NEW ORLEANS (CBS) – Two tourists from the Boston area were beaten and robbed in a brutal attack caught on surveillance video in New Orleans over the weekend. One of them is in critical condition.

The two men, identified as James Curran and Tim Byrne, were walking in the French Quarter heading back to their hotel just before 9 p.m. Saturday when they were knocked to the ground by two men.

The video shows Curran getting punched in the head and put in a chokehold as he was dragged to the sidewalk.

Byrne was pummeled from behind by another man and hit the ground face first, appearing to be knocked out cold. Byrne is now in a coma.

Two other men then ran up and helped rob the two victims of their phones and wallets before all the thieves ran away.

One came back briefly and lifted the second tourist up off the ground for a moment, revealing what appeared to be a pool of blood on the sidewalk.

dejuan 2 Boston Area Tourists Brutally Beaten, Robbed In New Orleans

Dejuan Paul (Image from NOPD)

Two other people arrived moments later to help the tourists. Police said they were there in about two minutes. There were 50 officers on patrol in the French Quarter that night, according to authorities.

One suspect, 21-year-old Dejuan Paul, was arrested Monday night and investigators say they have identified the other men involved in the attack.

According to WWL-TV, the victims were in New Orleans for the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, the annual meeting of the liberal religious association.

“If you look at the video, it seems evident they were attacked from behind, they didn’t see it coming and they did not fight back. They simply were victimized,” New Orleans police commander Nick Gernon told reporters Monday.

Comments (27)
  1. Scott Clark says:

    I spent a great week in New Orleans and am sad to hear of this. Examples must be made of these thugs. The Chamber of Commerce can’t be doing cartwheels over this nonsense.

  2. Ralph Davis says:

    And they wonder why we think of them as animals…..

    1. Bet they have a little more understanding now. Probably not. Next stop, love campaign in Libya.

  3. Welcome to the liberal strong hold of New Orleans. Not much different than Detroit or Chicago

  4. Kneegrows Kill Humans.
    Stay the hell away from them afroanimals

  5. Bud Sage says:

    This is not news to ANYONE who keeps up with New Orleans. Happens ALL THE TIME. If you visit the “chocolate city” (Currently incarcerated Mayor Ray Nagin’s term, not mine), keep your eyes open and your hand on your gun.

  6. Note to tourists: stay away from New Orleans. Obama’s fatherless welfare garbage will savage you.

  7. Didn’t even need to see the video to know some coons were involved. Thanks, Obama!

  8. Why anyone would want to visit this godless, fetid cesspool of crime is beyond me. Katrina fell short of cleansing America’s most evil city.

  9. Rex Jones says:

    Cowardly attack. “din-do-nuthin”

  10. Tom Ronson says:

    If you want a city, that is overrun with black thugs, then go to New Orleans. It’s just like Harlem, but with good restaurants.

  11. Bob Gorski says:

    How does this even make the news?? Three black guys roll two white guys?? That happens all the time in New Orleans and other cities.

  12. Ihearya says:

    After living there for 10 years I can guarantee there wasn’t 50 officers on duty in the quarter that night

  13. You DO NOT go out after dark in New Orleans unless you are armed. This is not me trying to incite anything. This is the only town in the US that I’ve feared for my life.

  14. David Keith says:

    As a Private Investigator, I tell people all the time that this can happen. Guess what they say? they tell me that I have been a Private Investigator to long and I am paranoid. They are so stupid in my opinion. I had a guy jump me one night in Laurel, Ms. As soon as I put my 40 cal Clock in his stomach, he froze so I stopped puling the trigger. This young man came within 1/10 of a second of his death. I was praying that he would stop because I saw him coming way before and prepared for it.
    We live in Mississippi. When we go to New Orleans, La, I have learned to be aware of everyone around me. I do not just walk down the street naive to the fact that this happens all the time in New Orleans, La. This is a high crime city. What were these people thinking? I do not walk in the parking lot of Walmart in my small town without protection in my hand with a long shirt so that no one can see what I have. This happens in the parking lot because it is an easy target for evil people. There is no security at WalMart so you had better learn how to take care of yourself.

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