BOSTON (CBS) — As local leaders gathered at the annual Boston Police Relief Association’s Memorial, the tragedy of the attacks in London one day prior weighed upon them.

“Obviously, the world’s a very different place than it was five years ago and ten years ago and we all need to pay attention to that,” said Mayor Marty Walsh.

The mayor was joined by many for the ceremony, including Governor Charlie Baker and Police Commissioner Bill Evans, who spoke about Boston’s safety.

Governor Baker stressed the importance of open communication following an event like the London attack.

He said, “I’ve got plenty of friends over there and we continue to talk to our colleagues at the federal level and to some of our colleagues in Europe about what’s going on there and what we can do to help and if there are any things we need to worry about here.”

“There’s no immediate threat here, thankfully,” the Governor added.

Commissioner Evans commented, “We’ll continue to monitor what happens in London and if we need to change our game plan, we will.”

Evans added that one way to make sure the many events planned for summer stay safe is for the public to alert police whenever they see something unusual.

Following the attack, President Trump tweeted about the necessity of a travel ban, a move, Walsh said, showed “the President not understanding exactly what’s happening.”

Local religious groups also decided to show resilience by coming together. Salem held it’s first annual Multi-Faith Festival Sunday.

Mayor Walsh called the continued global threats, “the new norm, unfortunately.”

He said, “It’s just concerning, my heart goes out to victims and their families.”

“This is no secret, I think we have the best police department in the county here in Boston, getting intelligence, staying on top of it,” Walsh stated.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karyn Regal reports


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