BOSTON (CBS) — Former State Trooper Sean Murphy will be running the Boston Marathon for little 8-year-old Martin Richard who was killed in the bombing one year ago.

“It is important to me because of what happened to the Richard family could have happened to anyone,” Murphy said.

To donate: Team MR8

He’s been training on the hills of Newton  and will be part of the MR8 team – a team and fund set up to benefit Martin Richard.

“He was photographed shortly before the marathon incident holding up a project he did for school, and it said ‘No more hurting people, peace,'” Murphy said. “That has become the message of the organization.”

The foundation will invest in education, athletics and the community.

Of course, Murphy is the State Trooper who took the photographs of the accused marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as he was being arrested.

He gave them to Boston Magazine without authorization, after he was angered by the Rolling Stone Magazine cover featuring Tsarnaev, that angered many survivors.

“For me knowing that I had the real images of the face of terror, I knew I had to do it, I have slept comfortably ever since,” Murphy says.

He’s now retired and says on this anniversary, he just wants to help those who lost the most.

“All of Boston was hurt last year, and I think everyone wants to help, so for me to help them, for me to run 26 miles, is nothing compared to what they are doing everyday,” he said.

The marathon is a large order for Muphy. Before October, he had never run more than five miles.

“I think it is going to be an amazing emotional day,” Murphy said.



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