By Mike LaCrosse, WBZ-TV

WORCESTER (CBS) – A winter storm brought pretty much everything to Worcester Thursday night. The rain turned to snow and created a mess of slush on the roads and sidewalks.

“It’s been a mix of everything today to tell you the truth. Starts off with snow then to comes over to light snow then heavy snow then rain then back to snow,” said contractor Ramon Otero.

Otero said the mix and change over was the worst case scenario for him and his crew.

“Yes, it’s very difficult because what happens is you get the snow and the rain and it’s becomes slush and you’re pushing water around,” said Otero.

Drivers in the Worcester Hills were also frustrated with the changing storm.

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“It started getting insane it was just so drastic from one end to the other. It was unbelievable going from rain snow, sleet all the way back in one night in two hours,” said Joe Baker.

No everyone was upset. Jenna Desosiers just moved back from Alabama and is excited for New England winter once again. “First the first time actually yeah I’m enjoying the snow this year, it’s been very warm so when we do get snow it’s kind of like a little gift,” she said. “Snow, OK tomorrow it’ll be gone, good times.”

Worcester saw about five inches of snow from Thursday’s storm.


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