SOUTH BERWICK, Maine (CBS/AP) – Maine State Police say they’ve asked the Naval Criminal Investigative Service for help with their efforts to identify the body of a young boy found on the side of a back road in South Berwick.

During a Tuesday briefing in Alfred, State Police Lt. Brian McDonough said a witness saw a dark blue truck near where the body was found that had some type of Naval insignia near the license plate and a female driver.

Maine State Police say they’ve received more than 200 tips, but so far none have led to the identity of a boy. Authorities told WBZ-TV Tuesday that several of the calls came from as far away as Florida, Alabama and Michigan.

Investigators have pleaded to the public for help in identifying the boy, whose body was found Saturday alongside a dirt road. They are also turning to InterPol for help.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports.

Maine Public Safety Department spokesman Steve McCausland says the police command post has been moved from South Berwick to the state police barracks in Alfred where detectives continue to investigate new leads. There are 14 Maine state troopers and three New Hampshire troopers dedicated to the case.

lightningshoes Maine Police Seek Navys Help In Mystery Boy Search

Maine State Police provided a picture of the shoes the boy was wearing when he was found on the side of a road in South Berwick. (credit: Maine State Police)

The boy, believed to be between 4 and 6 years old, was wearing a gray camouflage hoodie, tan pants and black size 12 1/2 “Lightning McQueen” sneakers.

He had blue eyes and dirty blond hair.

The death is classified as suspicious; autopsy results have not been released.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Strange that no family members have come forward, like I don’t know , mom, dad, grandma, granddad, aunt, uncle, and don’t give me the argument that maybe mom or dad were murdered, It would have been discovered by now.

    1. Lori says:

      I said yesterday that maybe the kid is in foster care which would explain why no parent reported their kid missing. If the kid does not live with them then they do not klnow. We all know how social workers are overloaded and do not always visit when they say they will so they could have missed it which would explain why their is no missing person report. I think the boy was in foster care and that the foster parent did something and of course why would they report it. They will just say the kid was kidnapped or something like that.

      1. Katie says:

        Yeah, but if anyone was to report it as a kidnapping or something don’t you think they would’ve already tried to do that. I just hope some info comes up for this child. And I think the boy probably did have a mother or father who probably couldn’t handle being parents anymore and did something so cruel like this to a little harmless child. It’s sickening. I think his parents are on the run right now, hoping not to get caught. I hope and pray that whoever did this does get caught and gets put away for a very long time.

      2. lynn hollins says:

        ya i thought the same thing the parents couldint handle the child .. and got so mad that they just took it out on the boy .. that is just crazy that they found the mom and she said she killed her son how could any one do that to there own kid ? just look at that cute little boy .. hope they find out every thing real soon rest in peace little guy …

      3. Katherine says:

        That’s dumb, the kid isn’t in foster care just because the parents didn’t say anything. The mom just didn’t come out about it right away.

    2. dave says:

      unless this kid is a kid that was abducted a long time ago. that would explain why he hasnt been reported missing. or his parents are the ones who killed him.

      1. Katie says:

        I totally agree with you dave

      2. Lance says:

        This is going to sound extremely morbid but the possibility exists this poor liitle one was some sick useless waste of life’s toy and they were finished with him. Camden as he is being called could have been taken at birth and (kept) for usage sorry I know its sick. I am going to pray all the police working on this case catch a good break and find who was responsible for this horrendous crime against this beautiful little guy.

    3. slon says:

      one possible story could be……..the child is younger enough to be from a excuse the expression ” poor white trash” , …….the child wouldn’t have been in school yet……the parent could be running with not so nice people………
      I only say this, because my nephew was murder in the same area, a few years ago……..everyone involved shut up ……….because the person we think did it, was …………..well, not someone you want bump into………

  2. emom says:

    this is truely a mystry. But you have to wonder if this could have been some kind of horrible accident,,,, There is no snow so its not a case of lost in a blizzard,, Why is it so difficult these days to find a missing child, We have technology to be able to reach every part of the country. the only other reson would be a community that DOES not have tv, like a compound of some sort, or this boy was not from the USA, have to wonder if possible he was from out of the country, but still someone would have contacted the police, wonder if he was from a compound where TV was not allowed or used.

    1. PB87 says:

      He was found under a blanket. It was no accident.

      1. emom says:

        I mean an accident that something happened while he was with someone and there guilt made them place him in an d area where he would be found and as a maternal instinct covered him to stay warm… I wonder if he was hurt accidently and the person paniced, another possibility,, is a care giver taking care of the child because his parents are BOTH in the military,,,,, How horrible that would be.

  3. Ann says:

    he a cute little kid i fell sorry what happen to him
    this is soo sad i hope they get the person that did this to him

  4. Steve says:

    My heart goes out to this poor child. I have two daughters of my own and this hits home. They said in the description that he was wearing Lightning Mqueen sneakers. When I googled that name it mentioned that the sneakers are sold at the Disney Store? This is a shot in the dark but how about sending all of the Disney Stores a photo and having them check there store video camera’s?

    1. tawmgirl says:

      Good point, Steve! Maybe they should put out and Amber Alert for his parents!?

