TEWKSBURY (CBS) – One of the three men accused in the robbery of Rob Gronkowski’s house is also wanted for a wild crime spree last week.

Tewksbury police confirmed to WBZ-TV that 26-year-old Shayne Denn is the man who robbed a gas station in town last Thursday morning and then later crashed a stolen truck in Andover. He’s also wanted for driving a truck into the front of a business in Wilmington that same day.

andover suspect Rob Gronkowski Home Robbery Suspect Also Wanted For Wild Crime Spree

Shayne Denn is being sought by police for burglaries and hit-and-run crashes in Wilmington, Tewksbury and Andover. (Photo: Wilmington Police)

Foxboro police said Friday Denn was one of three men who broke into Gronkowski’s home February 5, while the star tight end was with the Patriots at the Super Bowl in Minnesota.

One of the three suspects, 31-year-old Anthony Almeida of Randolph, was arrested Friday. Police are still looking for Denn, who’s from Tewksbury, and 28-year-old Eric Tyrrell of Foxboro.

suspects Rob Gronkowski Home Robbery Suspect Also Wanted For Wild Crime Spree

Shayne Denn and Eric Tyrrell (Image from Foxboro PD)

According to documents made public Monday at Wrentham District Court, Gronkowski had 16 security cameras recording as the trio broke into his house.

Investigators say they have recovered some of the items that were stolen, but they have not found the guns owned by Gronkowski’s roommate, Robert Goon. The recovered items include an Apple Watch, a Rolex Watch and two rare coins from the 1800’s.

Authorities say a coin dealer in Weymouth helped identify Almeida, who allegedly went there to sell one of the stolen coins. He told the dealer they were his father’s coins, the documents allege, but the dealer recognized that as a common lie, so he went onto a database used by coin dealers and found that the coins had been reported stolen.

almeida Rob Gronkowski Home Robbery Suspect Also Wanted For Wild Crime Spree

Anthony Almeida (Image credit Foxboro Police)

The suspects also parked a vehicle at a Stop and Shop supermarket near Gronkowski’s home and walked through some nearby woods to get there, police said. Almeida went into the store, bought something, and used his phone to get his rewards card information, according to the court documents. Police got his phone number off of that and pinged his phone, which they say showed he was in the area at the time of the robbery.

Arrest warrants were issued Monday in court for the Denn and Tyrrell.

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