BOSTON (CBS) – Security is much tighter at the Boston Calling festival’s new Charles River venue.

This is the eighth year for the event, formerly in downtown, but Monday’s terrorist attack in Manchester, England is causing event planners to increase their security.

Concert goer Christina Demerict says she has seen plenty of police.

“We’ve already been by 15-20 cops and there was just a dog that was out here. So I feel a little more comfortable than I normally would be,” Demerict said.

Many are trying to stay positive. Mack Collins is says he was concerned.

“It’s really bad what happened in England. It’s heartbreaking honestly, so I was a little worried. I’m with family; I’m with friends,” Collins said.

“It was not that bad at all. It seemed pretty easy. We just walked through. They made me open my bag and that was all,” concert goer Rose Bailey said.

boston calling security Boston Calling Has Tighter Security, Understanding Crowds

Security gates at the entrance to Boston Calling. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

Although it is taking extra time, music fan Jay Caduallader understands the necessary measures.

“It seems worthwhile if you see the things that are going on in the world right now,” Caduallader said.

Boston Police are having a noticeable presence both inside and outside of the facility. Bicycle patrols are taking to the trails along the Charles River location.

The increased measures include metal detectors and bans on backpacks. All bags are being searched and that has caused longer lines. However, one event staff member says the people are taking it “in stride.”

“Everybody just buttons down a little more and takes some increased security measures. The show goes on,” the staffer said.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans says he’s not aware of any specific threats against Boston Calling. However, his department is increasing security for the 40,000 people per day that are expected at the event.

The first seven Boston Calling festivals were at City Hall Plaza. The new location is near Harvard Stadium and the banks of the Charles River. Denise likes the new location.

“This is a better venue than it used to be because it’s more open and easily accessible,” Denise said.

This year’s gala is three days long with 45 musical acts on three stages.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

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  1. This is the eight Boston calling but it is NOT the eight year of Boston Calling. The event was held twice per year previously. The first event was in 2013. #Facts

  2. Why has this article not been updated to reflect the above^^

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