FALL RIVER (CBS) – Neighbors in Fall River have been generous to the victims of Tuesday’s fire at the Four Winds Apartment complex.

They have been so generous that officials have asked people to stop clothing donations.

About 200 bags of clothes and other items have piled up at a local community center. The goods will be given to about 80 people who lost everything in the fire.

The car ruptured gas lines igniting the fire. (Photo credit: Kenneth Leger)

For anyone else who wants to donate, the city is suggesting toiletries or cash instead of clothes.

“We’re pretty much at our capacity of holding clothing for now,” said Grace Gerling of Re-Creation.

There will be a resource fair at Government Center on Sunday to help everyone who lost birth certificates and other official documents in the fire.

The massive fire started when a woman crashed her car into the building. The driver and passenger both died as a result of the crash.