By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Congratulations to my WBZ NewsRadio 1030 colleagues Diane Stern and Dan Rea on their induction into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame, which will take place during a ceremony later this year.

I wrote at length about what a fine journalist and role model Diane is when she retired from WBZ Radio last fall. So today I want to focus on a man who may well be the best talk-show host on the air in America today.

What makes Dan Rea so good?

Start with intelligence.

That’s been a hallmark of the evening talk slot on BZ for many years, going back to Jerry Williams in the’60’s and ‘70’s, continuing on with greats like David Brudnoy and Paul Sullivan.

Do your own comparison: listen to a half-hour of Dan’s show, and take note of the depth of research, knowledge and thoughtfulness you hear. Then listen to just about any other radio talk show, replete with cheap bromides, falsehoods, and other pap.

Another thing those other hosts lack that Dan has in abundance – principle.

The likes of Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh will sell their souls in a second for a ratings bump, kiss up to whatever politician is trendy, and display contempt for their listeners by peddling garbage.

Dan Rea doesn’t do that. He respects his listeners, he thinks, listens, and traffics in reality and truth, not illiterate fantasies and lies.

I don’t always share Dan’s point of view, but I always respect it.

So congratulations, Dan.

It’ll be fitting to see the voice of reason enshrined in the Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Comments (2)
  1. Oh, my, the obligatory diss on broadcasters that are out of your favor, Jon.

    Wouldn’t it have been the high road to just leave out the names of others and just praise your colleagues?

    Nah….Low road is fine for Jon; it is even the road of choice.

    Here’s a suggestion, Jon, why don’t you write a piece about the two you despise? Wouldn’t it be more honest?

    Unforced error, sir. Entirely unforced.

  2. I listen to Dan Rea often, particularly if I’m driving at night. I too don’t always agree with him, but I enjoy his show. But I do think this is opinion piece is a bunch of CBS employees stroking themselves. Helps with the ratings…helps with the new contract.

    What is this the Trump Cabinet and Jon you are Reince Priebus?

    Let’s keep our eye on the ball, Jon

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