BREAKING NEWS: Person of interest, a woman, being questioned in connection with the boy’s death.


SOUTH BERWICK, Maine (CBS) – Maine State Police said they’ve received about 60 tips following the release of a computer-generated photo of a boy whose body was found over the weekend.

A police spokesman told reporters at a news conference Monday that tips are coming in from Maine, New Hampshire and as far away as Ohio.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports.

The body was found Saturday evening at the end of a dirt driveway in South Berwick, which is near the New Hampshire border.

Investigators said they believe the body was left there around 7:30 a.m. Saturday and had been there all day until it was found around 5:30 p.m.  Police think the boy may have died a few hours before the body was disposed.

Maine State Police released a computer generated photo of the boy Sunday, hoping someone will recognize him.

The photo has been distrubuted to schools, day cares, pediatricians’ offices and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Officers are also checking surveillance video at several local businesses hoping to generate more leads.

Police said no one has filed a missing person report for a boy fitting his description.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports.

He is 3 foot, 8 inches tall, weighs 45 pounds and is believed to have been between 4 and 6 years old.

He had dark or dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

He was wearing a Faded Glory gray camouflage hooded sweatshirt, a blue t-shirt, tan pants, and Lightning McQueen sneakers.

An autopsy was completed over the weekend, but police have not revealed the cause of death.

Investigators are also looking for a pickup truck – a dark, blue, newer model Toyota Tacoma with an extended cab and white license plates.

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  1. Rich Nealley says:

    This should be easy to figure out. Get this image out to every teacher in NH, Maine & MA. One will ID him as being missing in class

    1. brian says:

      not if he wasn’t enrolled in school

      1. Jesse Underwood says:

        i agree with brian, if he wasn’t enrolled in school, you aren’t going to get much for leads…

      2. kasara says:

        but trying is better then nothing!! you have to do and try anything you can think of!! what if he was!!! nobody knows unless they try!! i think its a good idea. it could be one step closer!!

    2. silly2 says:

      Not if he wasn’t in school.

      1. george says:

        he may not even be from new enland

      2. booboos mom says:

        his mother is from texas she did this to him they identified him as Camden Pierce Hughes

      3. Quierra Alessi says:

        Its not Camden, Camden died last year Mothers day, this little boy died this year on May 14, 2011….

        May he RIP as they find his true name :(

    3. ashley prout says:

      not that simple, in the state of maine your child does not need to attend school until he/she is 7years old, also the child could of been home schooled, or better yet kidnapped years before, its takes alot more states then you just mentioned, plus canada where we are so close, if you think this case is so easy why didnt you become a cop

      1. Denise Gamache says:


    4. Chasity Johnson says:

      its sad to know such a little boy is not missed all these people that see him and is heartbroken yet cant find anyone to know him how horrible

    5. NaToni says:

      He may not be from New England.

    6. Leslie says:

      this world is turning in to a very sick place. who the hell could do this. take a little innocent boys like that. i hope his identity is found and the basterds rot in hell.

      1. Sarah says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more, Leslie. It’s a scary world we’re raising our children in these days.

      2. courtney says:

        I agree with you leslie. this is horribal):

    7. Cynthia Caron, President-Founder LostNMissing, Inc says:

      It was sent out to schools and schools have sent notices via email to parents who have signed up in a lot of the school communities.

    8. Brenda says:

      This little boy can be from anyones missing childs report from anywhere anytime in his 4 to 6 years of life maybe someone in ME. just had this child for a very long time thats why no one is missing a child or hes from somewhere totally different than ME. but I bet he did not go missing when they found him it was way before maybe dental resords can help or dna results to bring a clue to this case. That poor child who ever he is love him already even if it is a computer generated photo poor boy.

      1. Adina Smith says:

        sadly, there might be no dental records or dna to compare his to at such a young age

      2. Rachel says:

        just wondering why you would think just because a child is in foster care Foster parents would have something to do with it? Foster parents are held more accountable than bio parents for several reasons, while the system is broken what you said is very ignorant.

      3. Tom says:

        Who said anything about foster homes and/or parents???

    9. Brenda, NH says:

      They sent out posters to schools everywhere just like this article heres some new info

    10. Kim Deleon says:

      Unless of course the child has somehow been hidden from society by his murderer….

    11. Judy says:

      Wish it were that easy . I don’t think his parents are parent cared enough to send him to school if they would dump him on the side of the road. I can’t believe no one has reported him missing. Beautiful little boy.

      1. kim says:

        yea she cared alright she his mom is the sick person that did it … i dont see how a mom could do such a thing and still in hand cuffs say that she loved her son if that was true why did she tack his life … she needs to pay hard core for what she has done .mom’s like her give good caring mom’s a bad name i could never ever think of such a thing to do something like that to my little angels my kids are my world i could not live without them at all and i do love my kids with all i am …. so i dont see how she could say that she loved her son when she was killing him .. how dear you .say that you sick count you deserve what ever god gives you you need to be judged by god himself …..

  2. Lori says:

    I hope they find this boys family and whomever did this to him. I hate to state (what to me is) the obvious but if there are no missing persons reports fitting this boys description then his family hasn’t reported him missing (which means they are involved) OR this kid is in foster care and the FP did this to him.

    1. CM says:

      Or the parents are away somewhere and he was left in someone else’s care (friend, relative, nanny).

      1. lfanjoy says:

        Or he came from the tornado are where someone could have told his family was dead, who knows. I hate to have people say the family is involved, we just don’t know and can guess all we what. Please send this story to all newspapers, tv stations and friends so someone can see it and know who he is. R.I.P little angel.

    2. Sheila says:

      It is also possible that someone did this to him and the parents, and they are someplace else. As a parent myself I am really hoping that the parents aren’t involved, that description is so similar to so many kids in that age group. I agree though, that the fact that he has not been reported missing by anyone is very suspicious. Not even a grrandparent or neighbor who notices the child hasn’t been around at all? This is so sad

      1. ashley prout says:

        you people really need to read the whole story, i live in the state of Maine, and my uncle is a state police officer, they have only checked into a couple of states that where close to the area where he was found.their are still all the other states, plus Canada where we live so close, did you ever think maybe his parents are dead???Maybe died way before this awful event took place and this unknown angel was a foster child or maybe kidnapped as a infant,I have two children around this little angels age, and when my kids started school they had a officer come in and teach the kids about safety also took every kids finger prints so they would be in the system just in case something terrible like this might happen, also if this kid was of age who said he may not of been home schooled? also in the state of Maine kids dont have to start school until the age of seven by law .the only thing that makes me believe that someone close to this child may be the ones that caused him harm is the fact he was covered up by a blanket, my uncle says in many story’s like this someone who does this most likely knew the person and covered their body for respect and guilt , my uncle also stated it could take months to go through every single missing children reports, alot of children have blonde hair blue eyes, they cant just go by what his age looks like he might be, because he could of been missing for a couple years, who ever did this to this poor child deserves the worse, this is when i believe they should bring back hang those who kill

      2. Amber says:

        well said, couldn’t have said it better myself !!

