By Jim Smith

BOSTON (CBS) – Friends and family are mourning the loss of a local man who died after falling off of a party cruise boat over the weekend.

It happened Saturday night. The victim was on the Provincetown II when he ended up in the water.

The man who died was 21-year-old Aaron DiBella of Peabody.

Aaron DiBella. (Family Photo)

WBZ-TV spoke by phone with a close friend of the victim who was on the boat.

“He went over, they saw him on the spotlight but no one really did anything for a while” said Jake Langlois.

“They wanted him to swim back like 30-40 yards. Someone should have jumped out there. Someone should have been trained to do it,” Langlois said.

A man was reported overboard from the Provincetown II on Saturday night. (WBZ-TV)

Bay State Cruise Company said a crew member was in the water within five feet of DiBella but he went under.

The company also said DiBella had been “engaging in horseplay” and performing a type of vertical push-up near the edge of the boat. They say he was told to stop but later did it again and fell overboard.

His body was found by divers hours later.

Jim Smith

Comments (6)
  1. A crew member went in after him,,,,,,,did you not see this or are you making stuff up??

  2. maybe don’t do vertical pushups on the edge of a boat…multiple times

  3. Salvatore Deangelo says:

    lmao!! someone should have jumped in after him.. really dude? why didn’t you? you were messing around near the edge with him.. he’s your friend.. didn’t even bother to throw a life raft or something..

  4. Salvatore Deangelo says:

    kids these days need to learn to FOLLOW THE RULES!!!! THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES!!! was told to stop acting like a d bag.. later went back to acting like said d bag and then went over.. irony is if he didn’t waste so much energy being a d bag he could have more energy to swim to save his life if he fell over for other reasons..

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