By Paul Burton

MILTON (CBS)- Sometimes with great passion comes great pain.

“Every day is a struggle I miss her smile. For me I lost my daughter and best friend,” said Leo ‘Skip’ Clavette, the father of Caitlin Clavette.

Her parents say the loss of 35-year-old Caitlin is devastating for the family, her soon to be fiancé Matt and those who knew her best.

Caitlin Clavette (WBZ-TV)

Caitlin Clavette (WBZ-TV)

Clavette was killed by a flying manhole cover on Route 93 last year on her way to work.

The family cannot speak about the accident because it is under investigation. “To this day I can’t believe it’s true, it’s something I wouldn’t wish on anybody,” her mother, Louanne Clavette said.

Leo 'Skip' and Louanne Clavette (WBZ-TV)

Leo ‘Skip’ and Louanne Clavette (WBZ-TV)

Caitlin was an art teacher in the Milton Public Schools. Her love for life and service was infectious.

“Caitlin was a bright light. She was born to be a teacher, she loved children,” Louanne said.

Since her passing the family has created The Caitlin Clavette Memorial Foundation.

“We have suffered the worst thing that can happen to people and we want to make sure she’s not forgotten,” Louanne said. On Sunday the family will host their first Caitlin Clavette Foundation fundraiser.

Dozens of her closest friends and family will gather at Lanes and Games to help raise money for the things she was passionate about: animals, sports and education.

“We hope it’s a celebration of her life,” Skip said.

On Friday the family scrambled to get things ready for the fundraiser on Sunday but can’t help but reminisce.

“She loved all the things she participated in and that’s how we honor her by helping those causes,” Louanne said.

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  1. So very sorry for your loss!! God bless Caitlyn! I pray that her passion for teaching and other things will grow in those that followed her and her students who she taught. She will always be with you in spirit, guarding and guiding her friends and family. RIP dear Caitl

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