BOSTON (CBS) – Greg Bedard of has a new article out after spending some time watching the Patriots in training camp, and it’s clear he likes what he sees.

The former Globe reporter had glowing reviews of the team and he believes it’s their best squad since 18-1.

Bedard joined 98.5 The Sports Hub The Adam Jones Show Thursday night to relay what he’s seen and why he’s so high on the Patriots.

“They are extremely talented, but I think what puts me over the top for this team is what they went through last year,” said Bedard. “They were completely decimated with injuries. To go as far as they did with what they had left, and what the young guys got out of that season; guys like Jamie Collins, Chris Jones, [Sealver] Siliga, and some guys on the offensive line who got the chance to develop in extremely valuable minutes that wouldn’t normally get the chance to play for this team, and then you bring back all the guys that were hurt, and you add a Darrelle Revis, a Brandon Browner, and a Brandon LaFell — I think this team is loaded.”

Bedard says Patriots fans have every reason to be “bullish” about their team, and he believes they’ll be playing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy February 1, 2015 in Glendale.

“I started covering the team in 2010, but have been watching them for awhile, and this is by far the most talented team I’ve seen in some time for the Patriots. I think the AFC is pretty weak. I think they’re gonna match up well with the Broncos. Put all those things together and I think they’re going to the Super Bowl. As far as them winning it? That’s gonna depend on the matchup, how they’re playing, and who’s healthy and who’s not.”

The Broncos are seen as the biggest competition to the Patriots in the AFC. After getting blown out by the Seahawks in the big game, the Broncos reloaded and signed Demarcus Ware, Aqib Talib, Emmanuel Sanders, T.J. Ward and others in free agency.

Jones noted how rare it is for a Super Bowl-losing team to make it back the following year, and Bedard explained why he thinks Denver could be in trouble.

“I think they are playing with fire with swapping Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for Aqib Talib. While Talib played well at times for the Patriots, he does have durability problems,” said Bedard. “If the officials do call downfield contact tighter once we get to the regular season, I think a corner like him is going to have a lot of problems. He likes to pull shirts and get real handsy — that’s why he was as good as he was last year. I like what they have, especially T.J. Ward, but if they lose Talib or if he’s not that effective, that’s really gonna hurt them.”

Listen below for the full discussion, including Bedard’s take on Gronk’s condition, Brandon Browner and more:


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