BOSTON (CBS) – Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has dealt with plenty “distractions” throughout his 13-year career, so he’s not too worried about Tim Tebow’s arrival in New England.

“I don’t worry about much these days,” Brady said with a smirk on Wednesday. “I’ve been around long enough to see all different kinds of things happen; trades, people get cut, guys joining the team, what happened in 2007, post Super Bowls – it comes with the territory. I think everyone is ready to deal with the different things that happen on a daily basis. To be mentally tough enough to push through and still do your job at the highest level is what’s most important.”

The Patriots reportedly signed Tebow to a two-year deal on Tuesday, making him the team’s third-string quarterback behind Brady and Ryan Mallett.

“I don’t really make decisions or transactions, so my reaction is very much like everyone else on the team; just focusing on what I need to do to be a better player,” Brady said of the acquisition. “Any time a new teammate comes in you welcome them and try to do anything you can to help them fit in and do what we need them to do.”

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“I was never really around him much,” he said of Tebow. “Anyone who has played in the NFL has a high level of talent to make it this far, to play this long over the course of their entire life, to get to this point — you obviously have to be talented. I have a lot of respect for everyone who plays and what I’ve seen him do in the past.”

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With a whole new crop of wide receivers, Brady has been acting a lot like another coach on the Patriots staff. Now, in addition to his new targets, there is another quarterback picking his brain as the team prepares for the 2013 season.

“There has definitely been communication, with Tim and Ryan . I’ve been lucky to play with so many good quarterbacks through the years and I’ve learned from every one of them,” said Brady. “We’ve always had a really strong group and a very close group. I’m excited to have Tim.”


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