the world….

      4. anon says:

        l read on TMZ that Mom gave Camden an overdosage or cough medicine. That they both had colds. I think she gave him to much medicine either accidentally or purposely? Either way, the whole story is sad. How did it happen, is what I want to know? Poor Baby.

    3. Patty says:

      I absolutely agree. He is with the One who loves him most now.

    4. Pamela Lewan says:

      I had so many tears that filled my eyes earlier today when I had read that no one knew he was…..and then to find out his own Mom took his life….and left hiim on the side of the road….how sad….I am glad though that he is an angel and he is at peace…..Just hope he did not have too suffer….

  22. Kelly Elliott Giaquinto says:

    God rest his little soul.
    How did he die? Anyone heard that?

    1. Lee says:

      She apparently deliberately overdosed him on cough syrup.

      I say, make HER drink a quart of Drano.

  23. Shae says:

    If she confessed then she is no longer a person of interest, she is the killer. Why do LE use such ridiculous statements?

    1. Susan says:

      Because she is Innocent until proven guilty – in today’s world, all it takes is one slip of the tongue for a defense attorney to get the entire case thrown out on a technicality. I’ve known too many guilty people go free for this reason.

      1. Mary Jenson says:

        and thousands of innocent people confess every year,…..due to poor/ abusive interview techniques… just as many of innocent people go to jail than guilty go free.

  24. mike says:


  25. Kayebea says:

    Where is the boy’s father? Is he involved with the childs death?

    1. Susan says:

      He’s in the Navy and out to sea (as far as I can tell from her Facebook page). Not sure if the father was actually on a boat when it happened or was stationed some place else.

      1. Jess says:

        Its her older son who is in the Navy

      2. Michelle says:

        It is not the husband that is on a boat in the Navy it is her older son!

  26. Nicole says:

    Camden, Maine loves you and has looked out for you, we will never forget you! You are such a sweet little angel, out love and thoughts are with you always as you rest peacefully now. Justice will be served.

    I am so thankful for my beautiful children. It breaks my heart to see someone take the life of such a precious gift bestowed to them.

    1. jennifer says:

      You’re attitude is one of the reasons I love Maine. You folks are so loyal. Here is this beautiful “lost boy” and you folks embrace him. Your children are lucky to have you.

  27. Christina says:

    RIP Camden…such a sweet baby…so sorry we couldn’t help you.

  28. John says:

    she has a Facebook page. There are many photos of the little boy whose nickname was Bubba. Her ex-boyfriend has no idea why she was here in New England, there’s no connection. Camden seemed well cared for and much loved. The ex said he was in a gifted kindergarten program. What in God’s name happened to cause that woman to snap? May God have mercy on her soul and may that dear little boy rest easy in His arms.

  29. Stacy says:

    His mother confessed…they can do a dna just to verify her story BUT its true!!!

    1. Susan says:

      Just to be clear (in case any one of us happens to be on a jury), DNA isn’t the end-all, case closed piece of evidence we’ve been led to think it is. Her DNA will be all over that little boy, and his on her. There would need to be more to link her to the murder, such as his blood on her person.

      1. KTD14 says:

        They can do DNA to make sure it is in fact Camden though, I think that’s what Stacy meant.

  30. Jessica Lynn Lefebvre-Miller says:

    Poor Child..Bet she will regret having a fb now! She is evil just evil!

  31. Anne says:

    Everything that was done to him should be done to her – 10 times over!!

  32. kim says:

    i hope my maine tax dollars do not go to keeping her in prison forever…..send her back to texas and let texas deal with her the proper way!! poor sweet little boy…so sad………………

  33. Elizabeth says:

    What is wrong with people today????

  34. Jenn says:

    Rest in Peace little one. So glad they have identified him the poor baby. I cant imagine the kind of monster that could harm a beautiful child and throw him out on the side of the road like a piece of garbage! It sickens me that a parent could harm a child! I look at my 4 & 7 yr old and I know they are gifts from God and it saddens me that this mother didnt see the same when she looked at her son……

  35. Sherry says:

    I have tears in my eyes and an ache in my heart for the precious little child. May god rest his soul.

  36. Tom Aguiar says:

    God bless that little angel. My heart hurts for him.

  37. Eileen says:

    Please light a candle for Camden and share the link

  38. Cheri Michaud says:

    We may not have the death penalty but we do have life without the possibility of parole here. Death would be letting her get off scott-free. Let her sit and think about this horrible crime as she slowly rots away.

  39. kayebea says:

    Yes John, that facebook information is eerie. She loved the boy very much. Who is Ian Mccrery? He is a chef in the US Navy. I saw him on her facebook page. Is he the boy’s dad?

    1. John says:

      WBZ interviewed the boyfriend a short while ago by phone. He said he’s known Juli for 25 years but only dated her for a few years. He also said he was the only father figure Camden ever knew but he wasn’t the boy’s biological dad so perhaps Ian McCrerey is. The ex-boyfriend said Camden was a wonderful little boy, very smart, in a gifted kindergarten program. He had no idea why they were up here in New England, there is no connection. Supposedly Juli told the police she “drove up here to do it.” She was reading a Bible when they approached her in the truck. It sounds like she had a breakdown.