      3. Rachel says:

        I am with you on the hanging, if they were to bring back public hangings I bet you it would cut out a lot of the horrible crimes…but you can’t overdo it and use it as an all purpose punishment. Save hanging for rapists, murders and child monsters…

      4. Rachel says:

        I am with you on the hanging, if they were to bring back public hangings I bet you it would cut out a lot of the horrible crimes…but you can’t overdo it and use it as an all purpose punishment. Save hanging for rapists, murders and child molesters…

      5. Krissy Shelton says:

        That is EXACTLY what I am saying. People like to jump the gun with “I think his parents done this” when NOBODY really even knows WHO did it to him.
        It could have been ANYONE, and made it look like a parent did it so that it would throw the cops & investigators off. The blanket around the kid “automatically means” a relative did it, that SOMEONE who “loved him” did this. NO, i doubt that. If someone that loved him did this then they never really “loved him” to begin with, to leave him on a rural road all alone, whether he was already dead or had just died or not! I know everyones entitled to their own opinion but don’t go after the parents just yet, because he could have been kidnapped and his parents were killed or was already dead…. who’s to say that his grandparents are even still alive? and who’s to also say hes even got an aunt or uncle, maybe he does and they never got a chance to meet him cause of him living in a different country/state so they don’t recognize him
        I know, i know it looks awfully suspicious that nobody has come forward to claim this beautiful little boy but there could be logical explanations for that.
        Come on people. If the parents are the ones in fact involved in this then they are very sick human beings and i hope they get what they deserve, but theres no actual proof just yet that they were even involved.

      6. Nickie says:

        This poor child was killed by his own mother.. there is NO excuse to even lay your hands on a child.. EVER. Someone that was supposed to love and care for him unconditionally… 6 years old… I don’t even have words to express how angry I am…

    3. Julie says:

      His family may not be involved, this could be a child who has been missing for some time, years maybe. It’s not a good idea to just assume something, his family may be missing his and may have for some time now ;( there are a lot of things (actually most of them) that we don’t know and keeping an open mind and just passing this along and not passing judgment will help this more than anything else.

  3. Elita says:

    As the parent of children who go to school in downtown South Berwick, I would really appreciate it if your reporters stayed AWAY from my kids school or the downtown area in general when our kids are going to and from school. This situation is upsetting enough for us as parents and for our kids, the last thing we need or want is for them or us to have to worry about reporters asking how we feel about what is going on.

    1. Becky says:

      I don’t mean this in a bad way… however.. if reporters around town is a way to find this child’s id.. then so be it. It’s all about the child… not the inconvenience of others

      1. ashley prout says:

        I so agree, yes this may upset other children, but if this was your child you’d want them oout asking everyone if they knew anything

      2. Avi Pearce says:

        This is soo disturbed and I feel terrible for this poor child. I just hope that computer generated photo of him that looks close to his real feature before. And hope people will be able to identify him. Speculate, this little boy can be from anyone’s missing child report from anywhere anytime long ago. Also maybe someone in ME who might have him for a long time!
        No double, questions are required to rise for the investigation of this child’s ID and his death. And I hope the police soon find out who has done such horrible thing to an innocent child and bring them to justice.

    2. DJ Martin says:

      How selfish…this is NOT about how you feel about the situation… this is about an Innocent Child! When a Child is involved, everyone is involved & there are NO Rules, NO Boundaries & NO Mercy!!! Quit whining, be thankful that your children are ok and get out there and help!

      Prayers from Houston >

      1. Brenda says:


    3. DJ Martin says:

      How selfish…this is NOT about how you feel about the situation… this is about an Innocent Child! When a Child is involved, everyone is involved & there are NO Rules, NO Boundaries & NO Mercy!!! Quit whining, be thankful that your children are ok and get out there and help!

      Prayers from Houston >

      1. Susan Peters Kearney says:

        I totally agree~

      2. Susan says:

        DJ, You couldn’t have said it any better! Poor poor baby.

    4. Susan Peters Kearney says:

      YOu know I think that it is people like you that don’t answer questions or ” GET INVOLVED ” that make situations go on forever and ever and sometimes years …… OR NEVER!
      This is just my opinion , BUT sometimes people need to talk about things … even if it isn’t the adults! Who knows if you or your children saw anything … that maybe they don’t even know THEY SAW right now… but something jogs their memory …. I KNOW THATsome reporters can be a bit bold and abrasive and are not real easy to talk with…( which is why I changed my mind about my profession as a reporter) ……….
      However I agree with the commments below!
      Don’t be so selfish! When kids don’t talk about things they are nervous and wishy -washy ….
      We all would like to think this world is all nice and warm and fuzzy… but it is NOT and I think kids need to know that and PARENTS NEED TO BE THERE to talk about this with them if they need to! And what better time to learn the world is not all WARM AND FUZZY AND NICE AND KIND… AS IN INSTANCES LIKE THESE…. ?

      1. faith says:

        PLEASE the media has no right to be stalking children in the area because of this sweet boy who was left dead on an Interstate…..who ever did this is long gone

        and the world, particularly America has always lacked the necessary means to protect our children, We had Animal Protection Laws before child protection laws. Milliions of children go missing here, are subject to physical, mental, sexual abuse and die as a result.

    5. Amber says:

      well I totally disagree with you Elita, as the others have mentioned, what if this was YOUR child ? How would you feel if no one wanted to answer any questions, but maybe someone knew something, would you like that? Would you appreciate no one caring about what happened to YOUR child ?

      1. Laura Strain says:

        Damn right!!! How dare you be so selfish!!! This is a child!! a boy that did not deserve to die and be dumped like he was nothing. No child deserves that… they deserve to be loved. Elita you are cold hearted and very selfish. I have so many other words for you but it would be uncalled for on a page like this. This is supposed to be about helping find ou who this boy is and finding out who did is unimaginable crime, not about your own feelings. You have kids??? Ha gofigure…WOW HOW WOULD U FEEL??? People like you make this world the type of rotten place rhat it is.

      2. Mary Elizabeth Smith says:

        Amber, this is true–it’s easy to say “Leave me out of it.” UNTIL it happens to you or someone you know and love. Then you wish others would speak up. Crimes against the most innocent of humanity are perpetrated and such sickness is perpetuated by people’s unwarranted SILENCE. If we don’t recognize this atrocity for what it is and call it such, then we are condoning such behavior. may the truth be revealed, and may God hold accountable the ones responsible, that this child might rest in peace in the arms of the Savior.

    6. Diana says:

      ?????? Your comment was wrong Elita…think about what you said…..what if the tables wer turned??? Hello??????

    7. paris says:

      r u serious ?? i’m sure reporters are not approaching school age children about this, your kids are alive and well, how can you be so selfish as to say something like that.. a little boy is DEAD !! the picture is of his corpse !!

    8. kristina says:

      Really? Your biggest worry are the reporters? You may actually be the most selfish person in the world….. EVERYONE needs to help out in this situation and if the reporters can find some information to lead to this poor boys identity then so be it…. If you dont like it, MOVE!!!

    9. Kim Deleon says:

      Reporters asking questions might be exactly how this case is solved, and if it was your son or daughter missing, wouldn’t you want the reporters there to find out anything they could??? Quite the selfish thought if you ask me……I would explain to my child that there may be reporters there, and that it may help to find that little boy’s Mommy or Daddy.

