BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady touted the benefits of his special workout regimen in an interview with CBS This Morning Monday, saying his TB12 method is a whole new take on athleticism that focuses on pliability rather than strength.

“Some people want denser muscles. As an athlete, as a quarterback, I don’t want them,” Brady told CBS This Morning’s Norah O’Donnell. “I want to keep my muscles strong and active, but also pliable.”

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Tom Brady shows Norah O’Donnell how to use resistance bands, a large part of his TB12 workout regimen. (CBS This Morning)

Brady said he’s seen strong, fit players get injured the most. The 40-year-old quarterback doesn’t want to quit anytime soon–so when other players are getting injured and going to rehab, he’s using pliability exercises as a kind of “pre-hab.”

Kate Merrill Reports

“If I can keep my muscles pliable, I can hopefully limit the intensity, or limit the injury altogether, if I do absorb some of these forces,” he said.

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He says his method, developed by his trainer and business partner Alex Guerrero, isn’t just for athletes and can be done by anyone.

Tom Brady’s trainer and business partner Alex Guerrero. (Image credit: CBS News)

It mostly involves using elastic resistance bands, and is followed by very specific massages–a process that lengthens and softens muscles.

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And it seems to be working for him. In a league where most professional players last just six years, Brady is two games into his eighteenth season.

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“I also love the sport so much, so I want to keep playing, and I’m gonna do everything I can to take care of my body in advance of the hits I’m going to take on Sunday,” Brady said.