BOSTON (CBS) — While most Americans spent Tuesday lying on the beach, grilling food, and enjoying some fireworks on the Fourth of July, most NBA fans were … probably doing the same, but they were also awaiting some other fireworks as they followed Gordon Hayward’s free-agent decision on Twitter.

It turns out that fans got more than they bargained for, as it was reported that Hayward would be choosing the Celtics on Tuesday afternoon only for the report to be quickly refuted. Celtics fans spent minutes rejoicing in the news of their team landing another star player, then literally everyone spent hours waiting and waiting to see what would happen.

Despite being a holiday, the Fourth of July was a banner day for NBA Twitter. There were some fantastic reactions throughout the Hayward saga.

First there were the obligatory Isaiah Thomas eyeballs:

And the initial celebration in Boston:

But then, reports came out that Hayward had not actually made his decision. This left most of NBA Twitter, especially Celtics fans, twisting in the wind for several hours.

But then Hayward finally announced his decision via The Players Tribune, and it was time to celebrate once again – even for the actual Celtics.

All in all, a wild roller coaster of a day for Celtics fans on Twitter. But a roller coaster with the best possible ending.


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