    10. Lindsay Compton-Morris says:

      What if it was your child? You’d be on the 6 am news, the five p.m news and every and any talk show that would listen to your story. Think about what you say before you say it! Not trying to pick you a part, but really think about what you would do if this was your son or daughter. And how you feel is very important. IT MAY SAVE YOUR CHILD’S LIFE!!! So get it out there. This is happening every day all around the world. Rather than shoo the Reporters away think about what they are doing to help our children not become an epidemic.

      1. Aaron Pomeroy says:

        if this was my child i wouldn’t of just left on the ground. I would take kare of the poor little kid. This is just to sad. No one would do tht if it was their child only the people who rlly hated there child would do that .

  4. Ellen says:

    It’s got to be one of the parents that did this. Either mom or dad because no one, and I mean no one came forward to the police with a missing child alert. You mean to tell me that a parent is out there still with no clue their son is missing, and maybe just maybe another family member will ketch on and turn them in.

    1. Stacey says:

      I argee with you. my thoughts exactly.

      1. Ellen says:

        Stacey, the more I think about it the more I have come to the conclusion it’s gotta be mom, and that’s only because of the blanket placed over the child’s body. Sounds very much like a female thing to do.

      2. Stacey says:

        Ellen, you are most likely right. Something a mom or woman would do. Very sad. I hope they solve this case soon.

    2. Donn says:

      Or this child could have been kidnapped from across the country and the information just has not been picked up yet.

      1. Sarah Laine B says:

        that is what I am starting to think that is some kid not from around here might be from some other country or state

    3. j.p says:

      or he died of some sort of sickness and they didn’t know what to do with him! It doesn’t take much now a day to prosecute innocent people because of poverty related outcomes. Its sad, but its to true! :(I hope they at least get a name for his head stone

      1. anonymous says:

        J.P. INNOCENT PEOPLE DON’T DO THINGS LIKE THIS TO A LITTLE KID!!!! I can’t believe you would say something so stupid! Even if they were poor, yu don’t dump a your child’s body on the side of the road! Geez!

      2. Sapphire says:

        Thinking outside the box isnt a bad thing, however, there have been reports stating he was not malnourished or other health issues previouis. I wish I had the link so it could be read here :(

      3. ashley prout says:

        I dont think JP meant the people where poor, but maybe it was accident and they were scared to tell someone

      4. BloodyLymey says:

        It’s true, J.P. There are many instances of people whose kids die of an illness and they don’t know what to do. Or a teenager who has a baby and doesn’t know what to do. Sometimes it’s lack of education or substance abuse or something. And to the other people, I took “innocent” to mean without evil intent? Not innocent in the “not guilty” way.

        Somehow I think there’s a sadder story of a single parent who isolated this child for perhaps his whole life. I would think there would be an aunt or a grandparent or someone who would miss him. Maybe he was never in school and maybe he was kept out of the view of neighbors. My heart breaks. The Lightning Mc Queen sneakers and the oversized Pooh Bear in the video. My son loved those things when he was 4-5 years old. It’s heartbreaking. And to that Little Boy, sleep tight, sweetie. xoxoxoxox

      5. Susan says:

        No parent would dump their child on the sideof the road if he died. Not unless they are guilty of something.

      6. Adina Smith says:

        i think you need to reread what j.p wrote here… he’s not saying that somebody poor killed the child, he’s saying that maybe the child died of natural causes and the family didn’t know what to do…not exactly admirable but definitely possible

    4. Michelle says:

      The fact that someone put a blanket over him doesn’t necessarily mean the mother or a woman did it. I know plenty of men who are just as compassionate as a woman or mother. To me, the fact that someone put a blanket over him could mean that the person who did this to him knew him personally, or they wanted to cover him so that it would take longer for someone to figure out it was a body. That way they could get further away from the crime. My best friend was murdered and her body was dumped along the side of an offramp on I-80 in Ankeny Iowa back in september of ’03.

      1. nickie says:

        Ashley.. If it was an accident.. why would they be scared… if they are scared, it only leads me to believe that there is something they are hiding.. just saying

      2. Joshua says:

        Michelle, Putting a blanket over the child doesnt mean they are compassionate.. they obviously are not compassionate, since the boy is dead.

    5. nick says:

      or his parents were also killed, and theyre bodies havent been found yet…

      1. Nicole says:

        I have thought about this several times… There is a possibility that the parents are missing/dead somewhere also, but then again a family member would report concern for the whole family missing you would think? regarding the sheet being placed over him, i think it was more so, to just cover up his poor little body, but more so it caused a distraction and drew attention. My heart goes out to this little boy, I cant imagine how someone could do this :(

    6. Laura Strain says:

      That was my first thought

  5. Cynthia Caron, President-Founder LostNMissing, Inc says:

    It’s possible the mom of the child was also killed and her body has not yet been located. This could have been done by a sicko boyfriend, etc. It has happened this way many times before. Does not mean a parent did this. Pray for this child and whomever he belongs to. Someone loves this little boy. The main concern is finding out who so that his ID will be made. He also was not old enough to be in school…perhaps preschool and that is not a mandatory option. It will have to be a neighbor or a relative who will recognize him. Help spread the information far and wide. Prayers.

    1. Ellen says:

      You could very well be right there Cynthia, but Casey Anthony screams out in my mind. And let’s face it if a child is murdered it’s usually a family member most likely a parent then anyone else.

  6. emom says:

    If this was a parent ,, even a mom,,, she has to be a very sick person… However its also possible there is more than just this,,,, It could have been a boyfriend, the mother also could have been a victim, maybe something happened and she wanted to cover her baby boy up, however since there seems to be no report of a missing child I have to wonder if maybe this is a result of something worse,,, maybe the mother is being held, or she has been hurt but the same person,, There was a huge blue truck seen in the area this could have been a mans truck,, its possible, either way I do hope some info comes forward, and either person(s) are convicted of such a horrible crime,, we still have no cause for death , Plus with that NO ONE has reported a lost child especially in the middle of no where, raises concern for his mother,,,

    1. Laura Strain says:

      My question is why did nobody at all report this kid missing? If the mother was a victim too or is being held against her wil why wouldn’t someone report her and the child missing??? There has to be someone who loves these people. How does anyone go missing without notice??? A child???Com’on!!! I have faith that they will uncover you story sweet angel I will be praying for u.

  7. DanNH says:

    I hope the state police are checking the possibilty that Tacoma pick-up was displaying New York state tags. They look like them to me. Rest in peace little one..they will find out who you are and what happened.

  8. Dee says:

    Isn’t this the same town or area that a Massachusetts boy was found in a barrell of cement in the river ?

    His name was Jeffrey, about 15 yrs ago or more ?

    1. Laura says:

      Yes, Jeffrey Curley. His rapists and murderers are now in jail. Too good for them if you ask me. I will pray that the ones responsible for this little guys death also is discovered.

