WESTON (CBS) – It happens after every snowstorm: Some drivers hit the road with snow-covered roofs and windshields, putting themselves and other travelers at risk.

On Tuesday, one day after a nor’easter hit New England, Massachusetts State Police released one of the most egregious examples yet of someone who didn’t take the time to remove snow from their car.

The car stopped on the Mass Pike in Weston not only has snow on the roof, but snow is covering most of the windshield except for a small clearing in front of the driver’s seat. The wipers had been left up.

Keller @ Large: Snow’s Over! Now Do Your Job

“How little regard do you have to have for the lives and safety of your fellow citizens, not to mention your own life and safety, to do this?” State Police said in a Facebook post that’s going viral. “Don’t be this guy.”

Police in Massachusetts have been known to cite drivers and issue $200 fines for not clearing snow from their vehicles.

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  1. You only saw this one? I saw 2 others just like him on 95 N this am. What idiots. Give them hefty fines.

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