      1. Rita Dziobecki French says:

        Hang her!

    2. Chessah says:

      Ian McCrery must be her brother, since the child is named Hughes and the brother would be the reason for the Navy Isignia on her truck,

      I’ve lived in Maine and now in Texas, send this woman back to us in TX, where we do things the right way to people like her.

      I really wish we had a better way for parents in distress to hand over their children and get help before they hurt them. Despite the many Safe Haven places like hospitals and fire stations, this sadness keeps repeating.

      1. Tracey Bousquet says:

        Ian Mccrery is Juli’s older son, not Camden’s father.

      2. Huw says:

        Chessah, I agree it should be easier for troubled parents to get help.

    3. Jessica L. Veltstra-Collins says:

      Ian is her eldest son.

  40. maria says:

    you have to be a sick person to kill your own son i hope you pay hard for that

    R.I.P Camden

    1. steven says:

      i just lookmed at it.. its locked now..

  41. Heart Broken says:

    Check out her Face book page…..amazing!!!!

  42. Lauren says:

    Juli Mccrery you are a MONSTER!!!! You will rot in hell where you belong. I live not far from this road and cannot believe somone would do this to a poor child! Camden may god rest your soul.

  43. Nikki says:

    My friend’s dad was the one to report the truck!

    I’m so happy they’ve found the person who did this. It’s absolutely terrible! Rest in peace Camden.

  44. Pete Schroeder says:

    you can only compare dental records if the child has had dental check ups and at that age it is very hard.

    1. Jessica L. Veltstra-Collins says:

      And if you know what dentist they go to.

  45. jt says:

    She has a mylife(dot)com profile too with a picture of him

  46. Pam Maden says:

    I wish it hadnt happened but if it do we can only hope it happened in Texas. I have 2 kids and I cant fathom how anyone with or without children could harm or kill one!! I say “fry” her that is what she deserves. She threw him roadside like trash, she is the trash! Bless you Camden!

    1. James says:

      The link you posted is for the WRONG PERSON. She is going to get all kinds of hate mail because of this. The little boy’s mother is JULI, not JULIE and there are FB pages for both.

  47. alsby says:

    How long has the boy been dead? Did she kill him in Texas and drive to liberal land Ma, in hopes to get life vs the death penalty? Or maybe the boyfriend did it and she is covering for him. Either way once the truth be told, hang her by the neck till dead!

  48. ed says:

    Facebook Link for Julie Juli McCrery:

    Under her “Activities and Interests” the 3 listed are:
    1. WELLNESS;

    1. cat says:

      Did you notice the person that commented on her page named “Ian ‘Mac J’ Mccrery” His profile said he was in the Navy and there was a Navy insignia on the truck she was driving… I wonder if he had anything to do with it…

      1. Chessah says:

        Ian McCrery is her brother. The child is called Camden Hughes, not Camden McCrery and that should be your clue. Don’t drag an innocent man in to this mess. Ian is a Navy Chef and Juli’s brother. If you read her last comment, she was looking for Ian on Facebook. Then see his response.

      2. chessah says:

        Scatch that…news just in. Ian is her older son

    2. Jen says:

      ed, that’s not the right Julie Mccreary-she spells it differently Juli McCrery

      1. Dog Diva says:

        Wow, the little boy’s photo is her FB photo. At some point, she must have loved him. I can only think this is one sick woman if she’s responsible for this. Mental illness maybe at fault. It would be hard to imagine that someone could just be that evil without having a faulty brain.

      1. Tammy Bergeron says:

        urgodsproblembaby is the moms user name on youtube there are videos of him!!!! Why such a crazy user name??

    3. Kat says:

      THAT FB page is NOT her.

    4. James says:

      This link is for the WRONG PERSON and this poor lady is going to get all kinds of hate mail because of this. The little boy’s mother’s name is JULI, not JULIE and there is a FB page for each. The one for JULI is ‘friends only’ but appears to show a picture of the little boy as the profile pic. Please don’t drag innocent people into this mess.

    5. James says:

      This link is for the WRONG person. The mother’s name is JULI, not JULIE, and there are FB pages for each. She is going to get all kinds of nasty mail because of this. You should really try to get this post deleted to save an innocent woman from needless harassment. I clicked on ‘report comment’ but it doesn’t let me say WHY I am reporting it.

    6. BRENDA H says:


  49. Karen Quinn Holland says:

    God Bless His Soul

  50. smb says:

    Ian graduated high school in 2005 per fb. Her license plate frame said Navy Mom…Ian is probably her son as well

    1. John says:

      yes NH news just confirmed Ian is her adult son.

  51. Julia says:

    I’m so shocked that anyone could ever do anything so horrid to their own beautiful child!! If she loved him what the heck could have caused her to kill him and dump on a dirt road??!