    2. Cynthia Andreoli Powers says:

      yes his name was jeffrey curley and it was very close to the same area in maine

  9. Carmel says:

    I believe Walmart survellance will be the key. Faded Glory is a primary clothing line offered by Walmart. My boys have them. The Aviator Shirt Shown was sold at Walmart end of last season. Along with Camo boys coats. Walmart sells Pixar Car Light. MacQueen sneakers currently — find the local Walmart and review surv. for 2 weeks — I bet you will have you abductor. No one buys shoes for a child without them trying them on. They said the shoes are NEW!

    1. Jane says:

      I agree with Carmel. Hopefully the police are already onto looking at Walmart tapes. Someone knows who that child is though!

      1. Peanuts says:

        ok I’m sorry but I have to make a point on what carmel said
        1. I frequently buy clothes and shoes for my children with out them.
        2. I have bought shoes for a friends daughter who needed them badly and didn’t have the kid with me or know the exact size… you simply give the receipt or gift receipt to the person you give the shoes to… duh

    2. Reneé Kazmar says:

      It’s worth a shot, but there’s no guarantee. I buy shoes for my kids without even taking them to the store with me. If they’ve simply worn out their shoes I just get the same size and if they’ve out grown their shoes I buy them the next size up.

    3. Becca Lynn says:

      I was thinking the same thing!

  10. Cynthia says:

    Or the parents are dead as well….

    1. b.c says:

      it is true the parents could also be dead but for whatever reason if they are not i dont see how someone could be so cruel if you dont want a child do have it

      1. b.c says:

        sorry i meant do not have it

  11. carmel says:

    On the Missing Child Network web-site there is a child from NY that bare similar looks that is missing. Hhhmmm
    I sure hope the police find the person, and find out about his parents. This breaks my heart.

  12. NINA says:

    I cry for this little boy. My heart breaks. I want to hold this little boy. Where was God????????????????????????????????

    1. Cynthia says:

      God is not responsible for this…if you believe in God, then you know who Satan is….we have free will…and Satan loves to drag us into his web. This baby boy is with his God now…

      1. justice-for-all says:

        god is only there for people who don’t need him- you know, lottery winners and things like that. All the insipid “bible” thumpers will thank god when he (it) saves a life- but could not possibly be involved in taking a life… such a stupid premise and a flaw in their beliefs!

        simply put…. there is no god.

      2. justice says:

        god…. what a joke. there is no god

      3. Rachel says:

        @Cynthia, when a persons time comes then there is nothing anyone can do about. Seeing that no guardian has came forward with information tells me that he might have had a terrible life and God decided to take the boy to free him from a bad situation…it also works to say someone gave into Satan’s temptation and killed the baby. About the guardians though, I live in a township of 230 people in deep East Texas, there is no telling how far this story has made it, and its sad that baby has had no relatives come forward yet.

        @ Justice-for-all I have never won the lottery, I know that when God took my mom, I was 15, I didn’t accept it very well but I realized that she was no longer in pain she no longer had to suffer with her problems. I have a roof over my head, a husband who beat cancer, and 2 beautiful children who were born inhealthy and in the perfect order, boy first, then girl, my husband and father in law have no sisters so the genes for a girl was a miracle, and I prayed for that to happen, and we have food in our bellies.

        We all have our own opinions, and all of us are completely entitled to them. I have some theories myself that have to do with some “facts” not adding up. please just remember that not everyone is the same.

      4. Michelle says:

        God puts our spirits into our body when we are concieved, and he takes them when we die. What we do in between is our own choice. We either follow the word of God, or we let ourselves get influenced by Satan. It’s our choice. God has nothing to do with who wins the lottery, or who loses everything. The choices we make are what leads us on our path. If God made our decisions for us, then that would defeat the whole purpose of free will now wouldn’t it?

    2. Faith says:

      God’s own son died on the cross. Remember, while we grieve here…heaven is a safe and most beautiful places than one can ever imagine. God doesn’t take our loved ones…he brings them home when they have passed, however they’ve passed…home to where life is beyond the best of the very best our imaginations could possibly dream. Have faith. Believe.

    3. Yana says:

      God was the same place he was when his son was on the cross. Speaking of this little boy. This breaks my heart. I have lost 2 chidren and to know that someone would do this purposely just breaks my heart..No concience for the one that is guilty

      1. Laura says:

        So sorry for your losses too Yana

  13. Dee says:

    This little boy is so handsome, God’s arms are around him now. Somebody has to know that he is missing.

    Unless like the other comment said, ‘ perhap’s the mother will be found dead too, for the 2nd tragedy of this story.

    1. Cynthia says:

      Justice for all….I am betting you don’t want this, but I will keep you in my prayers. God is there for all of us, even those that don’t want him.

      1. leah says:


  14. Carmel says:

    Most liikely the boy is from New England – he had a coat on. The license plate to the Toyota Tacoma were said to be white. So Maine, Massachusetts are white. The remaining N.E. states are colored.
    There are 43 listed Sex Offenders in that area. (South Berkwick) 9 on one street.
    His clothes have to be from Walmart – Faded Glory is Walmarts primary brand. And that aviator shirt I know is sold at Walmart last season.
    He probably is not school age yet — has all his baby teeth they say.

    How do you know he had a blanket over him? I never saw that in the paper.

  15. DanNH says:

    It seems like they pulled the picture of the Tacoma pick-up down. If you look closely the tag is white with a blue border at the top..exactly like one of the NY state issued tags. If the boy was found with a blanket over him it suggests whoever left him there was either known or related to him. They will identfy him either from the vehicle or his clothing…hopefully soon.

  16. Lori says:

    I think it is probably a kid in foster care… which would explain why no parent has reported him missing. Either that or something happened to the boy AND the adult taking care of him which would also explain no reports of a missing boy. I think they should look into the woman found in Hull, maybe that’s his mother. Seems odd they were found around the same time. If it is a kid in foster care we all know how the FC workers are “overloaded” and do not always visit when they should or say they are going to which would also explain no missing person reports.

  17. Michelle says:

    My son also has that same shirt – the brand is Cherokee. I believe we bought it at Target. (last year ) I never have bought clothing at walmart . So there are going to be multiple sources for the clothing.

  18. Jane says:

    I too want to put my arms around that dear little boy and hug him. Breaks my heart wondering what kind of life he had. He seemed dressed for the cold weather, in nice clothes though. Perhaps whoever did this had been a good person and loved him but had some kind of breakdown and snapped. He’s with the angels now. Rest in peace little man, no one will ever hurt you again.

  19. Cynthia Caron, President-Founder LostNMissing, Inc says:

    The State Police already have the information this morning on the young woman from Hull located deceased. I believe her child may only be around 2 years old and smaller, however, we did report it just in case.

    1. ang terese says:

      Could it be one of the Skelton boys from MI (Tanner) who were abducted last Thanksgiving? Tanner fits the description of the boy. They were last seen in a Donut shop in Ohio back in Dec. 2010.

      1. Cynthia Andreoli Powers says:

        No its not those boys,there have checked

  20. Ellen says:

    From the Boston Herald it was reported that the boys body was discovered with a green blanket over it. They feel that the boy was deceased only a few hours before a neighbor discovered the remains.

  21. Kim says:

    Looks like a NY plate – check that state too – whoever did this should have their balls chopped off!

