JUPITER, Florida (CBS) – Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, will be charged in a prostitution bust in Jupiter, Florida. Kraft, who denies doing anything illegal, was allegedly caught in the act on video, according to police.

The stunning announcement came late Friday morning at a police news conference.

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Police said Kraft was involved in two incidents in the last month at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter and there is video evidence of both showing the Patriots owner in the act. Kraft is one of 25 people who will be charged by Jupiter Police in this specific bust.

“It appears when you go to the spa for a half hour the fee would be $59, for an hour that would be $79,” the lead detective on the case, Andrew Sharp, said at the news conference. He could not say how long Kraft was allegedly there or what he paid. Kraft was driven to the spa each time, police said, adding that the driver is not being charged.

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“The video that we obtained, it shows the act that took place,” Sharp said. When asked specifically – does the video contain Kraft inside the spa receiving the alleged act, Sharp said, “The answer to that is yes.”

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft at the NBA All-Star game on February 17, 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

The incidents are part of a larger crackdown on human trafficking and prostitution at at least eight spas in the West Palm Beach area. Kraft faces two misdemeanor charges of soliciting another for prostitution. Police said they are in the process of issuing a warrant in the case.

Once the warrant is issued, Kraft will get a summons in the mail ordering him to turn himself in. He is not expected to be arrested. Kraft’s lawyers will likely contact the county attorney and make arrangements for Kraft to come to court in Florida and turn himself in, according to WBZ-TV’s Cheryl Fiandaca.

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Kraft, who has a home on Palm Beach, could face up to a year in jail, probation or fines. He could also face discipline from the NFL under the league’s personal conduct policy.

“The NFL is aware of the ongoing law enforcement matter and will continue to monitor developments,” the league said in a statement.

“We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further,” a spokesperson for Kraft said in a statement to CNN Friday afternoon.

According to the police affidavit, officers began surveillance at the spa, which is in a strip mall in Jupiter, on November 6, 2018. They later found three women who were allegedly forced to live there, working in deplorable conditions. Police video surveillance of the spa took place between January 18 and 22, according to the affidavit. It appears that Kraft may have allegedly visited the spa during that period. Kraft was in Kansas City the night of January 20 when the Patriots beat the Chiefs in the AFC Championship.

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According to a local news website, News Chief, Kraft was in Palm Beach for a fundraiser for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute last Saturday. He then went to Charlotte, North Carolina Sunday to attend the NBA All-Star Game.

Kraft, 77, has owned the Patriots for 25 years. The Patriots have won six Super Bowls during that time, most recently Super Bowl LIII earlier this month in Atlanta.

He has four sons. His wife Myra died in 2011.

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  1. Joe Casey says:

    Judge Wolf protected his identity in the Michelle Robinson case.

  2. lawrence stacy says:

    So Mr. perfect citizen and great perfect owner who can do no wrong is a pervert who visits prostitutes. Classic..lol

  3. Jim M. Ryles says:

    Never pay for something you can get for free….. However this should not be a crime, women having selling their stuff since they got us kicked out of Eden.

  4. Mark Mach says:

    They were waiting for a big fish and they got him. Prostitution should be legal if both parties consent.

  5. royalringball says:

    Tell me Trump is one of those 25.

    1. Rocco Henderson says:

      Sorry. Your witch-hunting in an attempt at keeping a duly-elected president from performing his duties will have to try another avenue.

  6. Irene Brown says:

    second high profile Trump supporter to be charged with some sexual allegation in two days. First the psychologist and now Kraft. Wake up, the democrats are starting early, attacking the supporters first.

    1. Paul Lariviere says:

      Irene Browns statement is idiotic. What does Kraft being a supporter of the President have to do with it, stupid. Of course she must be one of those that blamed the President for what happened to Smollett, like some Democrats and Hollywood until they found out it was fake.
      What Kraft did although wrong, is nothing compared to what Harvey Weinstein did, and the hurt to the women he abused, and Hollywood and the Democrats said or did anything about it, why, because he was a big Democratic party supporter.
      Get a life Irene.

  7. Mike Arvand says:

    who cares. Ted Kennedy killed a girl in cold blood, and stayed a senator till the day he died. Clinton raped several women, and remained a president. this is nothing.

  8. Yawn…….. I really dont care.

  9. Fred Way says:

    “Orchids of Asia” in a strip mall??? For Gods sake, the man is worth MILLIONS. There were no discreet “escort services” available in Fla???

  10. James M. Ray says:

    If Mr. Kraft [or one of his representatives] happens to see this, I hope he understands there’s a political party in FL that’s been working for decades to end both sex-slavery AND victimless “crimes,” and we’re ALWAYS short of money. Perhaps, in his own self-interest, Mr. Kraft should consider a donation in hope of future reform.


  11. Richard Halverson says:

    That dirty old man ( Kraft ) should give up the Super Bowl Trophy

    1. Adrienne Vaughn says:

      Give the trophy up? For what? What the hell has the trophy to do with krafts actions. The trophy was earned fair & square like the last five. Your envy is showing!

  12. Adrienne Vaughn says:

    This news took me by surprise like most but there will always be critics out there to poune on such news. Would they attack any other owner if he did worse? The authorities in florida seem giddy in catching a big one to add to their resume. Wwhat needs to happen is to close all these sleezy spas who run illegal operations, go beyond arrest they have the power to do so, unless they too are receiving such services we never hear about because it does exist, they just havent been caught or their names prominant enough. Show me one living soul who is sinless?????

  13. Prostitution and human trafficking is all over the internet. Prostitutes are using high-end websites, Twitter accounts and Eros accounts. Law enforcement does nothing, IRS does nothing. They travel from city to city on “tours” and should be stopped.

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