    Rest In Peace Camden<33

  52. Julie says:

    I heard the boyfriend interview, he said Ian Mcrery was Juli’s older son (24).

    1. Suzi says:

      What does the boyfriend mean that ian WAS her older son?!! Where is HE??!!

      1. Chessah says:

        Suzi….he’s at sea. He’s a Navy Chef. Please read others comments and you’ll soon see that everyone is adding valuable info, then you;re not left in the dark.

  53. Elaine says:

    Rest in peace little one. Your mother is very ill, but you are and always have been precious in God’s eyes.

  54. Judy Introini O says:

    No excuse .. let me at her

  55. carol says:

    Dental records only work if they have had work done and you have recods to match them. I have 4 kids, all never having a cavity would be almost impossible to prove their identity.

  56. Nora says:

    Well done to all the law enforcement officers and agencies who worked so diligently, tirelessly, and quickly to solve the mystery of this tragedy.

    1. Renee says:

      I second that.

  57. Suzi says:

    I wonder if she was originally from Maine, thus his Name, Camden. Perhaps she had planned to leave him IN Camden, but for some reason left him in the next town over by mistake in Rockport or Rockland??? It’s just really creepy and so so sad. What a beautiful child he was!! I dont agree woth death penalty. I think it’s MUCH more punishment for a person to spend the rest of their lives locked up, with no chance EVER of getting out. With the death penalty they just get injected with drugs and go to sleep and it’s all over for them, while the loved ones of the victim must spent the rest of their lives missing their loved one.

    1. Brenda says:

      Camden and Rockport and Rockland are NOWHERE near South Berwick. South Berwick is near the MA/NH borders…..The others are farther north and north-east (downeast Maine).

  58. Judy Sandlin says:

    My granddaughter is this age..oh how sad..these lttle ones so need someone to love and protect them…so many sad and unstable parents…cannot imagine what his child endured even before his death if the mom would give him drugs…

  59. Jack says:

    How about checking on sex offenders refereeing HS basketball?

  60. Damon says:

    I am not entirely opposed to the death penalty, but some of you people have some seriously sick desires to pass judgment and deliver death and torture so hastily. This woman should be punished, yes, but let all the facts come out before we form a lynch mob! As an atheist, I found it incredibly confusing that in a supposedly Christian nation, we take every opportunity to judge and punish as though no one really believes that God is a capable critic anymore….one cannot simultaneously revel in the death or torture of anyone and still truly call themselves religious…

    1. Renee says:

      Excellent post, Damon.

    2. Michele Robichaud says:

      I completely agree. It is very hard to imagine doing this to a child. It certainly engenders hatred and anger. But you are right, we don’t know what happened. Maybe some kind of mental breakdown. Maybe she is evil. None of us knows. If she loved him like her FB page shows she did, there is nothing we can do to hurt her more than what she has done to herself.

    3. Astra says:

      Well, Damon, so typical of a lot of “atheists” who try to “get the mote out of the religious’s eye ppl” before removing a beam out of their own”. Being so self-righteous, and content with one’s own “integrity”, looking down on all these “religious” people. Sense the difference here: no one revels in death here, but people seek justice! This isn’t one of those vague areas of “political correctness”, this is plain and clear: a mother killed her own son. This little innocent child suffered utter injustice from the hand of the person who should stand at his defense. By requesting punishment for her, ppl defend his right to be loved, considered, treated humanely and justly, not just like some garbage that can be left on the roadside. Precisely, because life – God’s gift – is priceless, and those who violate it deserve punishment, so that we don’t forget how precious life is, especially, that of a 6 yr old child. Otherwise, it will depreciate, just as pretty much every other moral and ethical value did today, when nothing is held sacred. As for her deed being accidental or not… well, cough syrup is not some highly potent antibiotic that needs precise dosage and 1/100 of mcg can cause toxicity. She wasn’t measuring mcg here. In order to overdose a cough syrup one has to pour the entire bottle, probably, esp. for a small child like Camden. So, the accidental overdosing doesn’t sound credible. BUT even if she, say, did “overdose” him, NO LOVING MOTHER WILL DUMP HER CHILD ON THE ROADSIDE MILES AWAY FROM HIS HOME, LIKE A PIECE OF GARBAGE! If no one had found him, he’d be rotting out in the open. If she is mentally ill, that will be a different story, but as of now, that has not been proved and people, outraged and hurt for the little boy, are voicing their desire to see justice done and that’s how it should be. It would be grossly alarming if no one was saying anything. Please, don’t mention God since you are an atheist yourself and hence, have no clue what you are talking about. God’s gift – life and children – should be cherished and protected, the wrong should be punished so that the right can prevail. No one could protect Camden’s rights when he was alive, so let these people request that at least right now, posthumously.

  61. chessah says:

    Looking around her FB page and her friends pages, it would seem as though she believe’s in the upcoming May 21st Doomsday Rapture prediction. Perhaps she decided to end Camden’s life ahead of the supposed End of the World on May 21st. My suspicion would certainly fall in line with her being found reading her bible whent he police arrived at her truck.

