NATICK (CBS) – The chairman of the state parole board offered his condolences to the family of Woburn police officer Jack Maguire Tuesday.

Maguire was shot and killed Dec. 26 by Dominick Cinelli, who was serving three life sentences, before the board set him free in 2009.

“My sympathies go out to the Maguire Family. There will be a report forthcoming from this board. I want to keep my comments clear, that this board is going to conduct business as we normally do, but I want make this statement clear that our heart goes out to the Maguire family,” chairman Mark Conrad said before the board’s regularly scheduled hearing in Natick.

WBZ News Radio’s Doug Cope reports.

Conrad’s comments were the first from the board since Maguire’s murder. He refused to take any questions before or after the day’s sessions.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports.

Four of the six members present at Tuesday’s hearing were responsible for Cinelli’s release.

None of the board’s other members made any statements about the situation and some went out of their way to avoid waiting media who were interested in interviewing them.

The state is reviewing the board’s decision.

The board is apparently working on its own report about the decision to parole Cinelli, due out within the month.

All three of the men who appeared before the board Tuesday are serving life sentences for second degree murder. The tone of those hearings struck some observers as markedly more stern and direct than the one during which Cinelli was released in 2008.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong contributed to this report.

Comments (11)
  1. BG says:

    How about apologizing for your decision that let that piece of human debris back out on the street and then resigning for your lack of judgment?

  2. hockeyfan says:

    “this board is going to conduct business as we normally do”. Oh, that’s really conforting!

  3. hockeyfan says:

    That should say “comforting”

  4. Don Irvin says:

    You can’t be serious…what you normally did cost a police officer his life! What a foolish statement to make.

  5. Ron says:

    Condolences don’t cut it.

    Call me crazy, but isn’t the point of multiple life sentences to MINIMIZE the possibility of parole? Did anyone ever explain that to the parole board?

    Dear Parole Board;
    People lie. Someone serving THREE LIFE SENTENCES is strongly motivated to lie and say he is a better person to secure his own release. Please stop your ‘normal’ behavior and switch to ‘proper’ or ‘rational’ behavior.
    A Deeply American

    1. Ron says:

      That should say Deeply Concerned American

  6. perplexed says:

    Yeah, thier “hearts should go out” to the maguire family still beating on a platter!

  7. Charles Goldblatt says:

    It is about time that the Parole Board should give the benefit of the doubt to society and not to a prison inmate serving 3 life sentences. I believe the Parole Board needs new people. They can forever say they are sorry. However, that is NO consolation to that police officer’s family and co-workers.

  8. tannerjack says:

    Almost 10 days before one of you gutless wonders speaks and you say you’re “going to conduct business as you normally do”???? You’re a bigger moron than I ever imagined! Do us all a favor and resign before you cause more harm to the Maguire family you hack.

  9. emom says:

    the parole board should be fired ,,, they are morons

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