DEDHAM (CBS) — Family members of a father killed in a bar assault in Quincy addressed the man convicted in the murder at his sentencing in Norfolk County Superior Court Thursday.

Paul Fahey, 44, was convicted Wednesday of second-degree murder in the death of Keith Boudreau over two years ago. He was sentenced to life in prison.

fahey new God Forgives, I Dont, Victims Mother Tells Sons Killer

Paul Fahey. (WBZ-TV)

Prosecutors said Fahey punched Boudreau without provocation and stomped on his head inside the Home Ice Sports Bar in Quincy on March 23, 2015.

Boudreau died on April 3, 2015 of his injuries.

Members of Boudreau’s family addressed the court for victim impact statements, including his mother, who paid tribute to the son she lost.

“I miss my son more than anyone could ever imagine,” his mother, Kathleen Boudreau, said. “But I find great strength in knowing he was a decent man … I used to say to Keith, be careful out there Keith, and he always used to say, ‘Mom, I don’t make enemies, I make friends.'”

His sister said he was “the kind of person who has literally given the shirt off of his back to give to somebody else.”

fahey1 God Forgives, I Dont, Victims Mother Tells Sons Killer

Keith Boudreau. (WBZ-TV)

Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey called Fahey a “cowardly bully.”

“The jury understood exactly what people were saying, and came back in less than two hours,” said Morrissey. “To us, that was kind of remarkable.”

Boudreau’s mother and sister had harsh words for Fahey.

“The damage you have caused to his two young boys is unspeakable,” Boudreau’s sister said. “I hope that night plays out in his mind over and over and over, and haunts him the way it does us.”

“Mr. Fahey, in closing, God forgives, I don’t,” said his mother.

Fahey showed no emotion in court, until his attorneys read a letter from his son telling the judge that Fahey had always been there for him.

He will be eligible for parole in 15 years.

Comments (6)
  1. Alcohol makes jerks into murderers…..

    When is that last time you saw a pot smoker in a blind rage over nothing?

  2. Mike Morley says:

    Don’t blame this jerk’s actions on alcohol. Hope the family of the victim stays vigilant and shows up at the parole hearing in 15 years to keep Fahey where he belongs.

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