    Perhaps she, in her twisted mind, decided the Rapture would be one hour earlier than in Texas, so going to furthest North Eastern State, would make it sooner for her and killing Camden ahead of Saturday gave her control how Camden would die, just in case the ‘Rapture’ turned into something less peaceful than she imagined I’m just supposing, but i’m going with my gut feeling that this is May 21st Doomsday related. And, this will be her defense…sadly.

  62. chessah says:

    Looking around her FB page and her friends pages, it would seem as though she believe’s in the upcoming May 21st Doomsday Rapture prediction. Perhaps she decided to end Camden’s life ahead of the supposed End of the World on May 21st. My suspicion would certainly fall in line with her being found reading her bible whent he police arrived at her truck.

    Perhaps she, in her twisted mind, decided the Rapture would be one hour earlier than in Texas, so going to furthest North Eastern State, would make it sooner for her and killing Camden ahead of Saturday gave her control how Camden would die, just in case the ‘Rapture’ turned into something less peaceful than she imagined I’m just supposing, but i’m going with my gut feeling that this is May 21st Doomsday related. And, this will be her defense…sadly.

  63. Anebt says:

    She sounds like she really doted on him. If it is true that she gave him an overdose of medication, what kind of meds can possibly do this? Why would she travel so far away from Texas to kill him with an overdose of medication, and then leave his body on a blanket so that he would be found? This is very bizarre.

  64. tom says:

    THIS B*TCH OF A ‘MOTHER’ (and I use the term loosely) SHOULD BE HUNG !!

  65. Brenda says:

    I cannot believe she overdosed her small child and then threw him out like trash. She doesn’t deserve to be a mom. She is a monster….no mom would do this to her child that she loves. The ex in Texas doesn’t know why they would have been in the Northeast…imagine that he was the only dad this little boy knew.

  66. Simplejoys4 says:

    We only know that she left him at the side of the road and that she has admitted she overdosed the child. We do NOT know if it was a deliberate act and shouldn’t be calling her names or being so judgmental before the police are even done with their investigation! It is a horrible tragedy.

    1. Ann Marie Day says:

      Innocent people don’t dispose of their childs body on the side of a dirt road, she would have called 911 or rushed him to the hospital, she was at least 40 not a young mother either.

  67. MikeZ says:

    I don’t think there is a national database of teeth, So you’d have to know who the dentist is first and then some dentist would have to spend days looking at all the records. I’m pretty sure dental records only work the other way, i.e. you think you know who’s skeleton you found and using their dental records you can confirm it.

  68. Tammy Bergeron says:

    I just saw videos of Camden on youtube the mothers user name for the videos is urgodsproblembaby I just dont understand!

  69. Taryn Cooper says:

    If she loved her son she would NOT have overdosed him on medication, or not seek medical attention is it was an accidental overdose…. Seriously, if she loved her son she would have seeked medical attention after realizing that she overdosed him…. she would not have just dumped the boy so far from home. I mean really people do not pitty the “poor mom” because this cxould have been prevented. That 6 year old is DEAD because of his mother. She should rot in PRISION for what she did…

  70. Tammy LeVasseur says:

    So very sad-too many in this world don’t deserve children…. For this very reason I wish they would start a DNA bank at birth-sad that we would need such a thing but in many cases it would have been so helpful.

  71. Meg says:

    Have any of you actually read any of the articles out there?? this one states she confessed ,
    “Juli Mccrery of Irving, Texas, is in Massachusetts State Police custody in Concord and has confessed to giving her son an overdose of medication that resulted in his death, sources tell WBZ-TV”
    I’m not sure why people are wondering what happened and IF he is actually her son, WHAT am I reading something different than all of you??? The woman confessed to killing her child they have pictures of him that I will safely assume came from her .. We can all sit here an speculate all we want I am sure by tomorrow they will know the full story and then we will all know as well.. Until then how about saying a few prayers for Camden … God Rest in Peace Camden

  72. Slim says:

    I’m not saying what she did Was right but maybe it was all an accident then she got scared and made a mistake unfortunally we’ll never know if it was on purpose or a unfortunate mistake.
    R.I.p. Little guy

  73. JDK says:

    The case right now is in the hands of New Hampshire Attorney General……………..A Death Penalty State aren’t they???? Here is someone who deserves it.

  74. Sally says:

    Dear Camden,

    I’m so sorry, that none of us where there for you, in your time of need. It hurts me to see your picture., I never had the honor of meeting you, and for this I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you had to go through your death by yourself. Please know that I think that there are about a billon people that would of done just about anything to make sure that you had the chance to grow up and experience the joy and happiness of life.

