By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS) — Alexander Bradley’s defense attorney says he’s a target because of his association with Aaron Hernandez. “He’s the victim here,” said Bradley’s attorney Robert Pickering.

Bradley, who used to be pals with the former Patriots tight end, was in court in Hartford, Connecticut Tuesday. He’s facing a list of weapons charges and a reckless endangerment charge after an argument at a Hartford night club ended in gunfire Sunday night. Police say the fight over “someone owing money” spilled out of Vevo Lounge after the Super Bowl.

Bradley was shot in the upper thigh and groin. Police say he went to a car, grabbed a gun, and tried to get back into the club. When he couldn’t get in, police say he fired 11 shots at the entrance and window. Police say surveillance video shows people in the club ducking for cover.

“He’s been in the news before,” said Pickering in court. “He’s in effect being targeted when he goes into a social situation. That’s exactly what happened here. It’s very unfortunate.”

Bradley filed a lawsuit accusing Aaron Hernandez of shooting him in the eye in Florida in 2013. A year before that happened, police believe he was with Hernandez during an unsolved double homicide in Boston’s South End. Bradley has been subpoenaed to testify in that case.

Police say Bradley’s criminal record and his tendency to attract violence is concerning. “We’re concerned anytime a violent offender is put back out on the street. We’re also concerned when there’s a frequent victim of violence out there as well, what they’re doing to put themselves in that situation,” said Hartford Police Lt. Brian Foley.

Bradley’s bail was set at one million dollars. Police are still searching for the person who shot him.



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