  22. Yana says:

    Everyone should have their child fingerprinted by the authorities. I did when I lived down south and when my son was killed on a bicycle, Im sure thats how they identified him before I showed up at the scene. Of course, if you intend to harm a child, you probably wouldnt do it.

    1. Lori says:

      First, I am sorry for your loss. Identifying him at the scene with prints is possible but unlikely. Just because someone does not intend to print their children does NOT mean they intend to harm children. If I choose to print my kids it will be done AT home and NOT at school or the police and nor will they have access to it, just myself and my husband. Heaven forbid my kid does something stupid later on like take a hubcap & leaves a print. Guess what, Your kid is in trouble because YOU as the parent had them printed when they were little and had NO choice. THEN they get in big trouble. When I took my safety class my instructor told me there was a state cop in MA that couldn’t carry outside of work due to stealing a hubcap as a teen.

    2. Claire Kelley says:

      ok i have had my children fingerprinted just recently at toyota for their anual child safty program they used digital finger printing devices witht he aide of fbi what they tell you is nothing is data based they DON’T STORE YOUR CHILDRENS PRINTS IN THEIR SYSTEM SO HOW WILL THIS HELP THEM IF THEY HAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN A MISSING CHILD REPORT OR HAVE A PERSON WHO HAS A COPY OF THE FINGERPRINTS REALLY DOESN’T

  23. ked says:

    Hello idiots! It’s not a picture of the ACTUAL truck! It’s a photo of a truck to show people what it might look like.

  24. Laura says:

    I feel like they used a real pic of him and modified it with a computer. It is eerie…but I sure hope they are successful in solving this. Reading these comments maybe this little one is now finally loved even if it is after he is gone.

  25. heather says:

    Honestly this had to be don eby someone who loved him because they covered him with a blanket. And just checking in the area nh and or maine isn’t good enough. He could have been on vacation here. Whoever it was could be telling the rest of the family he’s with another relatie or friend. But I’m sure someone will sooner or later catch on the kid isn’t coming back or missing and they will hopefully notify someone. God bless this child may his wings carry him straight to heaven.

    1. Joanne says:

      I didnt hear anything about a blanket? “done by someone who loved him”??
      Love dosent Kill!!

  26. Alysha Monfette says:

    This child bares a resembalance both appearance but size and age and the abductor has had plenty of time to travel to this area of the country. I wonder if they have looked into weather or not it could be him. Either way, I pray that he is identified soon, this little angel doesn’t deserve to be left unnamed.

  27. Willow says:

    Someone killed this little boy, and my heart break that no one misses him. Some would blame God for this, but I say that God is not the author of evil, and perhaps this little boy was saved from a life of abuse. God takes home those He can no longer love from afar.

    Yana, I’m so sorry for your loss. How heartbreaking! Let’s all pray that justice will prevail for this little child.

  28. Mims says:

    Someone on another site mentioned that he resembles Kyron Horman, a little boy who disappeared from Oregon almost a year ago. His height and weight are listed exactly the same as this little boy and he also has “dirty blond” hair and blue eyes.

    1. Lori says:

      Kyron is also MUCH older then this little boy.

      1. Ellie says:

        Also if the boy went missing a year ago you can bet that the weight and height are no longer the same and could have changed a great deal in 1 year

  29. tom says:

    Hpoe they find the sob that did this to the little boy that never got to grow up and live life.Find the sob and do what ever to him or her god love the little man

  30. Sam says:

    This is so heartbreaking. The things that happen to these innocent children are just horrendous.

  31. Brian Tobin says:

    what they need to do is look at his dental records they will get a name that way!!!!! it always works with dental records!!

    1. Ellie says:

      A child that young may not have necessarily gone to a dentist yet, I know most have been but there are always exceptions. And this seems like something cops know and either have tried and come up with nothing or are still checking, I mean just think of how many dentists there are in the country, or even just a state.

  32. Danielle says:

    It’s heartbreaking that things like this are happening in our country. People are sick! I feel bad for this little boy.. I hope they find out who did this! I would agree with most- I am almost betting that a woman had something to do with this since there was a blanket covering him up. Whether the woman witnessed the boys murder and wanted to cover him up and she herself is now being tortured or whatever.. or whether she is the one who did it. Either way- my #1 suspect would be a woman.

  33. Avonlea says:

    Could this possibly be Kyron Horman? Could a DNA profile be done? It certainly couldn’t hurt…

    1. LORI says:

      Considering this boy is between 2-4 years old and Kyron was in elementary school… old enough to have a project in the science fair I highly doubt this is Kyron.

      1. Ellie says:

        Another person asked the same question and as they stated Kyrons height and weight match that of the missing boys HOWEVER this child was killed a few hrs before being dumped/ placed where he was found and Kyron has been missing for OVER a year. So no I can say that the provability of this being Kyron is 0.0000009% a child does not stay the same height or weight for a year when they are that age. My daughter who is 7 changes sizes in clothing at least once a year. So you can pretty much rest assured that with Kyron being missing over a year and the child just having died that its not him. Not to mention the age difference.

      2. Jenn says:

        it says above child is about 4-6 years old. I have a Very small 9year old (48lbs and 50in) and he hasn’t grown much since he was 5.

        I pray whoever did this (dumped him) is found and prosecuted and this little boy is identified.

  34. Larry Lane says:

    Since there is no “missing persons” report for this boy, that tells me it was one of the parents that murdered him.

  35. Melissa says:

    Can’t they do a dna test ? Hard to believe someone/some person’s would do this too a child. How horrific. I also can’t believe out of everyone in that town, no one knows him. Maybe he isn’t from there?

  36. Dorothea says:

    An autopsy is or has been done by now to determine the cause of death. He was probably murdered, either on purpose or by accident. The child could have had learning disabilities, ADHD, or other developmental problems. Could have been by a single parent (mother?) lost her temper, then got frightened about the consequences… That is when children should be put in fostercare….. He looks like a beautiful child. This is a very sad case….

  37. Melissa says:

    They said his body was found at the end of a dirt driveway. Did they go up that driveway and see if there was a house or something? And why are they looking for a pick-up truck with White plates? Was that a tip from someone saying that kind of vehicle was seen there or lives there??

  38. annie says:

    Isn’t it possible he was kidnapped as a baby, or even recently from another state? Did they check missing persons in every state? And if he were a baby, it would be harder to find out. Also as mentioned the parents could be dead also… but just seems like if you are going to kill a family, you’d put them all together… unless he held on a little longer to him. Either way I pray he gets justice! It’s so upsetting to hear about things like this. He reminds me of a child actor, but I can’t put my finger on what movie. *Praying hard*

  39. Jill Johnson Ruckle says:

    Really people I can’t believe every one blames the parents and don’t even know the story yet. I pray that this never happens to any of us and how would you feel to read all these comments if you was the parent and you didn’t do it. My word. Lets focus on finding out who he is before we start blaming people for it. I

    1. Joanne says:

      If the parents didnt do it then why hasnt he been reported missing or they havent come forward saying he is theres. Makes people think It was them. Just Sayin

  40. Larry Lane says:

    The boy and his parent (since no missing persons report has been filed) are most likely from New Hampshire since the boy’s body was found in Maine just over the state line with New Hampshire. It was probably done deliberately to try to throw authorities off the killer’s trail. I can’t understand why the boy was completely dressed and murdered so early in the morning. I tend to think he was murdered the afternoon before.

