BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady held his annual charity football game to benefit Best Buddies International on Friday night at Harvard Stadium. But a photographer for one media outlet was apparently not welcome.

According to a story in the Boston Globe Friday night, a photographer for the newspaper was turned away at the gates as he attempted to cover the event.

“Friday, a Globe photographer showed up at Harvard Stadium and was told he was not allowed into the event,” the article said. “He was then ordered to ‘leave immediately’ and a security officer was summoned and the photographer was escorted to his car.”

Though no one from Best Buddies was available for comment in the Friday Boston Globe story, the newspaper provided an update on Saturday. Best Buddies International representative Nicole Maddox assured the newspaper it was a “misunderstanding” related to credentialing.

“I’m sorry that it happened,” Maddox said in a Saturday statement to the Globe. “It’s unfortunate that it happened. Tom Brady had nothing to do with it.”

brady Best Buddies: Boston Globe Turned Away From Tom Brady Event Due To Misunderstanding

Tom Brady during his annual Best Buddies charity football game at Harvard Stadium on June 2, 2017. (WBZ-TV)

In April, the Globe posted a lengthy story questioning Brady’s charitable involvement with Best Buddies.

According to that article, the Best Buddies non-profit organization paid nearly $3 million to Brady’s personal charity since 2011.

Best Buddies officials were not available for comment for the Friday Boston Globe story on why the photographer was turned away from the event.

However, on Saturday, Maddox told the Globe that the photographer being turned away was “100 percent not related” to the story.

Brady did not speak with reporters at the Harvard Stadium event.

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  1. Unequivocally, related to Tom Brady. Best Buddies International and Tom Brady cowardly choose NOT to address ‘CHARITY’ donations to a millionaire quarterback.

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