TEWKSBURY (CBS) – A Tewksbury resident wants state lawmakers to ban the use of Native American symbols and logos at public schools.

After losing a battle to change Tewksbury High School’s mascot from the Redmen, Linda Thomas is now hoping legislators will vote to get rid of Native American logos at all public schools for good.

Last year, the Tewksbury School Committee voted 4-1 to keep their mascot, which some say pays tribute to the town’s Native American heritage.

“This is really not a town issue, this is a state issue,” Thomas said.

State Senator Barbara L’Italien filed the bill “by request.”

More than three dozen schools statewide still use Native American mascots, including the Amesbury High Indians, and the Pentucket Regional Sachems.

“These names, these logos, these mascots, are derogatory and disrespectful,” Thomas said.

Other schools have already made changes. For example, the Andover Golden Warriors now use an eagle instead of an Indian head logo.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

Comments (5)
  1. Is she related to Lizzie Warren? What an incredible waste of money to stroke someone’s ego.

  2. Linda Thomas needs to get a life.

  3. The PC police are at it again! I wonder how long Linda Thomas has lived in Tewksbury? A year? 2years?
    Did she go through the Tewksbury school system? Does she realize some towns the school Team Name has a long history? Probably more history than she has in ANY city or town.

    I am from Natick. We had that issue come up several years ago. Despite very vocal opposition. The school committee changed the school team name. The ironic thing. The PC do gooders could not get a representative from any MASSACHUSETTS tribe to say they were offended by the name “REDMEN”. They imported the “Native American’s” that appeared! oops sorry they are not Native Americans anymore. The PC phrase “INDIGENOUS PEOPLES” When we have some serious issues in the state. This is what Linda Thomas cares about. This is a time fore serious legislation. Pack up your Birkenstocks and find another city,town,state to bother with your nonsense.

    1. And naturally the wishes of one will probably determine the outcome for many! Such are the trends today, it seems. One hopes that the will of the majority will prevail for once.

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