BOSTON (CBS) — A $30 scratch ticket is now available in Massachusetts.

The Lottery now offers a $30 scratch ticket. (Mass. Lottery)

The Lottery now offers a $30 scratch ticket. (Mass. Lottery)

The state lottery announced Tuesday, the release of the $30 instant “scratch” ticket that offers a $15 million top prize – the largest instant win prize in the Lottery’s history.

The “World Class Millions” instant ticket features over $600 million in total prize money, including four $15 million and 36 $1 million immediate “scratch and win” prizes, as well as over 1.39 million prizes from $100 to $50,000. Five $1 million prizes will also be awarded via a second-chance drawing program that allows players to enter their non-winning tickets online for opportunities to win.

The chance of winning a prize in the new game is 1 in 2.81, which is also a Lottery best.

Until Tuesday, the highest priced scratch ticket in the state was $20.

Neighboring states, including Connecticut which introduced the nation’s first $30 ticket in 2002, and New Hampshire which first released a $30 game in 2009, as well as launched a $25 ticket last month, have long had success with higher-priced games, according to lottery officials.

Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, have all added $30 tickets to their instant game portfolios in recent months. The Texas Lottery offers the nation’s top-priced ticket, a $50 game.







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