BOSTON (CBS) — Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker called the violence and looting that broke out following protests in Boston “criminal and cowardly.” The governor tweeted his statement late Sunday night after a day of largely peaceful protesting in the name of George Floyd.

“The murder of George Floyd at the hands of police was a horrible tragedy – one of countless tragedies to befall people of color across the United States,” Baker said. “The vast majority of protesters today did so peacefully.”

He thanked those protesters, along with police who were “working to protect the people of Boston from individuals whose violent actions, looting and property destruction was criminal and cowardly – and distracted from the powerful statement made today by thousands of Massachusetts residents.”

The day’s events ended by about 9 p.m. and that’s when things became hostile.

The National Guard needed to be deployed around 11:15 p.m.

  1. Be Very Happy that we here in MA have a common sense Police force and governor that understand that the “RULE OF LAW” is for every person and the color of your skin or your Race does not give you the “right” to claim a special status to be violent or destructive with other person or property. If you break the law you should be punished and dealt with swiftly with force if you decide to forcefully act out in a hateful and physically manner.
    I want the Police and our government to protect my family and I from hateful, destructive person of any Color or Race. “Stand for THE RULE OF LAW” it is what makes us free and safe.

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