    I do think that by listening to your relatives talking about you that you were a very talented young boy, you where loved so much and you’re already being missed by those that loved you.
    With love and Hugs
    From a small town in NH

  75. NM says:

    Why is this happening every day? Why there are no laws to prevent this type of child abuse? Why noone took him away from her knowing she has criminal record? Some kind of follow up from child services?
    Why child preditors only get slap on a hand? why why?
    Children Our Future!!!!

  76. Harry says:

    All I can say is “SICK-SICK-SICK, God will handle her in his own time

  77. Ella says:

    The woman is a devil and deserves harsh punishment. Of course, she needs to be evaluated for mental health problem. I wonder why she had the child in her care. Let the poor innocent boy rest in peace. Let the state do its job and punish the cruel mother.

  78. Tamara Pomerleau says:

    Ann ~ It says she confessed. So, that would indicate that they have proof of the child’s identity. If you ask me, I would say this woman has some severe issues.

  79. Dee says:

    That poor little boy. He is so innocent looking and didn’t deserve to die. She needs to sit in jail for the rest of her life and get a taste of what prison can do for her. I really can’t stand all of these parents that just throw their kids away. If you don’t want the child anymore than give it up to a family member or adoption. I hate seeing this stuff on the news. Innocent kids and pets, breaks my heart.

  80. Peter Nivling says:

    drug overdose maybe a tragic accident. leaving him on the side of the road is not an accident. itsmurder! bring back the death penalty!

  81. Judy says:

    She deserves the death penalty and until it is done they should put her in a cell with this little angel’s pictures plastered everywhere so he will be the first thing she sees in the morning and the last at night!

  82. Michele Robichaud says:

    Did she do it on purpose or was it an accidental overdose?

  83. julie says:

    how can anybody do this to a kid?she needs help badly some better help her

  84. danialle says:

    it was also said in an earlier report that he still had his baby teeth, in which case you couldn’t use that as a resource

  85. Millie H. Young says:

    Put her in the Damn ocean with Osama Bin Liden and let the damn sharks eat her. This is sickening. Rest in Peace little Camden

  86. go go girl says:

    He may not have been to the dentist yet, Not all parents take their kids to the dentist.

  87. Bill says:

    We live in a world where innocent children are killed and dumped in dumpsters, land fills and the side of the road like yesterdays trash. Very, very sad,

  88. hERBERT says:

    She was aware enough to purchase the medicine that killed him drive to a remote place and throw his lifeless little body out like a bagof trash. No mercy, NO MERCY FOR THIS WOMAN.

  89. chgovette68 says:

    Seems that the reason she was up in Maine was to hide the boy’s body. The whole thing smells and I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to rid herself of the boy. No child deserves to be dumped anywheres.

  90. Lucy says:

    What a tragedy. Will we ever learn so we don’t continue hearing stories like this one? That’s the real tragedy that we have the power to do more and we just choose not to because we can’t or won’t change how we live. We make ourselves powerless with the choices we make.

    Why tears and why sadness? This is the result of choices we make. Mental illness is ignored and not understood. We choose to be ignorant.

    I’m just tired of hearing stories like this. I’m only imagining. I know that isolation exists and the stereotypes that exist with mental illness if that is what is going on here. I don’t know.

  91. norma oneill says:

    i just watched the news n all i did was cry cry n cry. i broke down in tears n just couldnt stop. I cant believe that someone could have the nerve to throw this little inocent child whos still so pure and had so much ahead of his life. My heart goes out to this lil child. he’s not even mine n im feeling so much pain. Im upset n disgusted n she deserves the worse out come . She needs the death penalty shes a sicko!!

  92. judy lynne says:

    i want to know if it was an accidental or intentional overdose, childrens medicine such as ibuprofon has been on the news for this exact reason parents mis calculating dosage . this is worse than sad. i am numb.

    1. shay mayhew says:

      apparently if it was an accident she would have reported it right away she probably wanted the child to sleep, probably to party because it did say she had run ins with the police before so she was most likely was a drug addict , any normal mother , good mother would have called 911 as soon as she noticed that the child wasn’t breathing !!!

    2. bryan says:

      shay, you are extremely ignorant. why does “having run ins with the police” make someone immediately a drug addict?

  93. Stacy crowley says:

    This breaks my heart. I have three kids and a step daughter of my own and I can’t even begin to imagine why this woman would do this. There is absolutely no reason for it mental break or not!! Whether she did it on “accident” or intentional there is no excuse.. She needs to suffer not die but suffer EVERY single day for the rest of her natural life. Let her remember vividly what she did to this beautiful boy. He deserved so much better. RIP lil man may God wrap you in His arms of love.

  94. Ellen says:

    I posted the other day how It would be one of the parents, and because of the blanket being placed over the child’s body I had a gut feeling it was the mom.

  95. Joan says:

    my tears have stopped. We now know who that dear little boy is and thankfully it sounds like many people loved him. Not sure what happened to his mother last week! I hope for his sake she had some kind of a horrible breakdown and he didn’t suffer. No excuses though, I couldn’t intentionally kill a goldfish and will never accept a mother killing her kids. God is now holding Camden tight in his arms, and may he forever rest in peace. Godspeed little one. I didn’t know you but you wrapped yourself completely around my heart…..