  41. Larry Lane says:

    I meant to say: and his parent who must be the killer since no missing persons report was filed

  42. Lori says:

    I think they should do DNA testing but not on the family of known missing kids. I think they should do a DNA test on know criminals in the system to see who he IS related to and go from there. They can tell if there is any familial connection, aunt/uncle/dad/mom/grandpa/grandma… so on and so forth. If you find a definate connection there you know WHERE to start looking.

  43. Aaron says:

    ok that truck i have seen in bath alot by the shaws area and the boy looks like he had been abused in the past and had not been fed well just look at his skin tone and how much waight has been lost so im thinking the people that did this straved him and didt care to much about him then dressed him up nice and left him at the end of someones drive way telling him to go find a new home then the boy probably got scared and just sat there depending on the temperature and other stuff he probably died from that bu i bet he had been there for a while if and one has any other questions about that truck plz email me

    1. Joanne says:

      Well it is a computer-generated photo so his skin tone my be altered.

  44. Joanne says:

    He had a walmart shirt on and someone on here said its from last season. Maybe they should check the security videos from the surrounding walmarts.

  45. DP says:

    I am sure the police has done or is doing all that any of you have suggested. Give them the chance to do their work. They have probably already checked tags, DNA, doing video searches, asking those in the area questions, taken DNA off his clothing and the blanket ect. The police, detectives, ect are trained to do this kind of work. Also, just because the tag was white does not mean the child came from that area. As far as we know, the child could of been abducted from across the country, Florida tags are White. The boy could of been abducted from Canada or another Country and brought into the states. There are trafficing all over the world and small children taken. The police can also test his DSN, hair, teeth, and if he DID have any dental done, it can show what area. Give the police a chance. But please by all means, continue to pass this picture around and keep it alive, someone will eventually recognize the child or we hope and pray they do. God bless you little guy. And for now, I am naming the little guy “Lil Stevie”. Rest in peace sweet one, rest in peace.

  46. Rachel says:

    eventually someone will find out who this boy is, a parent should have came forward by now. if something had happened to the parents you would think grandparents, or aunts and uncles of the child would have came forward. I live in a very rural township of 230 people in deep east tx, if this story has made it all the way here then there is a relative who knows by now. if the boy was in foster care and still no case workers or foster parents have came forward to report, then the foster care system needs to be re-examined, and they need to open some social worker positions to help with the case load.

    1. Ashley Gochenour says:

      i live in louisiana but am from maine and i agree… someone knows and just isn’t stepping up.

  47. Amy says:

    So many comments.with no real answers . so sad to see……Little man Rest in Peace.

  48. Amy says:

    So many Comments With no real Answers …..Rest in Peace little Guy!

  49. Angie says:

    so sad, I’ll never know how someone could do something like this to a child. I hope they at least find who did it and they are prosecuted. What a shame. A sweet little boy gone.

  50. Larry Lane says:

    I think it is the father, and he and the mother are divorced or separated. He is angry at his ex wife for breaking up with him. He may feel she has destroyed his family, or he may resent having to pay child support. The mother may not have filed a missing person report because she might think the boy is safe with her ex, or she may have been murdered by him too, and they just haven’t found her body yet. The killer may have committed suicide by now or fled to Canada.

    1. Krissy Shelton says:

      what makes u think this is even a possibility? From what i heard from someone who lives 20 miles from where this happened. their suspecting it to a military family.

      I can’t fathom how any parent would want to kill a child especially their own, but i know it happens but before everyone thinks its the parents who done this, let them identify him first and then u can create your own stories on what u all THINK happened to him.
      The only ones who know what REALLY happened to him is the killer, him and GOD

  51. Ashley Gochenour says:

    For parents not to report anything yet seems to make one think that they are probably responsible. Its a sick world we live in. I look at my infant son, Eoghan, and I think about what kind of sick person it takes to do something so cruel and hateful. It REALLY SCARES ME to think that we have such twisted people living among us. someone with even a grain of humanity has to know something…. I hope the guilt drives them to confession. </3

  52. Chloe Stevens says:

    i just wanted everyone to know that someone has created a facebook group to find out who this little boy is and i was invited. and i live all the way in England..United Kingdom. i wanted all of you to know that even me, in england, have seen this little boy’s picture. May God provide justice to whoever did this to him.

    1. melanie says:

      and here s another person all the way in ireland also following the story and seen this beautiful angels picture rest in peace little man there will be justice for you just need a little patience

  53. Candace says:

    I really think he resembles a boy who was missing from Raleigh, NC back in 2008. I can’t remember the boys name, but he was I think 2 at the time, so the age range kind of matches as well. The boy was taken by his mother and still hasn’t been found, so maybe they should look into the possibility that it could be him? I really hope they find out who he is and who did this to him.

  54. Krissy Shelton says:

    Rest in peace little man, and i hope they find your killer soon! God let this baby get identified soon…

  55. nanarose says:

    so sad my greandson and daughter was killed no one comes forword no one knows anything. but its a done deal he or she will get theres some daygod see everything he or she wont get away with it. god bless the loiile boy let him rest in peace

  56. amanda says:

    awwwwwww poor little guy watch and see if it dont boil down to it was his mom or dad that was involed or did it thats why there was no missing kid thing thats a dame shame r.i.p lil man

  57. momof3beautifulboys says:

    I hope they find who did this to him. Rest in peace little man.. to whomever is cruel enough to do this to a child at all of any age even an adult is sick in the head. god doesn’t give you more in life that you can’t handle.I hope they find his killer no matter who it be. and someone needs to come forward there got to be atlas on person out that that knows him. and realizes he is missing. although on a better place so young to have this happen to him.

  58. monica says:

    Wow people can be soo sick….poor lil guy….my heart goes out to him and who ever did this is a sick person…and i hope they get the person soon. I have 2 lil boys of my own…and i could not iamagne somone doing that to my lil guys. :(

  59. Nickie says:

    I just found out about this today and I live about 6 hours away..So depending on how often someone goes on facebook, watches the news, or reads the paper.. some people might not hear about this right away…. Please everyone, spread the word as well… So sad for this little boy. I can’t have children, and it makes me sick to think someone would do something like this… Rest in Peace little guy. <3

  60. caitlin killarney says:

    just a tip for the investagators if there was a veicial near by check inside of it and see if there is any name of the owner of the car or any idenafication of the person who owns the veichal a young child taken this young life is not fare i hope who ever did this gets caught and gets thrown in jail for life so he or she cant do anything lije this to another family

  61. Vivian says:

    Sometimes parents just don’t report their kid missing. Just look at the case of that Anthony girl, the case of Calee Anthony. Her mother let months go by before reporting the kid missing. I hope this is not the case of this little sweetheart. There are so many sicko’s running around.

  62. Caitlin Killarney says:

    who ever did this to a young life should be thrown injail for life

  63. Julia says:

    how about they run DNA through all the hospital clinics to match it up with the biological parent or even some police records as well got to start some where.

