SUDBURY (CBS) – Sudbury police are praising the efforts of two young boys for their quick thinking that allowed officers to catch a teenager suspected of an attempted abduction.

On Wednesday afternoon two 12-year-old boys were riding scooters on Skyview Lane when a teenager allegedly pulled up to them and attempted to convince them to get into his car.

The boys ran away and told one of their mothers about the incident. The woman called police, and the boys provided such an accurate description of the teenager and his vehicle that police were able to locate and arrest him while responding to the call.

“The hair on the back of the neck stood up for them,” said Sudbury Police Chief Scott Nix. “They immediately ran and told an adult who was able to call us in an extremely timely manner.”

Neither boy was hurt during the incident.

Nix said police felt compelled to tell the community about the alleged attempted abduction for safety reasons.

The teenager’s name has not been released. He was charged as a juvenile with two counts of Enticement of a Child Under 16, though it’s unclear when he will appear in court.

“(The boys) provided an excellent description of the subject and the vehicle the subject was driving,” Nix said.

“That allowed us to hone in on the that vehicle even though it was going the opposite direction from what our response was.”



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