      1. dan says:

        amber alerts are for missing kids they already have an aall points bullitin out o nthe car

  5. Jane says:

    unfortunately those sneakers are sold in many stores, including Kohls and Walmart. I did read on another news blog that his sweatshirt & t-shirt were the Walmart brand though. Hopefully the cops have had every Walmart in North America check their sales records to determine when and where those sneakers in his size were purchased. Then they can look at their surveillance videos to see if they can find someone trying those shoes on a little boy that fits his description. My heart is broken that no one seems to know that dear little boy.

  6. Ellen says:

    Boston Globe has reported that the police is investigating a possible military connection to this sad story.

  7. Mary Beth says:

    Portsmouth Naval Shipyard isn’t very far away. And a truck with naval insignia wouldn’t be that rare in that area.

  8. B's Fan says:

    This little boy looks an awful like Tanner Skelton the youngest of the 3 brothers whom disapeared in Michigan in Dec. he was 5 when he disapeared have they ruled him out?

    1. Jennifer says:

      They do look a lot alike, but they have different colored eyes.

      1. falon says:

        The youngest of the Skelton boys, Tanner, has blue eyes. I’m sure they have looked into this though.

    2. Terri L. Holland says:

      If you feel that srongly about it then you should call it in to them.

    3. dave says:

      when i first read this the 2 things that came to mind were. who doesnt report there kid missing? t=if his parents killed him or if he was abducted a while ago.

  9. Erin Martin says:

    My heart breaks to see this story continue to run in the headlines. The computer generated image I think is just a digitized/colorized photo of the deceased boy that has been enhanced to look make him look lifelike. It is awful to be seeing this poor little boy’s dead body. I so hope that investigators quickly determine who did this and get closure to this horrible tragedy soon.

    1. joe says:

      Yes it is. I clearly knew it immediately being a photoshop editor. I wondered how many other people knew they were looking at the deceased child. His sweatshirt is folded under his head & laying open because he is lying down. The forehead ears & nose are darker in color then his lower jaw & his neck if you look closely. His eyes have been photo shopped to appear to sparkle but if you look closely he is looking at nothing his expression is blank. Thank you I am gald I am not the only one that noticed this right away. I feel better now.

  10. emom says:

    In todays social world, why is it so difficult to locate anyone that knows this boy, I mean, I could understand it from 10 years ago, we still have many unsolved cases,,, BUT this has been on the news every day since he was found. SO WHY DOESNT ANYONE KNOW HIM.. I still wonder if he was from a community that DOES NOT have any TV or radio communications,,,, or possibly a community that is like a cult,, maybe this child is from such a group, and maybe was taken away from its mother…. I would start to look into eithe of these… If a navy plate on a truck was spotted that will be totally sad,, I have to wonder since this little boys photo has been out there,,, Even thou someone states they saw a women in this navy truck,,, I have to wonder if the father could be in active duty and the mother is hiding out somewhere, and or told someone she was going away, abd nobody seems to think anything is wrong… I truely hope they find his family ,,,,, he needs a name, and someone that truely loves him…. ,

  11. Peter Nivling says:

    nobody in this childs family wonders where he is? that is just incredible!

    1. LORI says:

      Maybe we are not look in the right state at ALL.

  12. lexiii says:

    It says right under the pic and in the original article that it is a digitized image.

  13. Truly Saddened says:

    This poor little boy. I have thought of him so many times since I first saw the story. Being from the area and having small children of my own this absolutely breaks my heart. My children and I have prayed and prayed for this boy and for the police to find out who he is and ultimately who did this to him.
    The police have checked all recent missing persons cases including the one referenced above of the 3 boys and Tanner. Nothing yet. The police and NCIS are doing everything they can do right now including checking Naval Vehicle Registrations for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard for a truck matching the description. Hopefully they can identify this poor innocent child and be able to lay him to rest so he can be at peace.
    Everyone send up your prayers for this beautiful innocent little boy, he didn’t deserve this end to his very short life.

  14. B's Fan says:

    My heart breaks for him it makes me sick to think noone has claimed this little boy….just his picture alone brings me to tears I will never fully understand how someone can take an innocent childs life or anyones for that matter…..Makes me sick!

  15. NickW says:

    Sounds like this kid was abducted from the family from a very young age. This breaks my heart!

  16. Lori says:

    What about Timothy Pitzen whose mom killed herself and her son (Timothy) is missing. He is 6 years old, small in size… highly unlikely that the boys are one in the same however this Timothy is still missing. I know the mom was found dead a few states away but she could have done it, left him in Maine and then done what she did to herself. unlikely but still a possibility.

  17. Lou Lange says:

    Anyone who may think that they may know the identity of this little boy is STRONGLY URGED to contact Maine State Police – They will investigate any call, any lead they get.
    It may sound trite, but someone DOES KNOW what happened to this little boy, and the story will come out one way or another.

  18. MeLisa says:

    This is so sad…. He was so handsome… I hope someone comes forward to claim him. I cry every time I see his picture and read about his lose, I cry more. Maine is a great place to live. I wasn’t born there and right now I don’t live there but I am a Mainer thru and thru…. And I feel like every Mainer someone has to know something…. RIP little man RIP….

  19. thebamboowalk says:

    they need to show a picture of the boy so some 1 can identify him

  20. Misty Black says:

    As I read the stories about this little boy, I want to cry. I think about my little boy who is only 2 years old, this world is so crazy these days. This makes me want to be over protective of my son. I could never hurt my son or anyone else’s children!

  21. MA Tessa says:

    What I don’t undersrtand is why they haven’t put the possibility of a foreign child. they should be sending these reports to Europe.

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