  96. stoptheabuse says:

    I don’t understand why she chose to leave her son on the side of the road like a bag of trash. Yes, she is very IGNORANT to overdose this child with cough medicine but, if she really loved him she should have come forward and took responsibility for her decision to dope this poor baby up with cough syrup. And allll you mothers out there (AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) who make the decision to put your child to sleep with cough medicine because your too lazy to be a real parent, stop and think is this the dose that will kill my child? And quite honestly, any child under the age of 6yrs. should never have overthecounter meds unless directed by your doctor. Stop and take a long look at the kind of mothers you are, if you feel confident your child will be fine doing this to him or her, then maybe you need not be a parent!

  97. Kimberly says:

    I can’t believe a mother would do such a horrible thing to thier flesh and blood!! I don’t know this wonderful boy, but I cried last night. I have twins that are 7 and couldn’t imagine anything happening to my babies! She needs the death sentence. Hope judge won’t just give her few years like most. God bless this little boy

  98. Beverly Staton says:

    do you feel bigger or smarter than another now? just the acts of reading and writng online – those things alone – will make a person’s reading and writing skills stronger, better.
    (not to mention that we ALL make typos! but as long as you feel better, superior, well then………. ’nuff said!) (i really do hope you’ll think a few minutes longer next time. I don’t think you’re a bad person, but I think what you did was probably beneath you.

    1. Tonya Ellliott says:

      This aweful tragedy “Should make us all take a step back and think”. Think about what we are doing and what we are thinking. Every emergency room in Amercia will see your child if he or she is ill, Every emergency room has a social worker who you can talk to at anytime day or night. Every state in the U.S,A has a hotline where the counslers are trained to help you with issues if you feel like you are in over your head. There is never,ever,ever any excuse to harm you child or you elderly parent or a handicap partner Im am so tired of hearing about over whelmed people who are or were at their wits end and snapped.

  99. Dianne R. says:

    If they fingerprinted EVERYONE when they were born, they could have ID.’d him faster. Why not? A new-born hasn’t committed any crime, but if lost or kidnapped before he can talk, he/she can be identified. Later, crime victims or perps can also be id’d.

  100. eve says:

    that only works if they have a set of dental x-ray to compare it to. without knowing who the child might be they could not access his dental records to compare./

  101. Vera Carroll says:

    You have seen too many CSI episodes. And what are “THEETH”?

    1. Gale says:

      do you lithsp??

  102. Silinder Johnson says:

    Theeth, really?

  103. Leisha says:

    Where is this Camden’s real Father at? I wonder if anyone has taken the time to contact him of his sons murder.

    1. SS says:

      Reports are that he is in jail.

  104. janice says:

    lots of unansured questions __ still information to be found out just because a person confesses doesnt prove beyond a reasonable dout that person is guilty — some people realy amaze me .

  105. Jay says:

    it’s spelled TEETH!

  106. mazie says:

    Thats sickning,your sickning no one will forgive u………………………………………….RestInPeace sweethert<3 no1 can hurt you

  107. Sam says:

    I just don’t understand why some people are given the amazing gift of having children if they can’t care for them. I am a mother of two boys and I just cannot fathom how a mother could do this. I have never agreed with the death penalty in the past, but I hope, for this poor little boy that this horrible, horrible woman is sentenced to death. That poor little angel. RIP Camden.

  108. emom says:

    I say give this women an over dose of cough medicine , then let her suffer the same fate…… My only question to her would be WHY,,, what id he do to deserve this.. It does make you wonder why it happened. Could it have been a simply accident… if so ,,, she must have paniced big time…. was she some way clinically depressed… its plausible, another possiblility is that she had a visitor and for some reason he wanted the boy quiet, so she gave him extra on the medicine and sent him to bed… but only to find out something had gone wrong… But in the end she did the wrong thing and now she will pay dearly…
    such a loss of a beautiful sweet child,,,, WHY is a big question .

  109. shotime says:

    First I want to say… my heart goes out to the family and friends of this innocent child and may he rest in peace! I just finished reading on FOX that the mother was “contemplating” killing herself, too! Coward child-murderer! May she rot with the garbage!!!

  110. Melissa T says:

    This is such a sad story! This child was so innocent and deserved better. If you don’t want your child give him up to the state that someone that really wants a child can provide them with a better life. Horrible

  111. brenda says:

    1) befre they knoew who he was – you have to have dental records to compare the boys teeth to. if you don’t know who he is how are you going to find dental records?
    2) a child that young may have never been to the dentist.
    3) they know exactly who he is now

  112. Anon says:

    I think this was an accident . The Mother gave Camden cough medicine. (too much) He died , she was scared! She drove, untill she couldn’t drive anymore! Or, untill she realized he was really dead. (Bless his soul) She covered him in a blanket (she loved him enought to do that) and left him. Good people were watching. They saw her vehicle!!

