By Breana Pitts

BRAINTREE (CBS) – Minnesota-based cartoon artist John Rasmussen is paying tribute to slain Braintree Police K-9 Kitt.

“I like to help people. It makes me feel good,” Rasmussen told WBZ-TV via Zoom.

Rasmussen started drawing pen and ink cartoons of people’s pets entering heaven after his own golden retriever Jack passed away in 2015. Rasmussen said he spoke to an animal communicator after his dog’s death, who told him that Jack wanted him to find a way to help people.

“Jack knew I was an artist. He would have wanted me to do this,” Rasmussen explained.

Each of Rasmussen’s sketches feature Angel Jack welcoming a pet over the Rainbow Bridge. Rasmussen has done about 3,000 drawings for mourning pet-lovers. His goal he says is to bring people comfort and help them through the emotional grief of losing a pet.

“Somebody contacted me and let me know about K-9 Kitt, so I started to draw right away. I posted it on my page to help the police officer, the handler, help bring them comfort,” Rasmussen said.

(Photo credit: John Rasmussen)

The Braintree Police Department shared the cartoon on their Facebook page, writing “No words.” The post has thousands of likes and has been shared hundreds of times.

When asked what he would say to K-9 Kitt’s handler, Rasmussen shared this message.

“I would say I hope you’re okay and I hope that K-9 Kitt being in heaven will help him. I thank them for their service.”

Rasmussen says whenever a K-9 dies in the line of duty, he always sends the handler the original cartoon. Rasmussen says he has already sent his original drawing of Kitt crossing the Rainbow Bridge to the Braintree Police Department.

“I want to keep drawing for police officers who lose their dog. I hope it brings them comfort,” he said.

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Breana Pitts