STONEHAM (CBS) — Taking a close look at surveillance photos sources tell WBZ-TV Dominic Cinelli was back to his old ways a month and a half before he gunned down Officer Jack Maguire outside this Woburn Kohls during an exchange of gunfire after a jewelry heist.

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports.

The I-Team has learned the career criminal released by the parole board in 2009 was the same man who wore a hoodie when walking into a Stop N Shop in Stoneham in November and allegedly forced two employees to the back of the store at gunpoint during a brazen robbery.

suspect 1 picture 2 Parolee Linked To Armed Robbery Weeks Before Woburn Officer Shooting

A surveillance picture from an armed robbery at Shop N Save in Stoneham in November 2010. Authorities believe it is Dominic Cinelli, the same man who shot and killed a Woburn police officer. (credit: CBS)

The Woburn Police Chief wouldn’t discuss many details during a press conference condemning the parole board’s decision but said, “There’s reason he might have been involved and knowing his past history I don’t think that’s the only thing he’s been involved with.”

But sources tell us Dominic Cinelli was the gunman and the supermarket that was targeted was where 19-year-old Scott Hanwright, who’s accused of being by Cinelli’s side during the Kohl’s robbery, worked.

Word of other crimes by the parolee comes as we learn more about what happened during Cinelli’s 2005 hearing where the parole board first voted to keep him behind bars.

During that hearing a board member stated that the level of crime Cinelli was capable of was pretty disturbing. Dominic Cinelli replied, “I cannot deny it; I cannot erase it. I’m sorry for it. I just home I can prove not only to myself but to other people I’m not that person.”

Cinelli failed miserably in the end.

Sources tell us he may also be linked to other recent robberies in the area.

Web Extra: 2005 Parole Hearing for Cinelli

Another important note that came out of the 2005 parole board hearing, Cinelli admitted he continued abusing drugs for 20 years while he was in jail.

Comments (7)
  1. help the says:

    Wake up call … this state needs a death penalty . … And should start with the people who helped him. As and example of course. show them we will tolerate this type of behavior.

  2. Metawampe says:

    The liberal slugs that we have elected will never let us have the death penalty. Until the voters of this state wake up and clean house on Beacon Hill, these kinds of crime will continue to happen. Sad, but true.

  3. Bdog says:

    The death penalty won’t prevent crime. I was paroled after 3yrs in prison I was young and dumb that was 13 yrs ago I have not even got a speeding ticket since I go to work everyday and take care of my family and I will never get in trouble again a lot of us stay out of trouble so you can’t just throw the key away and if you think you can let someone you love get in trouble and you will change your mind
    Ps I hope Obama wins re-election and y’all lose your guns

  4. Bee says:

    We have the death penalty here in Florida, has it stop crime, not one bit. Two U.S Marshals were killed in Miami recently. You want to slow down crime, start with the crooked Politicians, Big Corporations who want more guns on the streets. 1% of the population owns 50% of it’s wealth. More wealthy people should be victims, then you’ll see a slow down in crimes, but so much for that happening. the poor normally preys upon the poor!

  5. Bdog says:

    Killing is never right even for justice the same people that condem and fight abortion oneday then want someone to die the next for a crime I wish people would focus on themselves aNd their family instead of worrying about other peoples lives or whether a gay couple can marry the person they love if that effects their marriage then they have bigger problems

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