BOSTON (CBS) – The I-Team has learned the Revere Police Department is taking action against the officer accused of beating her five-year-old son.

According to sources, the department is planning to fire Officer Angela Halcovich.

The I-Team has learned the department is starting the process to terminate Halcovich and is no longer paying the 32-year-old officer – changing her status to suspended without pay.

Investigators say Halcovich and her boyfriend, Marcos Garcia, both beat her son with a belt. Halcovich was allegedly having a long-term affair with Garcia, who is a Revere Police detective and is married.

Former Revere Police Officer Marcos Garcia (WBZ-TV)

In January, State Police charged Garcia with physically abusing the five-year-old, allegedly handcuffing the boy and beating him with his hands and a belt after the child did not eat his dinner.

Police say Garcia told Halcovich he was going to beat the boy and investigators say she sat in the living room while her son was being abused.

On another occasion, Halcovich herself allegedly beat her own son. Prosecutors say she told the boy to wear a hoodie to school and tell his teachers he got hurt falling down the stairs.

Earlier in the year, Halcovich filed a restraining order against Garcia claiming for the past two years he mentally abused her and her two sons.

Garcia, who sources say admitted to abusing the boy, resigned from the police department two months ago. Halcovich is due back in court next week.