BOSTON (CBS) – New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady cut short a radio interview Monday morning because one of the hosts made a disparaging remark about his daughter.

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Brady made his weekly appearance on WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan show as scheduled, but he chose to address something host Alex Reimer said last week about his daughter Vivian, who appeared briefly in part one of Brady’s online documentary, ‘Tom vs. Time.’

vivianbrady1 WEEI Apologizes To Tom Brady For Utterly Indefensible Comments About Daughter

Tom Brady with his daughter Vivian on February 5, 2017 in Houston. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Reimer said on-air the 5-year-old girl was being “an annoying little pissant” in the episode.

“I’ve tried to come on this show for many years and showed you guys a lot of respect,” Brady said, to WEEI. “I’ve always tried to come on and do a good job for you guys. It’s very disappointing when you hear that, certainly. My daughter, or any child, they certainly don’t deserve that.”

Brady reportedly said he is evaluating if he wants to be on the show again.

The station said Reimer was “informed last Friday he was being handed an indefinite suspension by WEEI, effective immediately.”

Brady has been making appearances on WEEI for years as part of the station’s “Patriots Monday” coverage. That deal was extended last week, according to WEEI’s owner Entercom.

Mark Hannon, senior vice president and market manager at WEEI apologized to Brady for Reimer’s “mean-spirited” comments.

We are disappointed and embarrassed by Alex Reimer’s on-air comments made last Thursday evening. His remarks were utterly indefensible, and mean-spirited commentary directed in any way at children is wholly inappropriate. Mr. Reimer remains suspended indefinitely from all WEEI platforms.

We deeply regret what happened and offer our sincerest apologies to Tom Brady, his daughter and his family, as well as the New England Patriots organization. Mr. Brady has been a long time contributor to WEEI throughout his Patriots career, and he has treated us with the utmost professionalism and respect throughout the partnership. We have communicated our course of action to the Patriots and Tom Brady, and they are in support of our disciplinary response.”

At Super Bowl Opening Night, Brady said he hopes Reimer is not fired for the comments.

Online searches for the definition of “pissant” were up 115,000% on Monday, according to Merriam-Webster.

There has been no comment yet from the Patriots.

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