  64. DJ Martin says:

    Heartbroken in Houston….Angel Hugs & Kisses sent to Heaven in your honor little one <3

  65. Amanda says:

    i think they should run his finger prints and foot prints threw hospitals! cuz when every child is born weather they go to foster care or not or up for adoption every child gets there foot prints and finger prints at birth!

  66. Nina Morris says:

    You are right Ashley…this could be a boy that was even taken as an infant…If they can do a computer simulation so to speak and age someone on computer…why not go backwards as to what he looked like from an infant on up to 6????

  67. Christine says:

    I am thankful for my faith in god, because I can rest a little eiser knowing that perhaps this angel is now in better hands! i constantly am speaking to my children about letting me know where they r ahve been and where they r going at all times they don’t understand why. I showed them this story, I hope they understand a little better now, as for ( I’m gonna give hime a name cause I believe no child should be left w/out a name and i think Andrew will fit!) as for Andrew I find it very uneasy to think he left this earth and not one single person has missed him for that my heart breaks everytime i think about him! So to Andrew i don’t know u but somehow u will be in my heart and mind forever and I will be praying for you til i too can no longer pray R.I.P Andrew.

  68. Katharine says:

    I really do think that now that they’ve turned this nationally they need to turn it to the international level because southern maine gets so many tourists from all over the world so this poor unfortunate child may not even be from this country.

  69. Danah Ramsay says:

    What is the parents killed him? That would explain nobody calling and identifying him/reporting him missing.

  70. Barb says:

    I would think that there is a strong possibility that the parent or care giver is dead also. If a person that is the known parent or caregiver did not report him missing and then left his body there to be found, would that not be like pointing the finger at themselves??? Unless the person has is slow.

  71. DP says:

    1. Someone in his family committed this heinous crime. Why no missing report has been filed.
    2. His parent(s) was murdered prior his death and taken to separate locations.or his mother taken and child killed, while mother still alive and abducted.
    3. Child kidnapped as an infant and not able to be identify since he would look completely different than at birth.
    4. Police still checking missing exploited child’s files, which will take some time, and not come across his yet.
    5. Child kidnapped from another Country as an infant, murdered and dumped, making it harder to identify.
    6. Let the police do their investigations as they are trained to do.

    My personal feelings are: A parent is involved or a mother’s boyfriend and the mother was abducted against her will. Out of guilt covered “Lil Stevie” (the name i have given him) as she was forced to leave with the murderer.

    If you look at his picture you can see his face is swollen, and in the corner of his lip it’s red and bruised and swollen, while the other side of his face is not, and his lips are smaller. This child was abused and possibly beat to death. You can also see bruises/marks that the police tried to cover over with enhancements. if you know what you are looking for. Lil Stevie was beaten to his demise. Rest in peace baby, the answers will be revealed in time..

    1. Amanda Broy says:

      His name is Camden Pierce Hughes, he was 6 yrs old, and His own Mother did this to him. We are all waiting on more details. Your 1st instinct was right. Sad to say:(

  72. Leila says:

    I only see where the reports say the blanket was found nearby and not that he was covered with it.

  73. Lenora says:

    There was a novel I read about a little boy during the Depression era. Parents very poor, traveling from place to place looking for work and the boy dies. I don’t remember why. The story says the parents put him in a new sleeper and left him by the road because they had no money to bury him.. Could be, I suppose but my word. This baby is sitting at the Father’s knee, singing praises.He will cry no more. He will feel no more pain or sorrow or fear. May the mystery be solved.

  74. Madeleine says:

    i totally agree, was this child home schooled? that no one , like a teacher or a neighbor, would recognize a beautiful baby boy like this? my heart aches looking into the beautiful blue eyes of this child, how could anyone possibly have done such a cruel thing, this is so so so very very sad, God help us find the parents…

  75. Mary F Hoelschen says:

    I also have a Grandson born Feb17,2005 around the same age.Words can’t express the sadness I feel about freading this. Mary Duff Hoelschen Naples Florida!

  76. amy says:

    I pray 4 this child i have 6 children and i would lose my mind if anything like this gut wrenching tragedy happend 2 them . i hope the detectives and the community where he was found get answers to who this little angel belongs to …………. i know this little boy has captured my heart i got the sickest feeling when i seen it on the news i went to the bathroom to throw up and i just pray for peace and comfort for him and now that he is in heaven he wont hurt anymore rest in peace little one your in the arms of the angels.

  77. kim says:

    we should all just pray that this little angel is id because everyone is born with a name and a personility. so someone know this angel . he made someone smile in this cruel world at least once in his life. i know that my niece that died at the age of 5 made me smile at least once in her life. this is a angel sent to some mother from heaven , and he is innocent and he is back in heaven again and he know like the person or persons responsible for his dead weither it was an accident or not. they will have to answer for their part in this little angels death. made god welcome him back into heaven with open arms for he is a angel.

  78. Pennsylvania says:

    I really hope they find who did this!

  79. Rachel says:

    This story is reminds me of The Boy in the Box in 1957 in Philadelphia, PA a body of a boy about the same age was discovered deceased wrapped in a blanket in a box in the woods, and the case remains unsolved to this day…I pray to god they find the person responsible for this heinous crime and bury them under the jail alive, and I hope somebody recognizes him, claims him, and gives this sweet baby boy a proper burial.

    At least he no longer suffers in this painful world, he is in God’s hands now and will forever be at peace…he ha God and quite a few of all of our loved ones to protect him and give him the love he obviously didn’t receive here on earth. Rest in peace with the angels in heaven sweet baby boy.

    1. Rachel says:

      Also I pray God is with the police officers who are working their a**es off to bring justice for this unknown angel.

  80. DP says:

    They reported that there was a blanket found near the child, not covering the child. And they also believe it may be someone in the military involved since a witness recalls a military insignia on the tag. There are military reservist and military bases in Maine, NH, Mass. They are looking into those as well with NCIS investigating with them now, as well as Interpol involved so that they may be able to get Canada enforcements involved. With military bases one most register their vehicle to get a sticker on their windshield to get on base. They may be able to track the Toyota Tacoma this way if indeed someone in the military were involved. I am praying they get a break in this case and soon.

  81. ANon says:

    I know everyone here wants to crucify someone- possibly a parent; but i wonder if an entire family is missing- and only the boy has been found. It would seem to me that someone would have reported SOMETHING about the boy if they were in the position to do so. There are very sick people out there that target entire families, because it is easier than just targeting one individual. I pray for the little boy. I also pray for the detectives in this case.

  82. lizzie says:

    this is horrible… i cant believe no one has reported a child missing thats horrible this little boy has to be bing missed by someone! poor thig… its horrible when little ones like this are taken so early with out the chance to live! rest in peace little guy!

  83. kayebea says:

    It’s possible that the child is from out of town. The truck that was spotted in the area has white license plates. Ohio has white license plates.

    1. jana says:

      actually. im from ohio and our plates are white yes but with very noticable blue stripe at the top and another very noticable red at the bottom

  84. Jim says:

    Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. All life is sacred, but especially the little innocent ones. Let’s all take this opportunity to remember to LOVE one another, as HE has loved us. Rest in peace little one.

