TOWNSEND (CBS) – When it’s time to take down that Christmas tree, don’t just throw it away: Give it to the goats.

The owner of Shay’s Flock Of Fun Farm in Townsend is once again welcoming people to drop off their unwanted trees.

Goats at the farm love munching on Christmas trees. Last year, they received more than 70 donations of old trees.

Now the tradition has started again. The farm posted a video on Sunday of the goats enjoying Christmas tree clippings from another local farm.

It was a very happy first Christmas for Empress the goat.

“She’s loving it!” the farm owner says in the video.

Goats have earned a reputation as expert landscapers. In recent years, Boston has rented goats to chow down on weeds growing on public land.

Trees can be dropped off at 188 Fitchburg Road – just make sure to remove the tinsel.

Comments (3)
  1. Rhonda Myers says:

    As a goat owner, just wanted to let you know this is bad advice. The chemicals used on those trees can kill goats. The preservatives used on the tree and in the water are bad for them. I hope they don’t lose any goats.

  2. What Rhonda Myers said! This is a post from
    I know goats like to eat Christmas trees – but BEWARE! There was a news story about a woman who gave her tree to her goats, and they almost died because the tree was sprayed with a chemical to make it look more green. She got the tree at Lowe’s. Pass it on…..

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