BOSTON (CBS) — It goes without saying that the Patriots’ comeback win in Super Bowl LI is the kind of thing you’d only expect in a Hollywood production or a video game. Well, now you can see how the game would look if it played out in the classic Nintendo game Tecmo Bowl.

Posted on Monday by YouTube user “Irishkidd84,” the above video shows all of the game’s biggest plays in 8-bit Tecmo Bowl form. It draws up the biggest plays mixes the game’s classic 8-bit music and sound effects with sound from the game itself.

All of the Falcons’ touchdowns, Tom Brady’s pick-six, the Patriots’ fourth-quarter touchdowns and two-point conversions, Julian Edelman’s miracle catch, and the game-winning overtime touchdown are all represented here – complete with the Fox commentary by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Conspicuously absent, however, is an 8-bit representation of Dont’a Hightower’s game-changing strip sack, which was arguably the biggest play of them all.

The game has already released its mic’d up clips for the Super Bowl Sound FX special. But in case you needed yet another way to re-live the Patriots’ incredible, historic comeback, this 8-bit clip should be quite entertaining for Tecmo Bowl fans.

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  1. Mason Sousa says:

    Got the Edelman catch too, that was awesome!

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