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BOSTON (CBS) — A Massachusetts resident missed their opportunity to cash in on being picked as a VaxMillions giveaway winner.

According to the Governor’s office, one person who was initially chosen as a winner did not respond within a 24-hour period, which is required by the rules of the vaccine lottery. Therefore, a second winner had to be drawn.

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The five VaxMillion giveaway drawings have taken place every Monday from July 26 to August 23. Officials did not specify which week they had to do a second drawing.

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In total, there were around 2.5 million participants in the VaxMillions lottery. Around 2,350,000 were older than 18 years old, making them eligible for the $1 million prize. Around 167,000 were between the ages of 12-17, putting them in the running for the $300,000 college scholarship grant.

Here are the five winners:

  • 1st Drawing – Darrell Washington of Weymouth & Daniela Maldonado of Chelsea
  • 2nd Drawing – Donna McNulty of Billerica & Dylan Barron of Norwood
  • 3rd Drawing – Leo Costinos of Attleboro & Lilla Eliet of Reading
  • 4th Drawing – Lilly Guttenplan of Lowell & Nadia Dutton of Rockland
  • 5th Drawing – Cynthia Thirath of Leominster and Gretchen Selva of Conway
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The Governor’s office said over 440,000 individuals have become fully vaccinated since the VaxMillions giveaway was announced, and more than 318,000 individuals have received a first dose. Staff