NEW ORLEANS (CBS) – A second young man has been arrested in connection with the brutal beating of two Boston area tourists in New Orleans last weekend.

simmons Second Arrest In Beating Of 2 Boston Tourists In New Orleans

Joshua Simmons. (Image credit: NOPD)

Joshua Simmons, 18, was taken into custody Tuesday, a day after 21-year-old Dejuan Paul was arrested. Investigators say a total of four men were involved and they have identified the other two they’re still looking for.

dejuan Second Arrest In Beating Of 2 Boston Tourists In New Orleans

Dejuan Paul (Image credit: NOPD)

James Curran and Tim Byrne were walking in the French Quarter heading back to their hotel just before 9 p.m. Saturday when they were knocked to the ground by two men.

The violent attack was captured on surveillance video.

Both were robbed of their phones and wallets before all four thieves ran away. Byrne remains in a coma in critical condition. Curran is out of the hospital.

They were in New Orleans for the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, the annual meeting of the liberal religious association.

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