NEWTON (CBS) – There’s been a legal setback for a former WBZ sportscaster in his lawsuit against a Newton golf course.

A judge has ruled Woodland Golf Club can stop Bob Lobel from using a special golf cart on its course.

lobel Judge Rules Against Bob Lobel In Golf Course Discrimination Case

Bob Lobel uses specialized cart at Granite Links Golf Club (WBZ-TV)

Lobel filed a discrimination lawsuit against the club in 2015, saying he needed the golf court to get around. The club argued it would damage the greens.

The Boston Globe reported Wednesday that a judge ruled in favor of the club, saying because it’s a private facility with selective membership, it’s not subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Lobel’s lawyer says he’s planning to appeal.

  1. Alan B Flood says:

    you mean to tell me that hog wash ? I guess Harvard University is a private institution and there fore does not have to follow the guidelines of the ADA? And our state house is certainly a very private group of people – does that mean they don’t need to follow the ADA rules. Then most of the folks in that elite private group would be disqualified from being in that group. I wonder if this is a judge appointed by Dukakis or Patrick?

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