  113. Sandria says:

    Are you people serious?? ” She obviously loved him”… That’s a really messed up kind of love if you ask me… I live in Maine and have a 6 year old who also happens to be named Camden…NOTHING would ever lead me to hurt my child then desert them on the side of he road.. and any mother who could do this doesn’t know the love of a parent to her child… Btw she was arrested for drug trafficking and prostitution in the past, not quite the ideal soccer mom type!!

  114. Angela says:

    um, it says in the story that the woman’s ex knew the child and therefore was able to identify him.

  115. Sara says:

    I would have loved him so much better, but I can’t have kids.

    1. Sonia says:

      Oh I wish she would have given him to you instead of killing him :(

    2. Sonia says:

      Oh I wish she would have given him to you instead of killing him :( RIP Angel <3

  116. Patty says:

    I wish we could make her drink acid!

  117. Michelle says:

    My gosh who in there right mind if they were normal or not on drugs would accidently give there child an overdose of cough medicine? I really want to know? I am a Mother of a 5 year old boy and he is the #1person in my life I would walk on water or die for. This mother was a long way from home for what reasons? This poor lil boy didnt have a chance to experience much life. He was so young all at the hands of a sick and twisted mother.
    I hope lil Camden can rest in peace. My heart goes out to all little children who are not being cared for the right way or in a loving way by the one person they should be loved and cared for and that is a mother or a father. I will hold on so tight to my lil man and admire him as long as i shall live. R.I.P Camden may you walk above tand come as an angel to help another in a bad place. REST IN PEACE Lil Man……

  118. Delores Fain says:

    RIJ little man your safe at last in our creators arms. Its at times like this its hard to be a christian and not judge. But as a human its harder to understand how anyone let alone his mother could do this But one thing i know she will be judge buy the one and only one who has that right and thats our heavenly father our creator And as a christian i have to say father have nercy on her soul which is more than she gave him As i said Rest in jesus little man and fod bless all

  119. Chris says:

    This just breaks my heart. I have a 6-year-old boy, a 3-year-old boy, and a 1-year-old girl. I’m going to go watch them sleep right now and pray to God for their protection. Just love your kids. Don’t despair if for any reason you start to feel like you don’t measure up in this world. Just love your kids and you will be their hero – the best mom or dad in the whole world. That’s worth living for and it’s worth fighting for.

  120. matt says:

    wow ann you must be really dumb

  121. Jeani says:

    Its so disturbing. What has this taught us. Maybe every child should be fingerprinted. Maybe we should pay better attention to each other to help prevent these senseless acts. In those last moments could any of us had stopped it? What will will do the next time we watch a mother under stress, the next time we see a father yell at their child, the next time we see a bruised infant…. will we pay attention or will we answer our texts, plan or supper, or rush home to watch our favorite show. We should ask ourselves…… where did we all go wrong.

  122. debi says:

    SO SA, I SEARCED THE MOTHERS NAME ON fACEBOOK AND FOUND HER, SHE spoke so loving of him, there are other pictures of him, he looked like a happy little boy..I wonder what went wrong here…

  123. Susan M says:

    I just want to know why.

  124. Jill Mosman Orcutt says:

    iam sorry but why do quiet athist motheres never kill there kids?? or is it me

  125. Navywife23yrsproud&4girls says:

    I’m A Navy wife of four girls that went and packed up two times across country to follow my husband. I never thought once about my needs, I had a family that I wanted to be together no matter if I lived in a 29′ travel trailer stationed outside of Travis Air Force Base while his “boat” was going thru refit. It’s the life you signed up for and it’s the best life there is.. My husband had to leave during our cross country home move five days before my delivery of our 4th child. He made sure family and friends were here, he didn’t see his baby girl til 7 weeks after the fact and only cause I yelled “home alone with NO spouse” They sent him home. It’s very hard on both, but, to do that to a child to meet up with her son…justs blows all motherhood out of the waters…..It’s in GODS hands now….she has to ask for forgivence……Open up the gates to hells says this mother…..

  126. Chris says:

    My town has been turned upside down because of this and I have one question for you. What did he have to do to deserve this? I mean we all know kids get in trouble but killing him I mean come on that is crazy what kind of world do we live in?

  127. Steve says:

    Great job to all of the police agencies involved. As a fellow officer in Western Maine, I wished I could help. I know it was in my mind while I was on patrol, and I’m glad it was in the Trooper’s mind in Mass. Thank you all for your hard work. May justice reign over this travesty.

  128. Amanda says:

    This is horrible. R.I.P little Camden. gone but never forgotten

  129. Kendra says:

    She’s obviously insane. Only an insane person would kill her own child. Very sad.

