Edelman On Playing Without Brady: ‘It’s Like One Of Your Buddies Going To Jail’

FOXBORO (CBS) — Julian Edelman is going to be missing his buddy Tom Brady while the New England Patriots quarterback serves his DeflateGate suspension.

“Not going to lie, it’s like one of your buddies going to jail,” said the Patriots wide receiver during a player availability Sunday. “It’s one of those types of things. The whole situation is unfortunate, but it’s happened.”

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Brady’s four-game suspension began on Saturday.

“We’ve got to move on,” said Edelman. “We love him to death. On the field, off the field, he’s been a great help in my life. But we’ve got to deal with the situation and right now the situation is thinking about the Arizona Cardinals and who’s going to be out there to go out and play against these guys.”

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Until Brady’s back, Jimmy Garoppolo will start as quarterback. Edelman said he’s been practicing with Garoppolo, and that the backup quarterback has grown over the years.

“What I can do is go out there and try to do my job to the best of my ability and put myself in a situation so that whenever Jimmy calls your number, you’re there,” he said. “As far as evaluating him, I can say that he works hard and he has grown up over the last couple of years, but that’s not really my job to go out and say how he’s doing this and that. I just have to prepare to do everything I can to help him out.”

Brady will return to the team on Monday, October 3, in time for the Pats’ game against the Browns in Cleveland.


One Comment

  1. Wrecks Ryan says:

    “… it’s like one of your buddies going to jail …”

    I guess something that most of the Patriots have experienced!

  2. Mike Allen says:

    You are a freaking idiot, and a jealous one, too. Hate the Pats, don’t you? Why? Because they are winners and your team must really suck. Enjoy continued losing seasons.

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