MEDFORD (CBS) — No foul play is suspect by Medford Police in an incident where a three-year-old boy fell out a third-floor window of a Brainard Avenue apartment building.

“It appears that the child was playing on a couch that was close to a window when he fell out of the window,” police said on Sunday day, one day after the fall.

They added that the boy’s mother was a few feet away from him, taking care of a new born baby at the time of the accident.

The boy was taken to Mass. General Hospital to treat non-life threatening injuries.

Police said the window screen was missing from the window but also not found on the ground.

They are continuing to investigate.

This the sixth case this summer where a local child has fallen out of a window. In early July, a five-year-old girl in Brookline was killed when she fell from the fourth floor of an apartment building.


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