WEST BROOKFIELD (CBS) – The West Brookfield community came together for a vigil in honor of a woman and her three children who were found dead inside their home on Thursday.

Sara Bermudez, 38, Madison Bermudez, 8, James Bermudez, 6, and Michael Bermudez, 2, were found dead inside their Old Warren Road home on Thursday afternoon.

No arrests have been made and police are asking for the public’s help.

Investigators are looking for a yellow fuel can, used to store diesel fuel, that was taken from the home.

A vigil was held at a West Brookfield church for a mother and three children killed inside their home. (WBZ-TV)

A vigil was held Sunday night at First Congregational Church.

Rev. Stacey Kullgren said the vigil was held to send a message.

“We’re here so the Bermudez family knows they’re not alone, that this community is gathering around them at this time. We’re here too to respond to our community’s trauma,” Kullgren said.

Investigators enter a West Brookfield home where four people died. (WBZ-TV)

Rev. Lee Atherton said the vigil was held for the family, but also the police who responded to the gruesome scene.

“Ministering to the first responders, always,” Atherton said. “They have this trauma on top of many other traumas that they’ve experienced. Although they go out there and put on a brave face, they’re always touched as well.”

Anyone with information on the murders is asked to call police.

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