HOUSTON (CBS) – Mark Wahlberg probably isn’t the only Patriots fan who left NRG Stadium when it looked like New England had no chance of winning.

The Dorchester native and Patriots superfan says he had a good reason, but it still has to hurt to miss the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time.

Twitter took some jabs at Wahlbeg’s expense.

After the Patriots win, Wahlberg took to Instagram to explain his early exit.

“I had to leave the game early because my youngest wasn’t feeling well,” Wahlberg said.
“Trust me, I would have loved to be at the stadium — but family first. Doesn’t mean I don’t love my Patriots too!”

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  1. No. He left to increase the Patriots’ bets. Mark- “we’ll let the Falcons get a big lead. Then at halftime to take our $$$ and double our bets- with odds. Second half we’ll come back and make a ton of $$$$$$$$$”. I shouldn’t say that even in jest because Roger will start another investigation.

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