BOSTON (CBS) – The New England Patriots have made the past three AFC Championship games, and did so last season with a decimated roster littered with injuries to key players.

In the offseason they acquired All Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis, as well as Brandon Browner and a big target for Tom Brady in Brandon LaFell — so there’s no reason (barring injury or catastrophe) they can’t make it back there again this year.

Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bedard wrote on Thursday that he believes the Patriots are Super Bowl bound, and may just end up winning the whole thing depending on the matchup and health.

We all like the additions the team has made, but 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Marc Bertrand hates that line of thinking by Bedard. Mainly, because it’s August and we haven’t even seen one regular season game yet.

Beetle said Friday afternoon we all need to pump the brakes on the Patriots.

“This has reached a boiling point with me,” said Bertrand to Tony Massarotti. “People are feeling good about the team, which I understand because they had a great offseason. They got Darrelle Revis — it’s awesome! It’s great! I just think people are a little to quick to say that this team is going to be in the Super Bowl. It’s way too early to say any of these things. I hate preseason predictions. I can’t stand ’em.”

Bertrand then went into the specifics of the Bedard article and the portion of the piece that really grinded his gears. Not the part about the talent, because Beetle would concede this may be their best roster since 18-1.

The part about their final record really stuck in Beetle’s craw.

“‘How can this team go 12-4? By showing up to 16 games.’ That’s the attitude that I cannot stand, that this team just rolling out of bed can go 12-4. I find that to be ridiculous at this point. We had a caller a couple of weeks ago that asked if the Patriots could go undefeated! The conversation about this team has gotten a little out of hand. Pump the brakes.”

Listen below for his full rant:

Greg Bedard joined Mazz and Beetle in the 3pm hour to discuss his latest article.

While he acknowledged “showing up to 16 games” and going 12-4 is hyperbole, he doubled down on his stance, and discussed other matters around the league as well.

Listen below:



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