  130. Lisa Bartlett says:

    Lisa Bartlett

    My heart breaks for that littl boy. May he rest in peace. Im confusted at why the mother has not been charged and I pray when she is charged that justice is served. I dont want to see he claim insanity and go to a hospital and be released on short term jail sentence. As far as Im concerned she only deserves the death pentalty which I believe is still a law in NH. I ll never understand how anyone could kill there own child. (anyone at that)

  131. Lia verlwrr says:

    Lisa Bartlett

  132. NM says:

    I also want to knwo WHY? But mostly I would like to know what can we do to prevent this type of thing happening.
    As a society we have to make sure we do everything to prevent our children from harm. They are our future! It’s a vicious cycle. Dab parents raise bad children who become bad parents etc. I can’t believe she just snapped. There were had to ne signs…

  133. elaine says:

    this lady needs to go but away for life for killing a poor inesent little boy she needs to growwwww uppppp and act her age not her shoe sides ok what mad you the right to kill him hes only 6 years old

    1. elaine says:

      he needed love and he did not get it from you julianna mccrery and now hes somewhere where he got love and hes better off there now your going to regreat this for the rest of your life know that you will have a grain on you for the rest of your life cuz now he is deid
      camden pierce hughes
      roses are red violets are blue
      but nothing in the world will replace you
      rest in peace little angel where you will be loved by god and by me
      love you
      sweet little angel of gods now
      p.s. you will be happer there in haven

      1. elaine says:

        my cuz camden is deid now my aunt julianna mccrery will regreat what she did to him
        god bless you baby boy blue you will alwase be in my haert camden pierce hughes
        love you sweet little baby boy iam here for you

      2. decoda martinez says:

        my cuz camden is died i dont know what to do i left him all alone with his mom and this is what she does to him camden we are here with you in are heart your safe now where she cant hurt you dont cry camden everything is alright now your mom cant hurt you nomore she did not love you because if she did you would still be here camden pierce hughes
        roses are redf violets are blue but any thing will remind me of you love you baby boy blue

  134. Brandi says:

    Makes me think about my child.What I would do if something ever happened to him. God forbid. Children are put on this earth to love and be loved by us as their parents. I hope this woman gets whats she deserves. She should not be able to reproduce ever again! RIP little angel.

  135. Amy says:

    i dont think he deserved to die that way and at such a young age he had a horrible mother, who didnt even loe him enough to not know how much medicine too give him when hes 6 years old? how dumb and then too not call 911 after if there was sumthing wrong STUPID!! maybe she wanted him to die so know one else can have him and she wants to ” be in heaven ” with him now? wel he is in heaven cuz hes an ANGEL but you however (julianne Mccrery) will go too another place the worst place of all for what u did i hope the devil makes u pay for what u did to ur own child and burns ur ass for the rest of ur miserable life cuz u will never see ur son and if u were my mom i would tell them to keep u in jail and do very bad things to u so u know what it feels like to hurt and be hurt for what u did, R.I.P. Camden Pierce Hughes i think u were a very cute, handsome, and smart little boy who didnt deserve to leave us so quickly and in such a bad way and im sorry that u had a horrible mother she didnt deserve u either well im glad at least ur with god and he will keep u safe (my son Tyler is 10 months) Love, Amy and Ty :)

  136. Amy says:

    This was no “accident” i believe she purposely did this to her own son for a reason. she didnt really “love” him she dont even know what love is. I have a son he is only 10 months and i LOVE HIM and i could never think of killing him even if he kept me up all night, or he wouldnt stop crying or sumthing like that. how can u have thoughts of hurting ur own child then dumping his body somewhere else.that is a sick woman im telling you she didnt deserve to have such a handsome little boy my son has blonde hair and blue eyes too but i wouldnt take his life for no reason. i dont wanna be in jail i wanna be with my son for as long as possible.well at least they know who did it cuz she confessed and they already charged her with second-degree murder. she cant hurt anyone else anymore. (hopefully just herself) well Camden im sorry u had such a horrible mother who didnt know how 2 be a “mother ” but im glad ur with god and not with her anymore. sorry u had 2 die so young and at a bad way. R.I.P. Camden Pierce Hughes you are an ANGEL and forever will be in our hearts (god will take care of you.) Love, Amy and my son Tyler

  137. ht says:

    this is such an awful thing to hear!!! the poor boy six years old and had his life taken from him. This makes me sick that people would do such a horrible thing!! If you don’t want kids then don’t have them don’t kill them cruel people

  138. Heather says:

    There is no punishment reasonable enough for what she deserves,not in this lifetime anyway…You cant even call her a mother…She definatly deserves to die so she can get the punishment/judgemnet she really deserves…A child is a precious precious gift from God,I have 3 and I thank God every 4 every second he gives me with them…Anyone one who can harm there own child or any for that matter does not deserve the air the breathe…

  139. Marcy says:

    I haven’t read all these comments no do I care to the first few were enough judgements for me. there is not enough details in this story to know what actually happened to this child. this child could have been accidentally overdosed and then the mother flipped out . if i killed a child accidentally one of my own or another i certainly would not deal with reality very well. bottom line don’t judge another until you have walked in their shoes truly walked in their shoes. thank God he is forgiving and looks at our hearts and not the outside.

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