WOBURN (CBS/AP) — Two Wakefield men were charged Monday in connection with the shooting death of a Woburn police officer on Sunday evening. A third suspect was shot and killed.

Woburn police officer John “Jack” Maguire was killed when he responded to a report of an armed robbery at the jewelry counter of the Kohl’s department store on Washington Street.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports.

Investigators say two men robbed the store just before 9 p.m., in the middle of the blizzard. When police arrived on the scene, they began chasing the two men on foot. During that chase, one suspect exchanged gunfire with officer Maguire. Maguire was shot at least four times. Both men were killed. The deceased suspect has been identified as Dominic Cinelli, 57, of Woburn.

Sources tell WBZ-TV that Cinelli was paroled within the past few years after serving time for an armed robbery in Boston where he shot at a security guard.

Prosecutors said the suspects had a well-rehearsed plan to rob the store’s jewelry counter.  Hanwright allegedly kept watch outside the store while Cinelli robbed the jewelry section just as the employees were opening the cases for the night.  Dingwell was accused of being the getaway car, parked in a placed they picked in advance for an easy escape.

WBZ News Radio’s Bernice Corpuz reports.

Prosecutors said Hanwright tried to take off his mask and blend in with others in the parking lot after the firefight between Officer Maguire and Cinelli.  Officers took him into custody after he tried calling Dingwell to pick him up.

“This is a horribly tragic and troubling incident in which a veteran officer was fatally shot in the line of duty,” District Attorney Gerry Leone said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Maguire’s family and his colleagues on the Woburn Police force at this time.”

The second man allegedly involved in the robbery, 19-year-old Scott Hanwright of Wakefield, was captured down the street where 51-year-old Kevin Dingwell, also of Wakefield, was allegedly trying to pick him up.

Hanwright is charged with first degree murder and armed robbery. Dingwell is charged as an accessory after the fact.

At their arraignment, Hanwright was ordered held without bail, Dingwell was ordered held on $1,000 cash bail.

Woburn police Chief Philip Mahoney said Maguire was 60 and that next year was going to be the 34-year veteran’s last before retirement. He’s survived by his wife and three adult children.

Chief Mahoney said Maguire was the first officer from the Woburn Police Department to ever lose his life in the line of duty.

We do not have shootings in Woburn it’s not that type of community,” said Chief Mahoney.

Officer Maguire’s father served as former chief of Woburn Police Department.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez contributed to this report.

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Comments (21)
  1. David Lyons says:

    Your coverage of this shooting is a disgrace to the memory of this heroic Police Officer.

  2. Paul J says:

    Why was this story not the lead for the local news. We live in New England ITS SNOW. Sad state WBZ you should be ashamed

  3. Rich D. says:

    A little too little too late on this story…since when is snow more important than a police officer getting killed in the line of duty!?

  4. Kmakros says:

    Same snow stories over and over ad nauseum. An officer killed in the line of duty not worthy of three minutes of air time? Shame on you!

    1. CThompson says:

      Agreed..this was the first thing I said when I heard the story… WHY wasn’t this the top story and breaking news….we all could look out our windows and see the snow. We didn’t need a news report to tell us it was snowing. This poor guy lost his life, protecting the public, and the news reporters could have cared less. So sad.. he deserved much more.

  5. Candace says:

    R.I.P. I 2nd that it should have been the lead story. Really people it’s snow, and it’s winter. This was a life taken, a father gone. You should be ashamed!

  6. Shawn Thomas says:

    WBZ should be ashamed of themselves. I understand the blizzard was big news but how do they completely ignore the fact that an officer was killed in the line of duty last night. I watched the news for 6 straight hours this morning and I can’t remember once them even mentioning this. The Boston media sucks!

  7. DStein says:

    I hope people that are often critical of the police remember that they put their lives on the line every single day to protect us. The bigger tragedy is that Officer Maguire was shot by someone who never should’ve been out of jail in the first place. His previous armed robber and shooting of the security guard should’ve earned him life in prison without parole.

  8. mac says:

    Your lack of coverage on this story was disgraceful!! The sorm coverage we have heard about for the past 4 DAYS STRAIGHT was WAY more important than the tragic loss of one of our finest in the line of duty…nice going. Pitiful!!

  9. Brian says:

    What happened to all the other comments that were made about your shameful coverage of that Police Officer’s passing? You clowns cared more about a snow storm. Wake up we get snow storms every winter. Had this storm taken place in Hawaii, I could see it getting extra coverage. When the NH newstation reports on the Woburn Officer’s passing before you do, then something is wrong. SHAME on all who call themselves reporters at WBZ

  10. Steve M. says:

    For all the people who complain about cops making to much money working details and over time, maybe just maybe people will begin to realize police officers don’t get paid for what they do, it’s for what they might have to do!!!!!! Gunned down in a snowstorm and died in a parking lot in the freezing cold and all WBZ can do is talk about the weather!! What a joke our media has become!

  11. Tired of Paying Rent says:

    Why is it taking so long for the new media to explore and report on the criminal record of Dominic Cinelli?

    A good place to start is by asking, why did the paroled board free Cinelli and how much of his sentence was cut off?

    Is it time to hold the Parole Board legally responsible for releasing violent criminals like Cinelli out of jail?

    Didn’t the Parole Board release another violent criminal who killed a mother and daughter from Woburn?

  12. Doug Stead says:

    My family knew Jack as his wife and my mother grew up together. I remember him coming to our house a few times as well as getting to see him at family occasions (my grandparents’ 50th anniversary for one). Jack was a wonderful man, so please be sure to remember him for that along with his many years of service with the Woburn PD and as a family man. One of the most important things we can do right now is to say a prayer for him, his family and his friends. Thank you.

  13. mark says:

    This is why we need a death penalty. This #$$… should not have been out of jail.
    As for the others hang them in public!!! My prays are with the family.

  14. Felipe estrela says:

    Why are some people so evil? Rip officer maguire! :(

  15. Jean Woburn says:

    Pathetic coverage of this officer’s death. Shame on the media on placing more attention on a snow storm in new england (gee, guess we don’t get snow every year).

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Officer Maguire and his fellow officers and friends.

  16. StateHouse says:

    vote republican and let’s get the death penalty in ma…

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