  85. Shawn says:

    I hate to think that this may end up going unsolved because not enough people are informed. I think in a situation like this as well as amber alerts situations the cell phone companies should have a mass text/sms notice sent out to every phone that can accept photos and text nationwide. There is no faster way I can think of to reach so many people at once. I know I don’t watch the news every day but my phone never leaves my side. I have sent the photo and link to the article to every cell phone number and contact I have and asked them to do the same. I urge everyone to send the boys photos and link to the article to everyone on their phone/contact list and ask them to do the same.

  86. michelle shirley says:

    is it possible that this could be a child that was taken years before? maybe even at only a few days or months…I can’t assume or even this his parents would even consider harming him he looks so innocent

  87. Kelly says:

    Som one has to know this little boy. Posters should be everywhere. someone must have seen this little boy at some point. I will be driving to work everyday looking for the truck that fits the description even though I am not from that state

  88. Caitlyn says:

    could this boy possibly be from Canada? Maybe that’s why they can’t find missing person reports or anyone to claim his identity….just a thought.

  89. Jana says:

    my heart and prayers go out to this little angel and his family. there are so many possibilities on what happened to this poor boy and i hope they find who did this so it doesnt happen to anyone elses child. even if that means reporters in places that they are not wanted!!! if this were any of my children i would be right in there with those reporters, standing beside the investigators, knocking on the whole towns doors, diving up and down the streets, trying to figure out anything i can. i am a mother of 4 and i couldnt even begin to imagin life without even one of my kids. i have reposted this on facebook to help bring this babys killer to justice!!!!

  90. alberto says:

    i bet the parents did it if they didn’t then wouldn’t they fill out a missing report there is just no way the parents didn’t do it.

  91. Avi Pearce says:

    This is soo awful. I feel terrible for this poor child. I just hope that computer generated photo of him that looks close to his real features before. And hope people will be able to identify him.
    Speculate, this little boy can be from anyone’s missing child report from anywhere anytime long ago. Also maybe someone in ME who might have him for a long time!
    No double, questions are required to rise for the investigation of this child’s ID and his death. Communication, clues are crucial in the examination. Someone must know what has happened to this beautiful a little boy.
    My heart’s so broken and I pray that he’s rested in peace! How could anyone do such thing and killing an innocent child! And where are the parents? Maybe they haven’t yet known what happened to their child… And maybe this is an oversea missing, murder case! And i really hope that the police soon find out and catch the people who did this and bring them to justice.

  92. Avi Pearce says:

    This is soo awful. I feel terrible for this poor child. I just hope that computer generated photo of him that looks close to his real feature before. And hope people will be able to identify him.
    Speculate, this little boy can be from anyone’s missing child report from anywhere anytime long ago. Also maybe someone in ME who might have him for a long time!
    No double, questions are required to rise for the investigation of this child’s ID and his death. Communication, clues are crucial in the examination. Someone must know what has happened to this beautiful a little boy.
    My heart’s so broken and I pray that he’s rested in peace! How could anyone do such thing and killing an innocent child! And where are the parents? Maybe they haven’t yet known what happened to their child… And maybe this is an oversea missing, murder case! And i really hope that the police soon find out and catch the people who did this and bring them to justice.

  93. Nickie says:

    Camden is his name and his sick, twisted mother did this!!!!!! Just saw it on the news.. she was found in Massachusetts and she confessed to killing him. How could you do this to an innocent little boy.. a 6 year old?!?!?! YOUR OWN CHILD!!!!???? Coming from someone who cant have children and would do anything for a bundle of joy… there is NO excuse.. no matter how much a child may upset you… to EVER put your hands on them!!!!

    1. lynn says:

      thats exactly what i think no excuse at all for this the mother should rot in hell for what she did she did admit to doin it and thats sad how could u hurt a child u had ur own flesh in blood let alone any child in the world rip lil boy didnt know u but u didnt deserve to day at a young age the way u did…i hope shes huanted forever over this

  94. Rachel says:

    Well to all who jumped the gun and blamed the mother, you hit the nail right on the head…

  95. Danielle Fiske says:

    what a sick mothe rjust how the hell could you kill your son he didnt have much as a life what sick people that are out there if you never wanted a kid you should have never had him you sick person…

  96. Cheri Collins says:

    I just do not understand how anyone can kill a child and there is no excuse for a parent to kill a child, if you didn’t plan on loving your child you should have not had one or put him up for adoption so someone else could love him!

  97. Teddy says:

    Google the name.Marcus Fiesel or what his foster parents did to him…

  98. Karen says:

    This poor little boy lost his life by his mothers own hands. How could she do such a thing to her own son. I hope she gets what she deserves and that she rot in jail for the rest of her natural life. What did this little boy do except love his mother and she does this . a very sick person if you ask me.

  99. Dylan Bolarinho says:

    rediculous. how can a mother do that to her child. she obviously needs ALOT OF HELP because she sed she wanted to kill herself too. she admitted to killing her son and moments later she said that she was gonna kill herself

  100. Erin says:

    I am saddened by this boys cruel death. I can only guess it was someone who did have a relationship with the child only because of the fact that there was a blanket placed over him. A sociopath or child predator wouldn’t care enough to do that.God will heal that boys soul, he’s in the arms of the angels now…no one can hurt him anymore. I hope that the person responsible for this is punished with the full extent of the law and someday has to answer to God as to why they would hurt a child…it makes me so sad, what kind of a monster kills a child?

  101. sarah boyce says:

    well it was said the boys mother did this and as a mother to 4 kids i think its discusting to even think of doing anything to harm ur child, i hope his mother rots in hell, its just so hard to even think why this woman wud do this to the lil angel, ok kids can be too much sometimes but all u do is ground them DONT KILL THEM………….i feel so sad for this poor lil boy and hope he can now rest in peace x

  102. Sarah Chace says:

    However he may have died, just Rest In Peace little Camden Pierce Hughes<3

  103. Alyssa says:

    i heard his name was Camden P. Hughes and that his mother smothered him and dumped his body on the road. its on Facebook. theres even a group for him

  104. lynn says:

    i know if this was one of my children i would want people being questions and reporters out there doin there job some people are so uncarin i cant believe how some are this lil boy is dead and noone knows who he is or how it happened and ur worried bout bein questioned wow thats really low i know my step mom just burned to death and the reporters were askin everyone in town questions and thankfully i dont live around people like some of u and they helped find out how it happened rip to the lil boy poor child lost way to soon cause of worthless people

  105. Nicole says:

    Wow This Is Horrible I Think It Was The Parents But I Really Can’t Say Much Cuz I Don’t Kno All I Can Say Is I Can’t Wait Til They Find Out Who Killed This Beautiful Lil Boy He Didn’t Deserve This Death At No 6 Yrs Old); I Lost My Mom On May 18th It Was Pretty Hard I Wouldn’t Kno Wat To Do If I Lost My Son He’ll Be Here In A Month I Can’t Wait(; I Just Hope The Parents Didn’t Do It && Someone Else Did I Hope They Burn In Hell For Doin Such A Horrible Thing To The Lil Boy That Did Nothing Wrong XOXOXO

  106. Denise Gamache says:


  107. Denise Gamache says:


  108. flo says:

    i hope they find the person or people that did this

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  110. Bemkeermhag says:

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