By Mark G. McLaughlin, Speakeasy

Boston has many beautiful buildings and sights that provide a stunning and memorable backdrop or stage for that one special wedding photo that will be on display for all to see for the next 10, 20, 30 or more years.  Whether a couple’s taste run to the historic or the holy, the gaudy or the gorgeous, the stately or the sublime, or some combination of any or all of these, Boston has the perfect spot to fit the bill. Here are just five of the Best Places to Take Wedding Pictures in Boston.

The Orpheum
1 Hamilton Place
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 482-0106

There are many beautiful buildings in Boston, but few have an interior as gaudy, as gilded and as glorious as The Orpheum.  One of the most storied concert halls in New England, The Orpheum is where all of the great musicians of the past and present come to play.  In constant use since the day it opened in 1852, The Orpheum is both a legend and a testament to commitment and class.  The brilliantly lit interior with its lush red seats, brilliant gold accents and majestic arches and columns makes for an amazing background – and statement – for any couple.

boston commons1 Best Places To Take Wedding Pictures In Boston

(Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Boston Common
Tremont Street (between Beacon and Charles)
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 635-4505

Weather and season permitting, Boston Common is one of the most beautiful spots in the city for a wedding photo.  There are numerous monuments and fountains and little buildings that provide a particularly lovely background for a wedding photo.  Whether the couple wants the flora and fauna which give this jewel in the fabled “Emerald Necklace” of parks that ring the city or someplace with iconic Boston buildings in the background, Boston Common has a spot to fit the bill.  People have been coming together for all manner of purposes on this central green for close to 400 years, so for a couple that wants to send a “together forever” message, Boston Common has much to offer.

uss Best Places To Take Wedding Pictures In Boston

The USS Constitution. (WBZ-TV)

The USS Constitution
Charlestown Navy Yard
Dry Dock 1
Charlestown, MA 02129
(617) 242-2543

The once-mighty and still-proud USS Constitution has long and continues to be the pride of U.S. Navy – and of Boston, who’s Charlestown Navy Yard has been its home for over a century.  Whether standing aboard her or with Old Ironsides as a background, a couple who stages their wedding photo around this historic vessel is making it known to friends and family that their union will, like the USS Constitution, withstand the winds of weather and war.

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northend Best Places To Take Wedding Pictures In Boston

Paul Revere Statue and Old North Church (Image: Thinkstock)

Old North Church
193 Salem Street
Boston, MA 02113
(617) 523-6676

There are few places in Boston that are as old, as beautiful and as historic as Old North Church – and that is saying something in a city which has no shortage of buildings on the National Register.  There is more to this lovely house of worship than the part it played in the Paul Revere story;  it is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in North America, and is lovingly maintained – and not just for tourists.  A wedding photo taken inside or in front of Old North Church will be a memorable as well as very appropriate one. It still has a congregation and pastor, and  as such is not only historic but holy, and even for those not fortunate enough to say their vows beneath its steeple, Old North Church provides a blessing for any newlyweds.

freecastleisland Best Places To Take Wedding Pictures In Boston

(Photo Credit: Boston Harborwalk)

Castle Island
2010 Day Blvd.
South Boston, MA 02127
(617) 727-5290

While it is not quite a fairy tale castle, Fort Independence on Castle Island is a mighty stone fortress and armory turn picnic grounds and park.  Whether poised before its battlements or on them, with the harbor spread out in the background, a couple and their wedding party can not ask for a more breathtaking and more Boston place for their formal picture than here.  There are even cannons to play around upon for some fun, casual pictures, and there are cruise and tour boats that come in and out of the island, on whose decks a couple can pose for their photographer.

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