BOSTON (CBS) — Would you put down $30 for a chance to hit it big? The Massachusetts State Lottery will launch the higher-priced scratch ticket in April.

The state's first $30 scratch ticket will hit shelves April 22. (Mass Lottery)

The state’s first $30 scratch ticket will hit shelves April 22. (Mass Lottery)

The top jackpot is set for $15 million, the highest scratch ticket jackpot in the agency’s history.

The tickets are expected to hit store shelves on April 22.

Beth Bresnahan Executive Director of Mass. State Lottery tells WBZ NewsRadio 1030, the new World Class Millions game is the state’s first $30 ticket.

“It’s been 40 years since we introduced the first scratch ticket, a dollar ticket, in May 1974,” Bresnahan said. “We offer the highest prize payout at 72-cents on the dollar, of any other lottery in the nation.”

Bresnahan doesn’t foresee a higher priced scratch ticket such as the $50 ticket being offered in Texas, coming to Mass. anytime soon.

“We’ve been very cautious and measured in our game and price point releases. It’s been seven years since the $20 scratch ticket,” she said.

The new ticket will replace one of the $20 scratch tickets released each spring.

World Class Millions could be seen as a way the state lottery is planning to compete against future casinos.

“I think there will be some impact but we’re not exactly sure what percentage of our overall sales it will be,” she said.





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