SOMERVILLE (CBS) — Somerville students will not be going back to school full-time in the fall. Superintendent Mary Skipper announced Friday morning that in-person schooling for everyone is now off the table.

“We’ve looked at it, we do not believe it’s safe,” she said. “We believe at this point, us investigating in our hybrid models and investing in our remote models is what is going to be most helpful for our community.”

If the hybrid model goes forward, the city may require all students Pre-K through high school to wear masks.

The state said in June it would ask school districts to prepare for three potential scenarios: a full-scale return to school, remote learning or a combination of the two.

Somerville has taken a slower approach than most when it comes to reopening. The city has delayed its move to Phase 3 until at least August 3.

  1. greg says:

    So your NOT going with the Health – CDC (they recommend kids go back), Medical professionals (kids do not spread), and Data (only 15 children world wide have died) on going back to school, BUT you do when it comes to masks – Political Hacks. Quit your jobs you losers…

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