BOSTON (CBS)  – Stephen Drew is still a free agent, but CBS Sports’ Baseball insider Jon Heyman says there are a few teams that are interested in the shortstop.

Heyman joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zolak on Tuesday, and said while other free agents like Nelson Cruz, Kendri Morales and Ubaldo Jiminez should be concerned, Drew still has a few suitors out there. He also added that Boston remains the likely landing spot for Drew.

“The Yankees are thinking about it and their baseball people want to do it. Hal (Steinbrenner) approved (Masahiro) Tanaka, so they’re probably a little gun-shy going to Hal and asking for more money, particularly after they signed Brandon Ryan, Kelly Johnson and Brian Roberts,” said Heyman, adding the New York Mets are also keeping an eye on Drew in hopes of landing a bargain.

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“Toronto is another team that is in there to some degree, but they’d be looking at him as a second baseman. To me, Boston is still the most likely,” said Heyman. “I’m sure he wants to go back there after helping them win a World Series.”

“To me it makes sense,” he said of Drew returning to Boston. “They already lost (Jacoby Ellsbury) in center field and we don’t know about (Xander) Bogaerts at shortstop.  He may eventually be excellent, he can hit and looks ready as a hitter, but it’s a gamble to go with so many young guys around the field, with (Jackie) Bradley, Bogaerts and (Will) Middlebrooks all starting. They’re all talented guys, and it may work out, but there are no guarantees.”

Heyman says it is the draft picks that teams would have to give up in compensation for Drew and others is what is scaring them from signing such free agents.

“Boston has done a good job drafting, but not every team does that. Picks 11-30 have about a 50-percent chance to make the Majors,” said Heyman. “The last few years we’ve seen some good players go 11-30, and everyone thinks they’re going to pluck the next Mike Trout or Michael Wacha or Sonny Grey, but those are few and far between. People are over-valuing draft choices and hurting a lot of these guys.”

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Heyman also touches on David Ortiz’s comments regarding his contract, Boston’s signing of Grady Sizemore, and the landscape of the AL East after the Yankees went on a bit of a spending spree this off-season:



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