TRURO (CBS) – Long Nook Beach in Truro, where a man was bitten by a shark earlier this week, remains closed until further notice due to “continued shark activity.”

The beach was closed on Wednesday when 61-year-old William Lytton was bitten by a shark while swimming about 30 yards off shore. As of Friday, Lytton remained hospitalized in serious condition after suffering puncture wounds.

The Truro shark attack victim is brought to a medical helicopter (WBZ-TV)

Town officials had said the beach could reopen on Saturday if no shark sightings were reported on Friday. But late Friday night, Truro Police updated that the beach will not reopen until further notice due to shark activity.

Shark sightings were also reported Friday in Eastham, Barnstable and Sandwich.

A shark was spotted swimming off the coast of Truro on August 17. (WBZ-TV)

Truro Police offered tips for beachgoers to avoid shark encounters in the water.

Swimmers should stay away from areas where seals are present, swim in groups, and not swim too far from shore. Shiny Jewelry can look like fish scales to sharks, and in cloudy water sharks can mistake swimmers for prey.

It is not yet known when Long Nook Beach will reopen to swimmers.

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    Tourism to the beaches has boomed. It’s like the hundreds of thousands going to a NASCAR event. The tourist want to see blood, and film it on their smart phones.

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